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Accepted plinth 19.22~bpo10+1 (source all) into buster-backports

Hash: SHA512

Format: 1.8
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2019 21:01:10 -0500
Source: plinth
Binary: freedombox
Architecture: source all
Version: 19.22~bpo10+1
Distribution: buster-backports
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: FreedomBox packaging team <freedombox-pkg-team@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: James Valleroy <jvalleroy@mailbox.org>
 freedombox - easy to manage, privacy oriented home server
Closes: 945387
 plinth (19.22~bpo10+1) buster-backports; urgency=medium
   * Rebuild for buster-backports.
 plinth (19.22) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Matt Conroy ]
   * pagekite: Get rid of tabs in the configuration page
   * openvpn: manual link points to incorrect page
   [ Joseph Nuthalapati ]
   * pagekite: Fix functional tests
   * pagekite: Show existing services only if there are any
   * pagekite: Make Custom Services look like it's under Configuration
   * pagekite: Use the new app toggle button
   * openvpn: Add client apps
   [ Thomas Vincent ]
   * Translated using Weblate (French)
   [ Fred ]
   * Translated using Weblate (French)
   * Translated using Weblate (French)
   [ Alice Kile ]
   * backups: fix title not appearing
   * diagnostics: don't run on disabled modules
   * apps: Remove link to webapps in app descriptions
   * Fix error with app toggle input
   * templates: Add toolbar for apps in app.html
   * toolbar: Move diagnostics button into dropdown menu
   [ nautilusx ]
   * Translated using Weblate (German)
   [ Michael Breidenbach ]
   * Translated using Weblate (German)
   * Translated using Weblate (Swedish)
   [ Veiko Aasa ]
   * ssh: fix Avahi SFTP service file
   * diagnostics: fix IPv6 failures
   * matrix-synapse: Update requirement from buster-backports
   * samba: Users can enable a guest share
   * samba: user can select devices for sharing
   * samba: fixes and improvements
   * samba: fixes and improvements
   * app: fix javascript constant redeclaration error
   * samba: Fix javascript constant redeclaration error
   [ James Valleroy ]
   * debian: Update German debconf translation (Closes: #945387)
     - Thanks to Helge Kreutzmann for the patch.
   * samba: Add acl to managed_packages
   * samba: Fix restore command
   * samba: Move urls under apps/
   * functional_tests: Add basic samba tests
   * samba: Use register_group instead of create_group
   * samba: Only show shortcut to users in freedombox-share group
   * samba: Keep create_group in setup
   * diagnostics: Use a distinct class for Run Diagnostics button on this page
   * locale: Update translation strings
   * doc: Fetch latest manual
   [ Sunil Mohan Adapa ]
   * diagnostics: Use app.html instead of simple_app.html
   * firewall: Use app.html instead of simple_app.html
   * letsencrypt: Use app.html instead of simple_app.html
   * monkeysphere: Use app.html instead of simple_app.html
   * names: Use app.html instead of simple_app.html
   * power: Use app.html instead of simple_app.html
   * openvpn: Use app.html instead of simple_app.html
   * tor: Use app.html instead of simple_app.html
   * ikiwiki: Move the create button to manage section
   * gitweb: Move create button into manage section
   * networks: Move actions button into connection section
   * templates: Remove the now unused simple_app.html
   * users: Move create button into users section
   * minetest: Minor cosmetic fix
   * templates: Make internal zone and port forwarding info override-able
   * toolbar: Make diagnostics button looks like other drop down items
   * toolbar: Align extra actions drop down button to the right
   * toolbar: Rewamp toolbar code for simplicity and to fix issues
 44e5c3631ee84a678d30a05af2dc10d52f10ef41 2557 plinth_19.22~bpo10+1.dsc
 49773cb3cc782568ffea9b7357256c3b06dea9e1 36582740 plinth_19.22~bpo10+1.tar.xz
 cbcab9ca4cb15cd721e4732e1d0a2180dd727f95 63743756 freedombox_19.22~bpo10+1_all.deb
 5cb7985a9eb986d236a305515b46699f9739becb 13286 plinth_19.22~bpo10+1_amd64.buildinfo
 b1f6e2599d0ad6b5ffd860ee34f82bbac9867f4b112867ae3fb13e24acff0836 2557 plinth_19.22~bpo10+1.dsc
 e8f8c9239d059d96156a1494ff012741cea08f2d2ebf1bdf78d6ebe7bbd36225 36582740 plinth_19.22~bpo10+1.tar.xz
 0cf104573883013a38bd218982079fbde3ac2128785af4fe94c2b93e2a3f49cf 63743756 freedombox_19.22~bpo10+1_all.deb
 95f770c921fd38c5cd62ca6ec39f37aa6ced094a85ddff880add142ea46236f7 13286 plinth_19.22~bpo10+1_amd64.buildinfo
 362bbf245e9ef2b86621e850ee755ae1 2557 web optional plinth_19.22~bpo10+1.dsc
 6898b01a8d8e3fa5fbe721cbf96b3de2 36582740 web optional plinth_19.22~bpo10+1.tar.xz
 617081e2d662c1060c60a6e769089f71 63743756 web optional freedombox_19.22~bpo10+1_all.deb
 307376d45b564ed2e7635df999afb939 13286 web optional plinth_19.22~bpo10+1_amd64.buildinfo



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