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Re: Asterisk-oh323

On 04/02/06, Evert Daman <evert@digipix.org> wrote:
> good job on porting asterisk 1.2 which includes a lot of bug-fixes
> but i was missing asterisk-oh323 because the asterisk-h323 is
> just a dummy package.
> can i backport it myself or can anyone help with it?


asterisk-oh323 is a seperate source package to asterisk, which is
probably why I didn't backport it.  It follows a different release
cycle to asterisk.  I don't use the H323 stuff myself, so I didn't
notice it was missing.  Feel free to build a package for it, as you'll
obviously be able to test it. :)

There's been a couple of updates to 1.2.1 in unstable, but 1.2.4
hasn't made it into unstable.  I can't really jump the gun on this one
to get 1.2.4 packaged (as much as I'd like to), as a backport is a
rebuild of a Debian/unstable package against stable libs.  Looking at
the bug reports, there doesn't seem to be any critical problems that
have been fixed since.  My 1:1.2.1-dfsg0-bpo2 changes (fixing MeetMe
conference codec issues that resulted in choppy audio) still hasn't
made it in.

Once 1.2.4 makes it into unstable, you'll have to of course rebuild the package.


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