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Re: Kate Draven: Thanks fixed.

It prevents my emails from being flagged by some anti spam programs (smart 
ones) and allows people to use it for redirects and auto recognition.

A virus or spammer is not like to be able to predicted a full name plus the 
subject in this manner (yet). Plus its safe practice to completely I D 
yourself before the subject so people know who it came from. 

It makes it easy for people to immediately see it came from me.
They can immediately read it (or delete it hehehe) with some measure of 


On Monday 20 February 2006 03:19 am, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> Kate Draven wrote:
> > Thank you Daniel (mostly for your patience).
> No problem, you're welcome.
> > Good day or night to you,
> It's 9:18 +0100, so day.
> Btw, why do you always put your name into the subject? Is it some sort
> of google spamming? :)

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