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Accepted git-annex 5.20140117~bpo70+1 (source amd64)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2014 14:46:27 -0400
Source: git-annex
Binary: git-annex
Architecture: source amd64
Version: 5.20140117~bpo70+1
Distribution: wheezy-backports
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>
Changed-By: Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>
 git-annex  - manage files with git, without checking their contents into git
Closes: 731142 731606 732602
 git-annex (5.20140117~bpo70+1) wheezy-backports; urgency=medium
   * Really fix FTBFS on mipsel and sparc due to test suite not being available
     on those architectures.
 git-annex (5.20140116) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Added tahoe special remote.
   * external special remote protocol: Added GETGITDIR, and GETAVAILABILITY.
   * Refuse to build with git older than, which is needed for
     git checkout -B
   * map: Fix display of v5 direct mode repos.
   * repair: Support old git versions from before git fsck --no-dangling was
   * Fix a long-standing bug that could cause the wrong index file to be used
     when committing to the git-annex branch, if GIT_INDEX_FILE is set in the
     environment. This typically resulted in git-annex branch log files being
     committed to the master branch and later showing up in the work tree.
     (These log files can be safely removed.)
   * assistant: Detect if .git/annex/index is corrupt at startup, and
   * repair: Fix bug in packed refs file exploding code that caused a .gitrefs
     directory to be created instead of .git/refs
   * Fix FTBFS on mipsel and sparc due to test suite not being available
     on those architectures.
   * Android: Avoid passing --clobber to busybox wget.
 git-annex (5.20140107) unstable; urgency=medium
   * mirror: Support --all (and --unused).
   * external special remote protocol: Added GETUUID, GETWANTED, SETWANTED,
   * Windows: Fix bug in direct mode merge code that could cause files
     in subdirectories to go missing.
   * Windows: Avoid eating stdin when running ssh to add a authorized key,
     since this is used for password prompting.
   * Avoid looping if long-running git cat-file or git hash-object crashes
     and keeps crashing when restarted.
   * Assistant: Remove stale MERGE_HEAD files in lockfile cleanup.
   * Remotes can now be made read-only, by setting remote.<name>.annex-readonly
   * wanted, schedule: Avoid printing "ok" after requested value.
   * assistant: Ensure that .ssh/config and .ssh/authorized_keys are not
     group or world writable when writing to those files, as that can make
     ssh refuse to use them, if it allows another user to write to them.
   * addurl, importfeed: Honor annex.diskreserve as long as the size of the
     url can be checked.
   * add: Fix rollback when disk is completely full.
   * assistant: Fixed several minor memory leaks that manifested when
     adding a large number of files.
   * assistant: Start a new git-annex transferkeys process
     after a network connection change, so that remotes that use a persistent
     network connection are restarted.
   * Adjust Debian build deps to match current state of sparc, mipsel.
 git-annex (5.20131230) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Added new external special remote interface.
   * importfeed: Support youtube playlists.
   * Add tasty to build-depends, so that test suite builds again.
     (tasty was stuck in incoming.)
   * Fix typo in test suite.
   * Fix bug in Linux standalone build's shimming that broke git-annex-shell.
   * Include git-receive-pack, git-upload-pack, git, and git-shell wrappers
     in the Linux standalone build, and OSX app, so they will be available
     when it's added to PATH.
   * addurl, importfeed: Sanitize | and some other symbols and special
   * Auto-upgrade v3 indirect repos to v5 with no changes.
     This also fixes a problem when a direct mode repo was somehow set to v3
     rather than v4, and so the automatic direct mode upgrade to v5 was not
   * Android: Avoid trying to use Android's own ionice, which does not
     allow specifying a command to run. Fixes transferring files to/from
     android and probably a few other things.
 git-annex (5.20131221) unstable; urgency=low
   * assistant: Fix OSX-specific bug that caused the startup scan to try to
     follow symlinks to other directories, and add their contents to the annex.
   * assistant: Set StrictHostKeyChecking yes when creating ssh remotes,
     and add it to the configuration for any ssh remotes previously created
     by the assistant. This avoids repeated prompts by ssh if the host key
     changes, instead syncing with such a remote will fail. Closes: #732602
   * Fix test suite to cover lock --force change.
   * Add plumbing-level lookupkey and examinekey commands.
   * find --format: Added hashdirlower, hashdirmixed, keyname, and mtime
     format variables.
   * assistant: Always batch changes found in startup scan.
   * An armel Linux standalone build is now available, which includes the
   * Programs from Linux and OSX standalone builds can now be symlinked
     into a directory in PATH as an alternative installation method, and will
     use readlink to find where the build was unpacked.
   * Include man pages in Linux and OSX standalone builds.
   * Linux standalone build now includes its own glibc and forces the linker to
     use it, to remove dependence on the host glibc.
 git-annex (5.20131213) unstable; urgency=low
   * Avoid using git commit in direct mode, since in some situations
     it will read the full contents of files in the tree.
   * assistant: Batch jobs are now run with ionice and nocache, when
     those commands are available.
   * assistant: Run transferkeys as batch jobs.
   * Automatically fix up bad bare repositories created by
     versions 5.20131118 through 5.20131127.
   * rsync special remote: Fix fallback mode for rsync remotes that
     use hashDirMixed. Closes: #731142
   * copy --from, get --from: When --force is used, ignore the
     location log and always try to get the file from the remote.
   * Deal with box.com changing the url of their webdav endpoint.
   * Android: Fix SRV record lookups for XMPP to use android getprop
     command to find DNS server, since there is no resolv.conf.
   * import: Add --skip-duplicates option.
   * lock: Require --force. Closes: #731606
   * import: better handling of overwriting an existing file/directory/broken
     link when importing
   * Windows: assistant and webapp work! (very experimental)
   * Windows: Support annex.diskreserve.
   * Fix bad behavior in Firefox, which was caused by an earlier fix to
     bad behavior in Chromium.
   * repair: Improve repair of git-annex index file.
   * repair: Remove damaged git-annex sync branches.
   * status: Ignore new files that are gitignored.
   * Fix direct mode's handling when modifications to non-annexed files
     are pulled from a remote. A bug prevented the files from being updated
     in the work tree, and this caused the modification to be reverted.
   * OSX: Remove ssh and ssh-keygen from dmg as they're included in OSX by
 git-annex (5.20131130) unstable; urgency=low
   * init: Fix a bug that caused git annex init, when run in a bare
     repository, to set core.bare=false.
 git-annex (5.20131127.1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Rebuild that does not try to use quvi 0.9 from experimental.
 git-annex (5.20131127) unstable; urgency=low
   * webapp: Detect when upgrades are available, and upgrade if the user
     (Only when git-annex is installed using the prebuilt binaries
     from git-annex upstream, not from eg Debian.)
   * assistant: Detect when the git-annex binary is modified or replaced,
     and either prompt the user to restart the program, or automatically
     restart it.
   * annex.autoupgrade configures both the above upgrade behaviors.
   * Added support for quvi 0.9. Slightly suboptimal due to limitations in its
     interface compared with the old version.
   * Bug fix: annex.version did not get set on automatic upgrade to v5 direct
     mode repo, so the upgrade was performed repeatedly, slowing commands down.
   * webapp: Fix bug that broke switching between local repositories
     that use the new guarded direct mode.
   * Android: Fix stripping of the git-annex binary.
   * Android: Make terminal app show git-annex version number.
   * Android: Re-enable XMPP support.
   * reinject: Allow to be used in direct mode.
   * Futher improvements to git repo repair. Has now been tested in tens
     of thousands of intentionally damaged repos, and successfully
     repaired them all.
   * Allow use of --unused in bare repository.
 git-annex (5.20131120) unstable; urgency=low
   * Fix Debian package to not try to run test suite, since haskell-tasty
     is not out of new or in Build-Depends yet.
   * dropunused, addunused: Allow "all" instead of a range to
     act on all unused data.
   * Ensure execute bit is set on directories when core.sharedrepository is set.
   * Ensure that core.sharedrepository is honored when creating the .git/annex
   * Improve repair code in the case where the index file is corrupt,
     and this hides other problems from git fsck.
 git-annex (5.20131118) unstable; urgency=low
   * Direct mode repositories now have core.bare=true set, to prevent
     accidentally running git commands that try to operate on the work tree,
     and so do the wrong thing in direct mode.
   * annex.version is now set to 5 for direct mode repositories.
     This upgrade is handled fully automatically, no need to run
     git annex upgrade
   * The "status" command has been renamed to "info", to allow
     "git annex status" to be used in direct mode repositories, now that
     "git status" won't work in them.
   * The -c option now not only modifies the git configuration seen by
     git-annex, but it is passed along to every git command git-annex runs.
   * watcher: Avoid loop when adding a file owned by someone else fails
     in indirect mode because its permissions cannot be modified.
   * webapp: Avoid encoding problems when displaying the daemon log file.
   * webapp: Improve UI around remote that have no annex.uuid set,
     either because setup of them is incomplete, or because the remote
     git repository is not a git-annex repository.
   * Include ssh-keygen in standalone bundle.
   * Allow optionally configuring git-annex with -fEKG to enable awesome
     remote monitoring interfaceat http://localhost:4242/
   * Fix bug that caused bad information to be written to the git-annex branch
     when running describe or other commands with a remote that has no uuid.
   * Work around Android linker problem that had prevented git-annex from
     running on Android 4.3 and 4.4.
   * repair: Handle case where index file is corrupt, but all objects are ok.
   * assistant: Notice on startup when the index file is corrupt, and
   * Fix direct mode merge bug when a direct mode file was deleted and replaced
     with a directory. An ordering problem caused the directory to not get
     created in this case.
     Thanks to Tim for the test case.
   * Direct mode .git/annex/objects directories are no longer left writable,
     because that allowed writing to symlinks of files that are not present,
     which followed the link and put bad content in an object location.
     Thanks to Tim for the test case.
   * fsck: Fix up .git/annex/object directory permissions.
   * Switched to the tasty test framework.
   * Android: Adjust default .gitignore to ignore .thumbnails at any location
     in the tree, not just at its top.
   * webapp: Check annex.version.
 c41665316598b825a8549cfc6e3c5857551157e8 3282 git-annex_5.20140117~bpo70+1.dsc
 8d94d8802e59179e7766b43b62c78046820be008 5563379 git-annex_5.20140117~bpo70+1.tar.gz
 5d092d7b9cfe457580407ec1d03136ff0e49c025 10450466 git-annex_5.20140117~bpo70+1_amd64.deb
 a442e4b5915b416f730af6f1532601af25f78bbb5bcd4c15739056e0e6d89b89 3282 git-annex_5.20140117~bpo70+1.dsc
 c1aaac6326b105fca0802b1359d6c3fe2683cf2551626a7bdd533e28ed501cca 5563379 git-annex_5.20140117~bpo70+1.tar.gz
 b4d0df2f59e737da7fca8b33eb28a45c751b3f5ade8a6f86f217633c13d97654 10450466 git-annex_5.20140117~bpo70+1_amd64.deb
 fa375b2e3516c7600d71c67664a07615 3282 utils optional git-annex_5.20140117~bpo70+1.dsc
 76ab590af5f8fd7dd8d00ff8618d313f 5563379 utils optional git-annex_5.20140117~bpo70+1.tar.gz
 9898474c447c554d4250bea293a77e3d 10450466 utils optional git-annex_5.20140117~bpo70+1_amd64.deb

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