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Re: PostgreSQL trouble

* Christian Stalp wrote:
> Now I have more problems with the access to my datebase. Its no
> longer possible to call the database over Perl:DBI. 

Please ask on a PostgreSQL related mailinglist.

> The other problem was wesnoth. I installed it allready with "old"
> Sarge-packages. After I added the backorts dselect told me about a
> lack of a package (some japanes font as I remember). 

Yupp, known bug. It's on my TODO list already.

> P.S. could anybody make some "local"-Packages for the Firefox?

Erm... our backports are based on the packages from unstable, and
there's no updated mozilla-firefox-locale-all for Firefox 1.5 in
unstable yet. Nothing we can do here, just wait.


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