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Re: Kate Draven: Kopete

Kate Draven wrote:
> What was the problem, just curious.

Someone claimed that ksirted would segfault immediately, but I couldn't
reproduce that. I guess, he have had some other borked stuff on his
machine. Installing (and upgrading) from a clean, sarge-only system
works flawless.

>>the upstream version is better, especially konqueror does way less crash
>>than the one from sarge.
> upstream?

konqueror in sarge is version 3.3.4, which does often crash, including
this very, very anoying bug:

install only konqueror (without the rest of kde), launch konqueror and
view a random directory with random files in it. then, lauch a terminal
and remove that very directory - konqueror crashes.

konqueror 3.5.0 has got a lot of bugfixes, including but not limited the
one above.

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