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Problems with xserver-xorg package

Hi all,
I installed xserver-xorg package from sarge backports and I got
a weird problem at startup.
I have an ATI RADEON X300SE PCIE graphics card. I configured everything
with dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg (card, keyboard, mouse and monitor)
and when I did startx & the display
got stuck for like 3 or 5 minutes and then I get the display.
It did the same thing when I did a session exit.
Do you know how to solve this ?

I got the same problem before with xserver-xorg 6.8.2 package from
sarge backports and I chose to install xerver-xorg 6.9.0 from testing
and It worked fine.
But now both xserver-xorg packages, from sarge backports and from testing,
have the same problem.

Any help on this please ?

Kind regards,


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