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vlc backport for fearless people

Dirk Salva requested on dug@l.d.o a vlc backport. So just for fun
(and with my idealistic wish to help a user ;) I tried it and at least
it builds.

So I've uploaded the source and binary package for i386 to my side:

I'm not sure if those packages qualify for the bpo archiv because vlc has
not yet moved to testing and I'm not sure if it's ok to simply remove
all those versions from the Build-Deps. So maybe it's best if some of
the regular backporters takes a look at it and then decides if it's ok
to upload them or not. I tried to be quite verbose in the changelog.

Another big question is if it will build on amd64. I've only i386 and
Dirk would like to run it on a nativ amd64 sarge. Maybe someone can
'lent-a-buildd' (sometimes such a service would be great ...) and try
it out.

For all others: If you're fearless enough to try those packages it would
be great if you could give some feedback.

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