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Re: Fwd: Openoffice 2.0 and migration of personal settings

Hi Monika,

The migration option worked for me when I started up the new version of 
OOo.org, it asked if I wanted to migrate everything over. It should still be 

You can also try this: 
Under tools, options, go to "openoffice.org" section then to "paths" there is 
a option to change "User Configuration". You can point that to your old 
config dir. It might be something like -

( OOo2.0 it would be /home/monika/.openoffice.org2/user/config ).

Before you do anything, I would give it another shot trying to find the 
migration tools for OOo. Regardless of how you do it you should back up both 
the .openoffice.org and .openoffice.org2 directories. 

Good luck,

Kate Draven

On Friday 27 January 2006 06:43 am, Monika Strack wrote:
> Hi,
> I have running debian in a production enviroment with 100 users. We have
> make many changes in the personal settings, so we need it in the new
> version. If I upgrade openoffice I missing the the mirgation option for the
> personal settings.
> I have read in the german-user-list, that is intention. But why it can not
> make as a extra package for people that need it?
> It is very difficult of explanation why the migration works with windows
> but not with linux.
> regards
> Monika
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