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Accepted cryptsetup 2:1.6.4-4~bpo70+1 (source i386) into wheezy-backports, wheezy-backports

Hash: SHA512

Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 18:22:45 +0200
Source: cryptsetup
Binary: cryptsetup cryptsetup-bin libcryptsetup4 libcryptsetup-dev cryptsetup-udeb libcryptsetup4-udeb
Architecture: source i386
Version: 2:1.6.4-4~bpo70+1
Distribution: wheezy-backports
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian Cryptsetup Team <pkg-cryptsetup-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: intrigeri <intrigeri@debian.org>
 cryptsetup - disk encryption support - startup scripts
 cryptsetup-bin - disk encryption support - command line tools
 cryptsetup-udeb - disk encryption support - commandline tools (udeb) (udeb)
 libcryptsetup-dev - disk encryption support - development files
 libcryptsetup4 - disk encryption support - shared library
 libcryptsetup4-udeb - disk encryption support - shared library (udeb) (udeb)
Closes: 438481 471729 659688 677712 678692 694499 696008 697155 697446 697455 700285 700777 704470 704827 707997 713918 714326 714331 714395 714806 714952 715487 715525 716652 722509 725131 728080 728302 732099 734133 735496 737686 740484 740557 740592
 cryptsetup (2:1.6.4-4~bpo70+1) wheezy-backports; urgency=medium
   * Rebuild for wheezy-backports.
   * Don't require automake 1.12, nor serial-tests, as suggested
     by "For old automake use this" in configure.ac.
 cryptsetup (2:1.6.4-4) unstable; urgency=medium
   * really fix plain device opening in initramfs cryptroot script this time.
     Thanks again to Dirk Griesbach for the patch. (closes: #740592)
 cryptsetup (2:1.6.4-3) unstable; urgency=medium
   * fix plain device opening, broken by switch to new unified open command
     in 1.6.4-1. Thanks to Dirk Griesbach for the patch. (closes: #740592)
   * update italian debconf translations, thanks to Italian l10n team and
     Francesca Ciceri. (closes: #740557)
   * remove trailing whitespaces from text files.
   * some minor packaging fixes thanks to lintian checks:
     - fix VCS-* fields in debian/control to use canoncial URIs.
     - remove empty directory from libcryptsetup4 package.
     - add lintian-override for init.d-script-not-included-in-package.
 cryptsetup (2:1.6.4-2) unstable; urgency=medium
   * fix libcryptsetup.so symlink. Thanks to Michael Biebl. (closes: #740484)
 cryptsetup (2:1.6.4-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * new upstream version 1.6.4.
     - minor fixes in cryptsetup manpage. (closes: #725131)
     - by default verify new passphrase in luksChangeKey and luksAddKey
       commands (closes: #728302)
     - cryptsetup releases are released on kernel.org since 1.6.4. Change
       debian/watch accordingly.
   * use compiled defaults for cypher, keysize and hash in luksformat script
   * improvements to docs (thanks to Christoph Anton Mitterer):
     - small improvement to explanation for CRYPTTAB_TRIED environment variable
       in crypttab manpage
     - update cipher, size and hash settings in examples (closes: #714331)
     - replace '/dev/hdX' devices with '/dev/sdX' in examples
     - full path to keyscripts in /lib/cryptsetup/scripts not needed in examples
   * update init and initramfs scripts to use new open syntax (closes: #714395)
   * add scripts/local-block/cryptroot in order to support event based block
     device handling. Thanks to Goswin von Brederlow (closes: #678692)
   * add support for TCRYPT device handling to cryptdisks init and cryptroot
     initramfs scripts. (closes: #722509)
   * improve passphrase prompt in cryptroot initramfs script. Thanks to Joachim
     Breitner. (closes: #728080)
   * add support for detached luks header to cryptdisks init script. Thanks to
     Ximin Luo. (closes: #716652)
   * enhance docs about remote unlocking feature. Thanks to Karl O. Pinc.
     (closes: #715487, #714952)
   * update README.keyctl docs: since linux kernel 2.6.38, dm-crypt is not
     single-threaded any longer. (closes: #714806)
   * don't sleep between retries in cryptroot initramfs script. (closes: #715525)
   * add multi-arch support. Thanks to Shawn Landden. (closes: #696008, #732099)
   * suggest keyutils. Thanks to Nikolaus Rath. (closes: #734133, #735496)
   * fix initramfs/cryptroot-hook to support more than one lvm source devices.
     Thanks to Jens Reinsberger for the patch. (closes: #659688, #737686)
   * bump standards-version to 3.9.5, no changes needed.
   * override lintian false positives for init scripts:
     - init.d-script-does-not-implement-optional-option status
     - init.d-script-does-not-source-init-functions
 cryptsetup (2:1.6.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Milan Broz ]
   * new upstream version. (closes: #704827, 707997)
     - default LUKS encryption mode is XTS (aes-xts-plain64) (closes: #714331)
     - adds native support for Truecrypt and compatible on-disk format
     - adds benchmark command
     - adds cryptsetup-reencrypt, a tool to offline reencrypt LUKS device
     - adds veritysetup, a tool for dm-verity block device verification module
   * install docs/examples into docs at cryptsetup-dev package.
   * fix compilation warnings in askpass.c.
   [ Steve Langasek ]
   * fix upstart jobs to not cause boot hangs when actually used in
     conjunction with startpar.  (closes: #694499, #677712).
   * in connection with the above, make the cryptdisks-early job explicitly
     wait for 'umountfs' on shutdown just like cryptdisks does; otherwise,
     the teardown of the cryptdisks upstart job may cause the cryptdisks-early
     init script run before we're done unmounting filesystems.
   [ Jonas Meurer ]
   * minor wording fixes to README.initramfs, suggested by intrigeri and Adam
     D. Barrett.
   * add bash-completion script for cryptdisks_{start,stop}. Thanks to Claudius
     Hubig for providing a patch. (closes: #700777)
   * support specifying key-slot in crypttab. Thanks to Kevin Locke for the
     patch. (closes: #704470)
   * remove evms support code from cryptroot initramfs script. (closes: #713918)
   * fix location of keyscripts in initramfs documentation. (closes: #697446)
   * fix a typo in decrypt_ssl script that prevented stdout from beeing
     redirected to /dev/null. (closes: #700285)
   * give full path to blkid in crytproot initramfs script. (closes: #697155)
   * export number of previous tries from cryptroot and cryptdisks to
     keyscript. Thanks to Laurens Blankers for the idea. Opens the possibility
     to fallback after a given number of tries for keyscripts. (closes: #438481,
     #471729, #697455)
   * improve check for cpu hardware encryption support in initramfs cryptroot
     hook. (closes: #714326)
 8dae3418b626757fa3c5808e46517ccc307a4e54 2544 cryptsetup_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1.dsc
 373786fffda3e558d09eecde91198c835e8768a2 97687 cryptsetup_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1.debian.tar.gz
 4c35ed73d583779cf65c556c23e316b5dbf1bd01 154936 cryptsetup_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 28be9df245e161ac9ba265c9c82e03339afe7717 279398 cryptsetup-bin_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 dabd08423d237e729eaa0d3119a834c3ae35e13a 111840 libcryptsetup4_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 949c24a34b58a4860876a424d62c8cb6aaf6586c 49282 libcryptsetup-dev_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 f8116339ee5a79aea0f07cd7de9266d3e502f4ce 34956 cryptsetup-udeb_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1_i386.udeb
 65d710902e755efd78dea7607cfce0f79dc03038 65176 libcryptsetup4-udeb_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1_i386.udeb
 0cfa76d77bc2f1626039662f3241de79ac62c291971f4fef1a953bb9539c2a34 2544 cryptsetup_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1.dsc
 79779c0331b20735af457156be5f1ede3bc27e4fda1df5cd7d78a92e68fcb254 97687 cryptsetup_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1.debian.tar.gz
 60d923da6e34d045903a4d0b8207a71811e8eaeb44eb3e3253c3d3a537f508c2 154936 cryptsetup_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 70a85d3612862d886e04883348736d00b2b8a46841b2312027aea811a4c162b5 279398 cryptsetup-bin_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 9567f2185789a6ceaf05ff899391c433c2a44b7e1583df403fcc8c38002e21a1 111840 libcryptsetup4_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 c9ae1f14ef4c281322827bd3a99480d040a37c584335f07bb75ca081d705b7bd 49282 libcryptsetup-dev_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 d0a4f326f758a631019c473928054ff1eec9ff2bb90e5be027822f2845257bf2 34956 cryptsetup-udeb_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1_i386.udeb
 d992e8bd59014f222c6f3af698f67dea97a953dfc2ed98c5a98f28540345bf4f 65176 libcryptsetup4-udeb_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1_i386.udeb
 11acb571dbced0e05edaa1ddd6fce33f 2544 admin optional cryptsetup_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1.dsc
 9fecc23e2a7f43af18f41fdb9dba9ff0 97687 admin optional cryptsetup_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1.debian.tar.gz
 8872a93c889490052e8ae18c8fd52b3b 154936 admin optional cryptsetup_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 dac8e9326566d7bc67d590f2b0e2bb0d 279398 admin optional cryptsetup-bin_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 2d6240c9de3938563f11dea6deff4025 111840 libs optional libcryptsetup4_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 dee0355315b939ec829505a3ed29692c 49282 libdevel optional libcryptsetup-dev_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 a7942c7ab8a55e2c26159e27345f2e1a 34956 debian-installer optional cryptsetup-udeb_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1_i386.udeb
 fecfb5bc6e8664c01d20b65be7d7d13c 65176 debian-installer optional libcryptsetup4-udeb_1.6.4-4~bpo70+1_i386.udeb



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