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Accepted sbuild 0.68.0-1~bpo8+1 (source all) into jessie-backports

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Format: 1.8
Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2016 12:06:33 +0200
Source: sbuild
Binary: libsbuild-perl sbuild buildd
Architecture: source all
Version: 0.68.0-1~bpo8+1
Distribution: jessie-backports
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian buildd-tools Developers <buildd-tools-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Luca Falavigna <dktrkranz@debian.org>
 buildd     - Daemon for automatically building Debian binary packages from Deb
 libsbuild-perl - Tool for building Debian binary packages from Debian sources
 sbuild     - Tool for building Debian binary packages from Debian sources
Closes: 655215 661037 691539 700317 703814 709270 709864 713033 726866 751732 760832 774351 782534 782553 786456 799056 800317 801436 801798 802678 805063 806931 807488 808290 808560 809175 809730 811040 811041 811042
 sbuild (0.68.0-1~bpo8+1) jessie-backports; urgency=medium
   * Rebuild for jessie-backports.
 sbuild (0.68.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * new upstream version
     - Fix quoting when checking architectures (closes: #809175)
     - bin/sbuild-createchroot: check for defined-ness first before using eq
       (closes: #811042)
     - When cross compiling, install dummy binary package instead of using
       'apt-get build-dep'. See upstream commit #e227c8f3 for an extensive
       rationale. (closes: #809730)
     - Do architecture check after build-essential is installed (closes: #700317)
     - Create directory where tarball is stored (closes: #811040)
     - lib/Sbuild/ChrootInfoSchroot.pm: check if get_info_from_stream() was
       successful and don't check if closing the pipe was successful if not
       (closes: #811041)
     - Extend explanation of --source and --no-source options (closes: #700317)
     - Add documentation related to generated build artifacts (closes: #782553)
     - Deprecate command line option --arch-all-only in favour of --arch-all
       --no-arch-any. This option will be removed in the next upstream release.
   * drop patch fix-quoting.patch as it has been applied upstream
 sbuild (0.67.0-2) unstable; urgency=medium
   * backport patch fix-quoting.patch (closes: #809175)
 sbuild (0.67.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * fix Vcs-Browser and Vcs-Git fields to point at the debian/unstable branch
     (closes: #805063)
   * add Suggests: libwww-perl to libsbuild-perl because it can optionally make
     use of LWP::UserAgent (closes: #703814)
   * new upstream version
     - ./man/sbuild.1.in: improve documentation of external commands
       (closes: #802678)
     - bin/sbuild: add --clean-source and --no-clean-source to allow building a
       package from an unpacked directory without calling debian/rules clean
       (closes: #655215)
     - allow changing the user running dpkg-buildpackage inside the chroot
       (closes: #661037)
     - Check architecture wildcard matching with dpkg inside the chroot to avoid
       situations in which dpkg outside the chroot doesn't know about a new
       architecture yet (closes: #691539)
     - lib/Sbuild/Build.pm: say --build instead of incorrect --build-arch
       (closes: #709270)
     - bin/sbuild-createchroot: honor --foreign (closes: #709864)
     - man/sbuild-setup.7.in: correct section 8 for sbuild-createchroot and
       sbuild-adduser (closes: #713033)
     - Fix permission of public key (closes: #726866)
     - sbuild-createchroot: use union-type=overlay for directory chroot and
       promote tarball chroot in the manpage (closes: #751732)
     - sbuild-createchroot: run debootstrap with --no-check-gpg if --keyring=""
       is passed (closes: #760832)
     - Quit processing when external commands fail (closes: #774351)
     - bin/sbuild-createchroot: check if chroot already exists before creating a
       new one (closes: #782534)
     - Print better message when no chroot is specified (closes: #786456)
     - Add the --no-arch-any and --arch-any options
     - Successfully handle a source only build. (Closes: #799056)
     - lib/Sbuild.pm: improve error message about sbuild group membership
       (closes: #800317)
     - bin/sbuild: turn path to input dsc or source directory into an absolute
       path (closes: #801436)
     - Set [trusted=yes] for internal dummy repository to make key generation
       optional (closes: #801798)
     - have a default for CROSSBUILD_CORE_DEPENDS (closes: #806931)
     - lib/Sbuild/Chroot.pm: apply environment filter *before* setting
       environment variables set by sbuild itself (closes: #807488)
     - lib/Sbuild/ChrootInfo.pm: fix error handling (closes: #808290)
     - lib/Sbuild/Build.pm: make sure regex only matches lines in the Files
       field (closes: #808560)
   * drop all patches which have now been applied upstream
 a54d7707e7ccf63511e4c3a35b88262d7f5b584c 2264 sbuild_0.68.0-1~bpo8+1.dsc
 6e61e98c87ca14078e12ba12368e980ca7eb7ffa 600899 sbuild_0.68.0.orig.tar.gz
 928708d8d540f846b7495ec1f28af6fe6c78c1ae 52784 sbuild_0.68.0-1~bpo8+1.debian.tar.xz
 fab4e90b2bb045c7b20d66058934e93079840503 314932 libsbuild-perl_0.68.0-1~bpo8+1_all.deb
 54108d674cef513f9901769e2f891e8e145165ae 339182 sbuild_0.68.0-1~bpo8+1_all.deb
 6bc75f97b4dbd4e6c88c8cec8a43fbcc287b38ac 314270 buildd_0.68.0-1~bpo8+1_all.deb
 e28d44142920a4fd0c42c18b8f14f00b8a5ab811a7f7fb08df437e61b80acea6 2264 sbuild_0.68.0-1~bpo8+1.dsc
 6213b106d38598899c1326ab58de3f097306247e424876a9834b280b50bc6ea6 600899 sbuild_0.68.0.orig.tar.gz
 7b768b7083b98eb936196567575b4a65a7ca26f28273f2dfecceb0a401e5faf1 52784 sbuild_0.68.0-1~bpo8+1.debian.tar.xz
 720f8211c856e1041581662e38106e3b525f92657c4b753a47e1dd97d4dfe9b9 314932 libsbuild-perl_0.68.0-1~bpo8+1_all.deb
 f00129365254e0e3f5ad0b09f99fd39b626dd10c89806642a715a0aca4a65e0c 339182 sbuild_0.68.0-1~bpo8+1_all.deb
 aef36c9b4d2af6373a4c47fb7438b53f3cffa6dddb5f8ebfdb15497a2720a124 314270 buildd_0.68.0-1~bpo8+1_all.deb
 aedcd8d62a4c5eb812202549d6a7042c 2264 devel extra sbuild_0.68.0-1~bpo8+1.dsc
 2775e54dc9ade6c3d9a9b0bb821d55aa 600899 devel extra sbuild_0.68.0.orig.tar.gz
 ec6b9b4ad97ff2ee3b8a1faa553b4f8a 52784 devel extra sbuild_0.68.0-1~bpo8+1.debian.tar.xz
 e37789542b1b27e96a7e5fd43a4c7eb7 314932 perl extra libsbuild-perl_0.68.0-1~bpo8+1_all.deb
 9e0dd076b54358e855eaec868a79f669 339182 devel extra sbuild_0.68.0-1~bpo8+1_all.deb
 847af25751bc689a17c12da3865274ab 314270 devel extra buildd_0.68.0-1~bpo8+1_all.deb

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