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"Backportet" mod-security


i'd tried to install mod-security form www.modsecurity.com. There is a
debian package avaible but it seems that is build on etch becaus the
libc6 version it needs is newer than the one in sarge and the same
version like in testing. So i've downloaded the *.tar.gz and the
*.diff.gz and the *.dsc andhave build the *.debs new. The version i've
build is an in unstable its only version 1.8.7-1 and in testing
it is not avaible. Now after rebuilding the package it is running on
sarge. I've only testet libapache2-mod-security and
libapache2-mod-security. Schould i upload it for backports and gave the
packages the typical bpo name?

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