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Accepted postgresql-common 178~bpo8+1 (source all) into jessie-backports, jessie-backports

Hash: SHA256

Format: 1.8
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2017 12:59:47 +0100
Source: postgresql-common
Binary: postgresql-common postgresql-client-common postgresql-server-dev-all postgresql postgresql-client postgresql-doc postgresql-contrib postgresql-all
Architecture: source all
Version: 178~bpo8+1
Distribution: jessie-backports
Urgency: high
Maintainer: Debian PostgreSQL Maintainers <pkg-postgresql-public@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Christoph Berg <myon@debian.org>
 postgresql - object-relational SQL database (supported version)
 postgresql-all - metapackage depending on all PostgreSQL server packages
 postgresql-client - front-end programs for PostgreSQL (supported version)
 postgresql-client-common - manager for multiple PostgreSQL client versions
 postgresql-common - PostgreSQL database-cluster manager
 postgresql-contrib - additional facilities for PostgreSQL (supported version)
 postgresql-doc - documentation for the PostgreSQL database management system
 postgresql-server-dev-all - extension build tool for multiple PostgreSQL versions
 postgresql-common (178~bpo8+1) jessie-backports; urgency=medium
   * Backport to jessie-backports.
   * Import new apt.postgresql.org key.
   * Support 9.6 for jessie-backports.
 postgresql-common (178) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Christoph Berg ]
   * pg_buildext: Don't ask pg_virtualenv for a new network namespace by
   * postgresql-all: New meta package depending on all server packages in all
     supported versions. Intended to be used for installing test dependencies.
   * pg_upgradecluster: Properly upgrade databases with non-login role owners.
     (Closes: #614374, #838812)
   * pg_upgradecluster, pg_renamecluster: Update cluster_name.
   * Rebuild upgrades libreadline to 7 in unstable. (Closes: #845356)
   * Replace most occurrences of "postmaster" by "postgres". Notable leftover
     is the postmaster.1.gz leader of the manpages alternatives group.
   * pg_ctlcluster, t/020_create_sql_remove.t: Protect against symlink in
     /var/log/postgresql/ allowing the creation of arbitrary files elsewhere.
     Discovered by Dawid Golunski, thanks! (CVE-2016-1255)
   [ Martin Pitt ]
   * debian/supported-versions: Add Ubuntu 17.04, drop EOLed releases.
   * t/TestLib.pm, check_clean(): Quiesce stderr of netstat, which shows a "Not
     all processes could be identified" warning in unprivileged containers.
 postgresql-common (177) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Martin Pitt ]
   * Replace hardcoded Recommends: libreadline6 with a build-time detection of
     the current ABI.
   [ Christoph Berg ]
   * Team upload.
   * Mark 9.6 as stable for apt.postgresql.org.
 postgresql-common (176) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Team upload.
   * Bump default PostgreSQL server version to 9.6.
   * Use C.UTF-8 instead of C when the initial main cluster is created and no
     locale is configured explicitly as system default. (Closes: #790507)
   * Support "NN" major version numbers, next version will be PostgreSQL 10.
   * debian/postgresql-common.templates: Properly mark not-to-be-translated
     shell code-only chunk as such using flag:translate. Thanks to Rhonda for
     the pointer! (See: #820756, #832282)
   * testsuite: Run with umask 077 only by default.
   * t/025_logging.t: Fix tests when grep thinks syslog is a binary file.
   * t/031_errors_disk_full.t: Raise tmpfs size to account for larger cluster
     footprint observed on ppc64el.
   * t/032_ssl_key_permissions.t: Skip tests on 9.0 and earlier.
   * pg_createcluster, t/025_logging.t: Skip logging_collector for 8.2.
   * Ship /etc/postgresql-common/supported_versions even in non-backport
     packages. (Closes: #808353)
   * pg_createcluster: Error out if provided log file is a directory.
     (Closes: #791556)
   * pg_upgradecluster: Set dynamic_shared_memory_type from the new
     postgresql.conf instead of defaulting to mmap. (Closes: #823209)
   * pg_upgradecluster: Use data checksums in the new cluster if the old uses
     them. (Closes: #830228)
 postgresql-common (175) unstable; urgency=medium
   * pg_createcluster, createcluster.conf: Set cluster_name on 9.5+.
   * pg_buildext: Don't set any CFLAGS by default.
   * start.conf: Update documentation/comments to recommend running
     systemctl daemon-reload.
 postgresql-common (174) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Christoph Berg ]
   * postgresql-common: Enforce strict version dependency on
     postgresql-client-common to avoid API mismatch bugs in PgCommon.pm.
   * maintscripts-functions: Save pg_dump on catversion bumps as well.
   * Updated ja translation by Takuma Yamada, thanks! (Closes: #820756)
   * Remove not-to-be-translated shell code-only chunk from
     debian/po/templates.pot. (debconf-updatepo --skip-pot to the rescue!)
     (Closes: #821445)
   [ Martin Pitt ]
   * debian/supported-versions: Add Ubuntu 16.10.
 postgresql-common (173) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Christoph Berg ]
   * README.Debian: Fix a typo.
   * Updated nl translation, thanks Frans Spiesschaert! (Closes: #812353)
   * Updated ru translation, thanks Sergey Alyoshin! (Closes: #815596)
   * Updated ja translation, thanks Takuma Yamada! (Closes: #816069)
   * preinst_check_catversion: Handle missing catalog version file.
   * pg_renamecluster: Don't try to rename a non-existing stats directory.
   * pg_conftool: Refuse operation on non-existing clusters.
   * maintscript-functions, templates: Remove '#' characters from upgrade
     instructions on catalog version change for easier cut-and-paste.
   * t/032_ssl_key_permissions.t: Validate server snakeoil key checks.
   * pgdg/apt.postgresql.org.sh: Add xenial and trusty.
   [ Adam Conrad ]
   * pgcommon.sh: Adjust for >= xenial using Debian-style locale generation
     methods, and allow fallback to the old Ubuntu method for old releases.
 postgresql-common (172) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Christoph Berg ]
   * pg_buildext: Mute diff warning about missing debian/tests/control.in.
   * pg_ctlcluster: Skip systemctl redirect with --bindir.
   * pg_createcluster: Drop warning if /tmp is used as socket directory.
     Instead, just print the socket directory on cluster creation.
   * Update French debconf translations, thanks Julien Patriarca!
     (Closes: #809800)
   * 9.5 released! Setting as default.
   [ Martin Pitt ]
   * debian/supported-versions: Switch Ubuntu 16.04 to 9.5.
   * debian/supported-versions: Drop obsolete Ubuntu versions.
 postgresql-common (171) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Christoph Berg ]
   * pgdg: Deprecate 8.4 and 9.0.
   * Enable 9.4 for wheezy-backports.
   * pg_createcluster: Fix stats_temp_directory handling on 8.3, thanks to
     Marco Nenciarini for the inital patch.
   * pg_createcluster: Mute verbose chattr output.
   * pg_conftool: Don't quote output in '-s'hort mode.
   * debian/maintscripts-functions: If the catalog version changes in
     devel/alpha versions, save a minimal copy of the old version binaries in
     the preinst to enable using pg_upgrade. Use debconf in the postinst to
     instruct the user how to proceed with the upgrade.
   * pg_buildext: Replace multiple occurrences of PGVERSION on the same line,
     and implement replacing for debian/tests/control.in.
   * t/015_start_stop.t: Validate pg_ctlcluster/systemctl exit codes.
   * pg_ctlcluster: Redirect requests to systemd when invoked as root and no
     extra pg_ctl or postgres options are given.
     Trying to start already running clusters clusters will return 0 now
     (was 2 in the native implementation). (Closes: #784878)
   * pg_createcluster, pg_renamecluster: Warn on cluster names with dashes.
   * pg_upgradecluster: Deprecate ssl_renegotiation_limit in 9.5.
   [ Martin Pitt ]
   * pg_upgradecluster: Fix "ANALZYE" typo.
   * debian/supported-versions: Add Ubuntu 16.04.
   * Update Turkish debconf translations, thanks Atila KOÇ!
     (Closes: #799274)
   * t/020_create_sql_remove.t: Skip postmaster OOM killer adjustment when
     running in a container, as these often have restricted privileges.
 postgresql-common (170) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Christoph Berg ]
   * pg_createcluster, pg_dropcluster: When an auto-started cluster is created/
     dropped by root, notify systemd to update the dependencies of
   * pg_dropcluster, pg_renamecluster: Handle stats_temp_directory.
   * testsuite, pg_virtualenv: Remove the unshare hack, too much trouble.
   * pg_buildext, pg_virtualenv: Add PG_VIRTUALENV_NEWPID and
     PG_VIRTUALENV_UNSHARE variables; pg_buildext selects unshare -n by default.
   * t/025_logging.t: Improve syslog detection in the test environment.
   * pg_upgradecluster, t/030_errors.t: Unbreak after we changed the old=new
     error message.
   * PgCommon.pm: make read_cluster_conf_file read postgresql.auto.conf as well
     (Closes: #787154)
   * pg_upgradecluster: Support upgrading tablespaces. (Closes: #772202)
   * t/TestLib.pm: New function program_ok().
   * t/040_upgrade.t: Skip testing pg_upgrade with datallowconn = f, it does
     not support that anymore as of May 2015.
   * t/170_extensions.t: Catch warning with chkpass >= 9.5.
   * debian/maintscripts-functions: Unset all locale-specific environment
     variables when creating the initial database cluster. (Closes: #791526)
   * Add /var/log/postgresql to /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/postgresql.conf.
   * Also set OOMScoreAdjust in postgresql@.service.
   * pg_ctlcluster: OOM-protect 9.0 as well.
   * pg_lsclusters: Color online/down clusters green/red.
   * supported-versions: Accept DEB_PG_SUPPORTED_VERSIONS as well.
   * Ship /etc/postgresql/ in postgresql-common. (Closes: #801140)
   [ Martin Pitt ]
   * pg_createcluster: Show the locale selected with --locale instead of the
     current one. (LP: #1467061)
 postgresql-common (169) unstable; urgency=medium
   * t/022_recovery.t: New recovery tests to catch regression in 9.4.2 and
   * pg_upgradecluster: Set default dynamic_shared_memory_type = mmap.
     (Closes: #784005)
   * pg_upgradecluster: Complain if --link is used without --method=upgrade.
   * pg_upgradecluster: Better error message when old and new version are
 postgresql-common (168) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Martin Pitt ]
   * Drop obsolete debian/backport-ppa script.
   * debian/tests/default-psql: Skip test if default cluster creation is
     disabled in createcluster.conf.
   [ Christoph Berg ]
   * t/170_extensions.t: Refactor dependency handling and add new extensions
     shipped with 9.5.
 postgresql-common (167) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Christoph Berg ]
   * pg_conftool: Fix 'remove' operation. Spotted by François Henry, merci!
     (Closes: #778243)
   * t/007_pg_conftool.t: Add pg_conftool tests.
   [ Martin Pitt ]
   * debian/maintscripts-functions: Avoid package installation failure of -9.1
     due to the pg_basebackup.1 alternative on systems which have both -9.1 and
     a later version installed in parallel. On those, pg_basebackup.1 will
     already be in the psql.1.gz group, thus -9.1 must not try to put it back
     into the postmaster.1.gz group. (LP: #1357682)
   * Add "default-psql" autopkgtest: Smoketest to verify that installing the
     "postgresql" metapackage results in a running and working cluster.
   * debian/maintscripts-functions, configure_cluster(): When running under
     systemd, do a daemon-reload to re-run the generator and thus create a unit
     for the newly created cluster.
   * Move package maintenance to git, update Vcs-* tags accordingly.
   * Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.6 (no changes necessary).
   * supported-versions: Add Ubuntu 15.10.
 postgresql-common (166) unstable; urgency=medium
   * postgresql-common: Breaks: systemd (<< 204). postgresql@.service uses
     reload-related config options that are incompatible with the systemd
     version in wheezy. (Consider upgrading to the wheezy-backports version.)
   * pg_renamecluster: New tool to rename clusters.
   * pg_upgradecluster: --rename allows renaming the upgraded cluster.
   * pg_conftool: Allow to "edit" files.
   * PgCommon.pm, pg_lsclusters: Fix thinko which broke logging to
     /var/log/postgresql when log_destination was "syslog,stderr". The default
     logfile is now always used even if logging_collector is enabled; it
     receives the log messages produced before logging_collector is started.
   * t/020_create_sql_remove.t: Versions >= 9.0 are OOM-protected.
 45ad96ed8f41fc1b958471ae051a51f348cfcf9e 2372 postgresql-common_178~bpo8+1.dsc
 ad9cf62b5f2df460283b20dd7f7de63d8d12f030 201756 postgresql-common_178~bpo8+1.tar.xz
 a9945c7e03477ac05f4a80d2832cd4334285eb4a 63164 postgresql-server-dev-all_178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 150dfa99de2d70cdf424e85c9a351a1d6dd314c3 55278 postgresql_9.6+178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 5e6693ddaceed0158069cc6b607f3d33affaa0af 55290 postgresql-client_9.6+178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 3acd904bc7a0c3bff71ab25ac53a362e1631adab 55282 postgresql-doc_9.6+178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 e792b4e0eefc2bc8b98725eef8df85c052ccdf4d 55284 postgresql-contrib_9.6+178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 9c3051451f150fc0cac45d5573da377bcb09576b 55392 postgresql-all_9.6+178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 c7401e7d3d6915a8f837f944359462140db4fc05 78614 postgresql-client-common_178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 68d623d7e0495144e01b79e3673e5d1559c1a4d8 219382 postgresql-common_178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 8388232f822374dc5d62b93f73a75586f97f58971fc6720225deee9dd10590eb 2372 postgresql-common_178~bpo8+1.dsc
 4b7b5bd4faa5a019a053791b50a0efb50637ce8963816dc84a9ddd9ab40a741f 201756 postgresql-common_178~bpo8+1.tar.xz
 b57f5592be84a23e8375e4cb6b2671c82bbd1642d8472bff0f2cdfc9aa36edbe 63164 postgresql-server-dev-all_178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 8fed8c089f0f89210f29443f4a04722fab95a0ce9fb9529fd916249b252e11b7 55278 postgresql_9.6+178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 2bf6f87fdfab0d372a1cc8f617f491dc5743d14a70f037f2870e21794b040240 55290 postgresql-client_9.6+178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 b17737239323f39f584aa5a592603271111a72e5245468d0ea8a7f1ee7b3d69e 55282 postgresql-doc_9.6+178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 a143515d29d809b0890a35b45e4d1ec218884a32d018842202db9882c552bfb7 55284 postgresql-contrib_9.6+178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 40be1a8740c4d2815f6ecad987d531dcb26d28b2a549506578883a5042b852f8 55392 postgresql-all_9.6+178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 f8c05883414dcf2d0a9e86459119c7626daa1526594c9f2ba8dd771c26008c50 78614 postgresql-client-common_178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 aa54ce7a6aea2b86212ffdfcbc444ec7fcba8f55bd33a5d050588f7e92a61cb3 219382 postgresql-common_178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 305d506b0f39f33b191060679f961513 2372 database optional postgresql-common_178~bpo8+1.dsc
 0dd262d1e4544c051f9dad2ab70cd1b9 201756 database optional postgresql-common_178~bpo8+1.tar.xz
 dfb8ddf165863258cdfd0bc3c069fcf4 63164 database optional postgresql-server-dev-all_178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 821e4d57f15e5609f95e9fac4374722e 55278 database optional postgresql_9.6+178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 d77cd7166551a57aeae23695c3f4f643 55290 database optional postgresql-client_9.6+178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 8ebb01229e33f98a62da1b684b85312c 55282 doc optional postgresql-doc_9.6+178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 3948ad0fe878b0735102dd8908bb384f 55284 database optional postgresql-contrib_9.6+178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 f3c4881045a754e25e34f9ff9d5b86ec 55392 database optional postgresql-all_9.6+178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 bcaee1865399b16102c2de5e39a144d7 78614 database optional postgresql-client-common_178~bpo8+1_all.deb
 e203fb37b322d92fc7708602dcd4f3ca 219382 database optional postgresql-common_178~bpo8+1_all.deb



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