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Accepted plinth 20.1~bpo10+1 (source all) into buster-backports

Hash: SHA512

Format: 1.8
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2020 07:15:23 -0500
Source: plinth
Binary: freedombox
Architecture: source all
Version: 20.1~bpo10+1
Distribution: buster-backports
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: FreedomBox packaging team <freedombox-pkg-team@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: James Valleroy <jvalleroy@mailbox.org>
 freedombox - easy to manage, privacy oriented home server
 plinth (20.1~bpo10+1) buster-backports; urgency=medium
   * Rebuild for buster-backports.
 plinth (20.1) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ ikmaak ]
   * Translated using Weblate (Dutch)
   * Translated using Weblate (Dutch)
   [ Allan Nordhøy ]
   * samba: Fix spelling
   * Translated using Weblate (Norwegian Bokmål)
   * Translated using Weblate (German)
   * Translated using Weblate (Spanish)
   * Translated using Weblate (Norwegian Bokmål)
   * Translated using Weblate (Swedish)
   [ Veiko Aasa ]
   * samba: Add unit and functional tests
   * deluge: Allow one to set a download directory
   * deluge: Fix installation failure on slow machine
   * storage: Make external disk mounts accessible by other users
   * gitweb: Add link to the manual page
   * gitweb: Fix functional tests if git user and email is not configured
   [ Sunil Mohan Adapa ]
   * style: Fix incorrect margins for containers in mobile view
   * style: Fix responsiveness for app header
   * network: Fix activating connections that don't have real devices
   * network: Allow setting the auto-connect property on a connection
   * network: Add method to re-activate connections after an update
   * wireguard: Show large buttons in show client/server pages
   * wireguard: Cosmetic fixes by yapf and isort
   * wireguard: Don't error out when wg0 server is not setup
   * wireguard: Add ability to set private key in client addition
   * wireguard: Accept all IPs on server in a client setup
   * wireguard: Update descriptions in form labels
   * wireguard: Only use network manager for connections to servers
   * wireguard: Handle client connections through network manager
   * wireguard: Update descriptions for client vs. server clarity
   * wireguard: Generate private key if needed when editing server
   * wireguard: Add validations in forms
   * wireguard: Ensure tests work without latest network manager
   * wireguard: Implement enabling/disabling app using a stored flag
   * wireguard: Enable/disable connections along with the app
   * wireguard: When a connection is edited, reactivate to apply changes
   * wireguard: Show public key even when connection is not active
   [ Thomas Vincent ]
   * Translated using Weblate (French)
   [ Nektarios Katakis ]
   * Translated using Weblate (Greek)
   * Translated using Weblate (Greek)
   * Translated using Weblate (Greek)
   * networks: form for configuring router
   * networks: create view & url for new form
   * networks: add link to main page for router config form
   * networks: add first boot step for router config helper
   * networks: modify as first boot wizard step
   * networks: save router config to kvstore
   [ James Valleroy ]
   * Translated using Weblate (French)
   * wireguard: Add skeleton for new app
   * wireguard: Implement adding client
   * wireguard: Show list of added clients
   * wireguard: Allow deleting a client
   * wireguard: Add client info view
   * wireguard: Form to add server
   * wireguard: List peers in client section
   * wireguard: Add server information view
   * wireguard: Generate key pair
   * wireguard: Show this box's public key
   * wireguard: Create network manager connection
   * wireguard: Encode public keys for use in URLs
   * wireguard: Refactor actions file
   * wireguard: Add views for editing and deleting clients and servers
   * wireguard: Make setup idempotent
   * wireguard: Write pre-shared key to tempfile
   * wireguard: Use network API to handle connections
   * wireguard: Add icon
   * wireguard: Replace nmcli use with libnm
   * restore: Remove app
   * repro: Remove app
   * networks: Update text for router setup
   * bind: Enable systemd sandbox options for bind9 service
   * functional_tests: Update geckodriver version to v0.26.0
   * locale: Update translation strings
   * doc: Fetch latest manual
   * debian: Rename TODO.Debian to TODO
   * debian: Add Expat license to copyright
   * debian: Update standards version to 4.5.0
   [ Dietmar ]
   * Translated using Weblate (German)
   [ nautilusx ]
   * Translated using Weblate (German)
   * Translated using Weblate (German)
   [ Joseph Nuthalapati ]
   * functional-tests: Login only once per session
   * functional-tests: Africa/Addis_Abada is gone?
   * functional-tests: Add tag @service-discovery
   * functional-tests: Make nav_to_module efficient
   * functional-tests: Avoid unnecessary trips to Home
   * functional-tests: Avoid warnings about markers
   * functional-tests: Minor refactoring
   * functional-tests: Mark backups and security with @system
 d26e3b7fbced800f7203c55209790034d5ca3224 2573 plinth_20.1~bpo10+1.dsc
 e238e21990c7673308fec6ea3903cc79f0ad269c 36686216 plinth_20.1~bpo10+1.tar.xz
 b63014e3e05be698cf8daa94c1646f0c814754b5 63876872 freedombox_20.1~bpo10+1_all.deb
 21c59ae88cc8286ec8a397f7ec69a1390b7d77c9 13311 plinth_20.1~bpo10+1_amd64.buildinfo
 efbe80d7ad16797a5b4a4248cec7274013d52e6a7023713192ecfb77fc2e8298 2573 plinth_20.1~bpo10+1.dsc
 6880c3a6d022c50bf027efc50da595f0165bb7895708bfe54a65e7f09cc7898b 36686216 plinth_20.1~bpo10+1.tar.xz
 36ca4488693e9ce86f90696378a95c7c374557f958571557c2f874be1c15097b 63876872 freedombox_20.1~bpo10+1_all.deb
 5a10b1a969e84ecd79a92518d3fe39960eb5266a97c2e1b6fff090ac6a6c8d0c 13311 plinth_20.1~bpo10+1_amd64.buildinfo
 a248e4aeee5bedfc8d2d0ca6cd8e8080 2573 web optional plinth_20.1~bpo10+1.dsc
 ba0e13a604ddc33130d60b17d5e3defb 36686216 web optional plinth_20.1~bpo10+1.tar.xz
 82d8046bd5680619a0da22293782333a 63876872 web optional freedombox_20.1~bpo10+1_all.deb
 aee1af199cb545cd277e4c7b363ed80b 13311 web optional plinth_20.1~bpo10+1_amd64.buildinfo



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