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Accepted gmt 5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1 (source amd64 all) into jessie-backports, jessie-backports

Hash: SHA512

Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 13:37:05 +0200
Source: gmt
Binary: gmt gmt-common libgmt5 libgmt-dev gmt-dbg gmt-doc-pdf gmt-doc gmt-examples
Architecture: source amd64 all
Version: 5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1
Distribution: jessie-backports
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian GIS Project <pkg-grass-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Bas Couwenberg <sebastic@debian.org>
 gmt        - Generic Mapping Tools
 gmt-common - Generic Mapping Tools - Architecture-independent files
 gmt-dbg    - Generic Mapping Tools Library - Debugging symbols
 gmt-doc    - HTML documentation for GMT, the Generic Mapping Tools
 gmt-doc-pdf - PDF docs for GMT, the Generic Mapping Tools
 gmt-examples - Example scripts illustrating the use of GMT
 libgmt-dev - Generic Mapping Tools Library - Development files
 libgmt5    - Generic Mapping Tools Library
Closes: 790521 790524
 gmt (5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1) jessie-backports; urgency=medium
   * Rebuild for jessie-backports.
   * Update branch in gbp.conf & Vcs-Git URL.
 gmt (5.1.2+dfsg1-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Add patch rename psl library to gmt-psl to resolve conflict with
   * Move from experimental to unstable.
 gmt (5.1.2+dfsg1-1~exp8) experimental; urgency=medium
   * Drop Conflicts on turnin-ng & pslib-dev,
     gmt man pages use 'gmt' suffix now.
   * Add Breaks/Replaces on old gmt-manpages to gmt-common.
     (closes: #790524)
   * Drop obsolete README.Debian file.
 gmt (5.1.2+dfsg1-1~exp7) experimental; urgency=medium
   * Add patch to append 'gmt' to the man page sections.
   * Move `gzip -n` man page compression from rules to patch.
   * Don't use cmake continue() command in disable-examples.patch,
     requires CMake >= 3.2.
   * Drop libgmt-dev.links, usr/lib/gmt is no longer used.
 gmt (5.1.2+dfsg1-1~exp6) experimental; urgency=medium
   * Add Breaks/Replaces on libgenome-perl versions preceding the gmt rename.
     (closes: #790524)
 gmt (5.1.2+dfsg1-1~exp5) experimental; urgency=medium
   * Add versioned Breaks/Replaces on gmt to gmt-common.
     (closes: #790521)
   * Add Conflicts on turnin-ng & pslib-dev to gmt-common,
     and libpsl-dev to libgmt-dev.
   * Add references to upstream metadata.
 gmt (5.1.2+dfsg1-1~exp4) experimental; urgency=medium
   * Add patch to fix build on mips*.
 gmt (5.1.2+dfsg1-1~exp3) experimental; urgency=medium
   * Only recompress man pages if they exist.
 gmt (5.1.2+dfsg1-1~exp2) experimental; urgency=medium
   * Fix removal of empty directory.
   * Add patch to fix build on kFreeBSD.
   * Add upstream metadata.
 gmt (5.1.2+dfsg1-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=medium
   [ Francesco Paolo Lovergine ]
   * New upstream major release: build system moved to cmake.
   * Now following general advice from upstream about packaging as listed
     in http://gmt.soest.hawaii.edu/projects/gmt/wiki/PackagingGMT
   * Added a new cmake patch with Debian changes to CMake configurations.
   * Removed autotools b-dep and rules.
   * Removed all (obsolete) patches.
   * Moved to current full dh_* auto support.
   * Octave/mex stuff now lives in its own repository and should go into
     a separate source package. So, dropped octave-gmt ATM.
   * Updated list of b-d.
   * Set Vcs-* fields to canonical forms.
   [ Ross Gammon ]
   * Update watch file with sepwatch changes.
   [ Bas Couwenberg ]
   * New upstream release.
   * Add myself to Uploaders.
   * Update watchfile, changes:
     - Use passive FTP
     - Add common dversionmangle
   * Restructure control file with cme, changes:
     - Update Vcs-Browser URL to use cgit instead of gitweb
     - Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.6, no changes.
   * Add gbp.conf to use pristine-tar by default.
   * Update copyright file, changes:
     - Changed GMT license to LGPL-3+ only
     - Update copyright years, add additional copyright holders
     - Add license & copyright for differently licensed files (mostly BSD/MIT)
   * Repack upstream source using Files-Excluded in the copyright file.
   * Fix libgmt5 installation.
   * Disable use of non-free triangle source.
   * Fix bash-completion installation.
   * Strip RPATH from binary & libraries.
   * Also exclude prebuilt documentation and manpages from repacked source.
   * Build documentation in build-indep target.
   * Use packaged jquery.js & underscore.js instead of embedded sphinx copies.
   * Move /usr/share/gmt to architecture-independent gmt-common package.
   * Recompress the manpages to not use timestamped gzip.
   * Add patches for various typos.
   * Add symbols file for libgmt5.
   * Add debug package.
   * Use Breaks/Replaces instead of versioned Conflicts.
   * Add manpage for gmt-config.
   * Drop gmt-tutorial-pdf package, no longer included upstream.
   * Use libfftw3-dev instead of sfftw-dev.
   * Update dependencies for new gmt-dcw & gmt-gshhg data packages.
 cd0a6a2c2483680636d1d78395975bc9f28c42b8 2564 gmt_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1.dsc
 f393b8178f9ead2029ee2ddf66c7b71b463f3fbc 39336 gmt_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1.debian.tar.xz
 ced643e543f42882ea3b2c707bf8c1113535b43e 187332 gmt_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_amd64.deb
 3ad4728fece855046d21f3ea45a07aed769d1a26 4438904 gmt-common_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_all.deb
 1e87d2655ca425ddb2a22e75a7238dbb731b7b7b 1382002 libgmt5_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_amd64.deb
 434a7a30c28241e32532b8f4d584100f9f914ed6 596716 libgmt-dev_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_amd64.deb
 416f08db09cfe786e1edba107e59e64c448dd4a2 3601348 gmt-dbg_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_amd64.deb
 0534e950a6d4b26a2a64fbee6b535b48bdeaa817 22693966 gmt-doc-pdf_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_all.deb
 e6f068a9d99e2d8ed9b51ed7d53064000e95d836 31552216 gmt-doc_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_all.deb
 aebef90870612c8df1366152cc5188121e69b3e3 9885334 gmt-examples_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_all.deb
 b5c4b8f75e8530321652b9f54d96f8af59a0d94e187f930efd3a4a0273126147 2564 gmt_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1.dsc
 1fa8a77a704d7b05fb69c5b3e40c715d2042f0d4ea1030a4ac04eb3d45190e8b 39336 gmt_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1.debian.tar.xz
 6614f002bfc0709c9bdbd5f887cd2c108e2fa90962e2faf358b11b311753122e 187332 gmt_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_amd64.deb
 9046ddf2c8395e57f6fdda47189aec15d1a05bf46bf0b785b6abd8869d3471f9 4438904 gmt-common_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_all.deb
 8372aa337784c5ba33490354872cfe8a7651ef5b88bc02159b2ac13d80ed1911 1382002 libgmt5_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_amd64.deb
 04887540df677f2112bb02ce33a0f5dbe1f5e79addc79b6c64ebe9bb2f33684d 596716 libgmt-dev_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_amd64.deb
 22a90876e6788a22aaf13a98c7c67050e19af61f30fcee94745b109d47a8371c 3601348 gmt-dbg_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_amd64.deb
 33c2abafdf3df776b43adaa49fceb0580298aead4660603b20635e258874eac0 22693966 gmt-doc-pdf_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_all.deb
 24a44e5da8337b7269083bf528b000cb091323ecb4b0d02caa5ea771133d8bd1 31552216 gmt-doc_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_all.deb
 4ee827acc25e0927869b96ddf09cadd1b5f970b19dbc73a24c42f3aa4007b0b4 9885334 gmt-examples_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_all.deb
 9e667eab00521697f048ddfed0d4aa50 2564 science extra gmt_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1.dsc
 ceafb745ce1b4ceb5d5d761bc8baaa09 39336 science extra gmt_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1.debian.tar.xz
 fe7da36745ffc939fce38df197d2d213 187332 science extra gmt_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_amd64.deb
 c9d866ab113b87aa70930f684162a34c 4438904 science extra gmt-common_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_all.deb
 da9d373a7733d42bc12a915b2cac9517 1382002 libs extra libgmt5_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_amd64.deb
 aa27057e366177ccaaec32119a9c3573 596716 libdevel extra libgmt-dev_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_amd64.deb
 28fc73ecf0738e172620606e5c275472 3601348 debug extra gmt-dbg_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_amd64.deb
 fc3e750f4c5637978c55263a2b65ee0d 22693966 doc extra gmt-doc-pdf_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_all.deb
 d1f00563186eed94ac396544418562e3 31552216 doc extra gmt-doc_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_all.deb
 6a0a8813ac9ee48028deded991787ef8 9885334 doc extra gmt-examples_5.1.2+dfsg1-1~bpo8+1_all.deb

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