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Accepted libvirt 1.2.1-1~bpo70+1 (source i386 all)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2014 17:42:03 +0100
Source: libvirt
Binary: libvirt-bin libvirt0 libvirt0-dbg libvirt-doc libvirt-dev libvirt-sanlock
Architecture: source i386 all
Version: 1.2.1-1~bpo70+1
Distribution: wheezy-backports
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian Libvirt Maintainers <pkg-libvirt-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Guido Günther <agx@sigxcpu.org>
 libvirt-bin - programs for the libvirt library
 libvirt-dev - development files for the libvirt library
 libvirt-doc - documentation for the libvirt library
 libvirt-sanlock - library for interfacing with different virtualization systems
 libvirt0   - library for interfacing with different virtualization systems
 libvirt0-dbg - library for interfacing with different virtualization systems
Closes: 688179 731451 731612 732666 734556 735676
 libvirt (1.2.1-1~bpo70+1) wheezy-backports; urgency=medium
   * Rebuild for wheezy-backports.
   * Remaining changes:
     - [31a2113] Use libnl1 since libnetcf1 is linked against libnl1 in Wheezy.
       Also make sure we don't pickup up libnetcf-dev using libnl3.
     - [4ca4854] Make sure the cgroup update notice is also shown in backports
     - [c5a59dd] Drop version in polkit-1 dependency. This reintroduces
       CVE-2013-4311 since we don't have a recent enough polkit-1 in wheezy.
     - [4db6aaa] Disable xenlight support not available in wheezy
 libvirt (1.2.1-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Upload to unstable
   * [22e83d7] New upstream version 1.2.1.
     Fixes CVE-2014-0028, CVE-2014-1447, CVE-2013-6457
     (Closes: #735676)
 libvirt (1.2.1~rc2-1) experimental; urgency=medium
   * [e559e92] libvirt-bin.init: Fix typo in path when checking for systemd
   * [fef0f8f] New upstream version 1.2.1~rc2
   * [caf3c45] Rediff patches
 libvirt (1.2.1~rc1-1) experimental; urgency=medium
   [ Laurent Bigonville ]
   * [f6b0feb] Pass --with-selinux-mount=/sys/fs/selinux to ./configure.
     The buildd are not running selinux and this make the auto-detection code
     defaults to /selinux which is actually not existing anymore in sid.
     This complete the fix for SELinux support.
   [ Guido Günther ]
   * Upload to experimental
   * [20d9129] Enable parallel build support.
     Thanks to Felix Geyer for pointing this out
   * [0d0590e] New upstream version 1.2.1~rc1. Fixes CVE-2013-6458
     (Closes: #734556)
   * [a3f978b] Bump symbol versions
   * [0a6a276] Rediff patches.
     Dropped (fixed upstream):
   * [3061b11] Build with apparmor support.
     Note that this isn't enough to run with apparmor support since the
     profiles will need more work but it makes testing this a lot simpler.
     This is heavily based on a patch by Felix Geyer.
     See: #725144
 libvirt (1.2.0-2) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Guido Günther ]
   * [949fae6] Suggest systemd since it improves thinks like e.g. cgroup
   * [96f9aae] Make mounted cgroups configurable via /etc/default/libvirt-bin
     and check for memory cgroup on kernel command line. (Closes: #732666)
   * [ce356fe] Really remove "memory" from default mount list. Thanks to phep
   [ Laurent Bigonville ]
   * [13052e4] Enable selinux driver (Closes: #688179)
   * [a00df46] Switch LSB dependencies to avahi-daemon since only the later
     exists as native systemd service. (Closes: #731612)
 libvirt (1.2.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Upload to unstable
   * [230609e] Depend on kmod instead of module-init-tools (Closes: #731451)
   * [affb1ce] New upstream version 1.2.0
   * [e9de7b2] Fix crashes in lxcDomain{S,G}etMemoryParameters.
     This fixes CVE-2013-6436
 libvirt (1.2.0~rc2-1) experimental; urgency=low
   * [8bfdc7f] New upstream version 1.2.0~rc2
   * [56d17d0] Bump symbol versions
   * [288778f] Drop atomic-pthread-link-fix.  Fixed upstream.
   * [c8151f5] Rediff patches
   * [dd5ae42] Drop python-libvirt.  Python bindings were split out of
     libvirt's git into libvirt-python.
   * [bafc3d6] Install API files into dev package.  These are needed by the
     python bindings
 e4bacdd2fa8b4bcce9bf6a042c7321832a25ea1e 2490 libvirt_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1.dsc
 674cddb534f3793f4c1f3d0703bc360fda915a33 44664 libvirt_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1.debian.tar.gz
 efb09a12bda07a5a033afb5c5a9a526398d826d8 4883666 libvirt-bin_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 039dec84b0b89dffbc11a510d8d6d6933b13158a 2758246 libvirt0_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 3603e6d42158c82124f941dbcaf31ed501acde29 12737728 libvirt0-dbg_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 157e5658a5e74663fbf87caa0473be7d5c8ad05c 3071660 libvirt-doc_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1_all.deb
 46616eee96497f94fd55e3df503c17b2a46be840 1868558 libvirt-dev_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 9ffaa32677f82e354ef3d3ff53f1e4daf626eb6a 1766764 libvirt-sanlock_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 1e65fbdb806831c517ad0382c9a28f44a348ea8c6a3b882ad32b9422caea828e 2490 libvirt_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1.dsc
 6a4df1a23184e6326c2223241f58685773f6e986e3b1e1ebcd07d94f7a8a2427 44664 libvirt_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1.debian.tar.gz
 8ecfcd8cd8dff5d6812248266c5fa773ea91fefd369cee91cefee1d2106cffef 4883666 libvirt-bin_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 a694a738778d1e48f1aba50cf82703dd6356c468890f238d957216990d6dac02 2758246 libvirt0_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 03f83eb33c197e641f2b616f5815ecfc4b8bef4984d37639935e5abb2ba7763c 12737728 libvirt0-dbg_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 fdf901a5a47b8a119bff20795472d47faa9dd741cd5bec57bfedc567d8ff708b 3071660 libvirt-doc_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1_all.deb
 a6bf17f70657565c89f37ee25fcdf75acba5efc5c89a061616b657ae9c625194 1868558 libvirt-dev_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 74b2b74b0f37ec84c69cf00c5d8d93c5a6325b7ad14e4b34c893bc6249c4e414 1766764 libvirt-sanlock_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 87697efecb430d6edc087b8c13a5b320 2490 libs optional libvirt_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1.dsc
 58007eae4f34f330401c66bc59f456b0 44664 libs optional libvirt_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1.debian.tar.gz
 bdfbc79f52a45096387c11b90165b783 4883666 admin optional libvirt-bin_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 0f0ec1aa0169ab6a716b2ea0a0d03757 2758246 libs optional libvirt0_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 72bc91f935b529c20c1ef799136082c2 12737728 debug extra libvirt0-dbg_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 ab17c4da4f5c9433b9866bd7b06f6375 3071660 doc optional libvirt-doc_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1_all.deb
 40c30bb66846dee9d54c780e991fb133 1868558 libdevel optional libvirt-dev_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 82bf2d08f2e1032952ad7b1ccd9f7ae1 1766764 libs extra libvirt-sanlock_1.2.1-1~bpo70+1_i386.deb

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