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Accepted knot 1.6.5-1~bpo80+1 (source amd64 all) into jessie-backports

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Format: 1.8
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 2015 12:42:39 +0200
Source: knot
Binary: knot knot-libs knot-dbg knot-dnsutils knot-host knot-doc
Architecture: source amd64 all
Version: 1.6.5-1~bpo80+1
Distribution: jessie-backports
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian DNS Maintainers <pkg-dns-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Ondřej Surý <ondrej@debian.org>
 knot       - authoritative domain name server
 knot-dbg   - Debug symbols for Knot DNS
 knot-dnsutils - Clients provided with Knot DNS (kdig, knslookup, knsupdate)
 knot-doc   - Documentation for Knot DNS
 knot-host  - Version of 'host' bundled with Knot DNS
 knot-libs  - authoritative domain name server
Closes: 779759 790700
 knot (1.6.5-1~bpo80+1) jessie-backports; urgency=medium
   * Backport for Jessie (8)
 knot (1.6.5-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Imported Upstream version 1.6.5
    + Bugfixes:
     - Do not reload expired zones on 'knotc reload' and server startup
     - Fix rare race-condition in event scheduling causing delayed event
     - Fix skipping of non-authoritative nodes in NSEC proofs
     - Fix TC flag setting in RRL slipped answers
     - Disable domain name compression for root label for better
     - Log via journald only when running under systemd
     - Improve lookup of libsystemd build dependencies
     - Fix compilation warnings in endian conversion functions on OpenBSD
    + Features:
     - Update persistent timers only on shutdown for better performance
     - Add 'request-edns-option' config option to add custom EDNS0 option
       into server initiated queries
     - Allow specification of time units in 'max-conn-idle',
       'max-conn-handshake', 'max-conn-reply', and 'notify-timeout' config
   * Update patches for 1.6.5 release
   * Use embedded lmdb on Debian wheezy and Ubuntu precise
   * Modify dependencies to better support for Ubuntu Precise in master branch
   * Move under Debian DNS maintainers group
   * Update d/gbp.conf to reflect repository changes
 knot (1.6.4-2) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Use pregenerated pdf logo stored in debian/ to workaround old TeXLive
     in Ubuntu precise
   * Make systemd journal logging optional even when compiled with systemd
     (Closes: #790700)
   * Uses libsystemd as first option before searching for libsystemd-daemon
     and libsystemd-journal (Closes: #779759)
 knot (1.6.4-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * New upstream version 1.6.4
    + Bugfixes:
     - Fix lost NOTIFY message if received during zone transfer
     - Fix compilation error with LibreSSL
     - Disable fast zone parser when compiled in Clang (workaround
       for Clang bug)
     - kdig: Record correct dnstap SocketProtocol when retrying
       over TCP
     - kdig: Hide TSIG section with +noall
     - Do not set AA flag for AXFR/IXFR queries
    + Features:
     - Zone parser: Split long TXT/SPF strings into multiple strings
     - kdig: Add generic dump style option (+generic)
     - Try all master servers in multi-master environment
    + Improvements:
     - Zone dump: Do not write class for SOA record (unified with other
       RR types)
     - Zone dump: Do not write master server address into the zone file
 knot (1.6.3-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * New upstream version 1.6.3 (Thank you for AFL release)
    + Features:
     - CDS and CDNSKEY support in zone parser
    + Bugfixes:
     - Performance drop for NSEC-signed zones
     - Proper handling of TCP short-writes
     - Out-of-bound read in zone parser for long domain names in origin
     - Out-of-bound read in packet parser for TSIG RR without RDATA
     - Out-of-bound read in packet parser for malformed NAPTR RR
    + Improvements:
     - Add defaults for TCP config options into documentation
     - Detailed error message if zone reload fails
 bb4b67fdb69068f03a8d78c2fdd2ec482efcc293 2705 knot_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1.dsc
 44f26dc862732ae579d8fdf9f6e88efe55e6fb61 788136 knot_1.6.5.orig.tar.xz
 c8cdde2c9ad73efc39120758d9883efb17b003a1 23668 knot_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1.debian.tar.xz
 027eb610d616abfb675a1971279648198bcacbe1 206532 knot_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1_amd64.deb
 5fa0feda8a57b0f515cd3d2015fe2a943189d2e5 172172 knot-libs_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1_amd64.deb
 a7310c94006af7a524f4d8eadac3111f5a3250d9 1790998 knot-dbg_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1_amd64.deb
 38c9ab4bd7d7423a25ced4c90c159d505a7dbab7 69722 knot-dnsutils_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1_amd64.deb
 982f7498d849bc0c75daaffc039c29d8759f71ae 52160 knot-host_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1_amd64.deb
 cd4d95046a706e506f11243d76ab25b0c19191bb 447364 knot-doc_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1_all.deb
 698d84798daaf9a0757c4dc84065612c658e500da12ddcdcf99cfce6a58a12fe 2705 knot_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1.dsc
 612617916cffc253d3e95cb259fdddb0c9cc6975970d41dfe717cc8da8daf8d9 788136 knot_1.6.5.orig.tar.xz
 09bb1e19747603fbff1778ef5971118718c19944318d02eef5039a0221ebe411 23668 knot_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1.debian.tar.xz
 6f4390802934ad95a9737fe3e78fc41e3678f324da09a71d7d7eb96304011433 206532 knot_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1_amd64.deb
 86533c570e6f2d4ffcdfbab729fa3cc4e5b6674757f28307e1d7a1c74d26c1f1 172172 knot-libs_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1_amd64.deb
 c4ce120c551b79792a7d7b3f977f46548db502b66933a2f21ce3b73c4e9dec0e 1790998 knot-dbg_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1_amd64.deb
 b7f629af5ad57c397e59e26c223381d1077fabbd8205e88825300d95ed2046b1 69722 knot-dnsutils_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1_amd64.deb
 ca05e6a948dc66180845e19b56da8153149ec4a6b139e0be8985c702ef6b2491 52160 knot-host_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1_amd64.deb
 d62546981b2e90714fe7475ac985de5ea5331813075f434f93221ea4a64da8a0 447364 knot-doc_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1_all.deb
 cf9e31989f7dd63e33863c799cb75e4a 2705 net optional knot_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1.dsc
 934b6feaeefd0df7b3be6709e39b19ce 788136 net optional knot_1.6.5.orig.tar.xz
 24929c31dd2a067c2948d641541381f0 23668 net optional knot_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1.debian.tar.xz
 04e24b89d68ccf438fd468cce0a9ae8f 206532 net optional knot_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1_amd64.deb
 a7ee74bd8d72f1539e2c2442d8f06fe8 172172 libs optional knot-libs_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1_amd64.deb
 33731b111f38a810c7115cf6a0469d51 1790998 debug extra knot-dbg_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1_amd64.deb
 14c193ceb658c32db0c405ebdbf01a77 69722 net optional knot-dnsutils_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1_amd64.deb
 da5f17a5a935b74fa7ef821e7aca3d7f 52160 net optional knot-host_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1_amd64.deb
 85298613e428da446ecbd9d1ed39b90f 447364 doc optional knot-doc_1.6.5-1~bpo80+1_all.deb

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