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Accepted linux 3.10.5-1~bpo70+1 (all source)

Hash: SHA512

Format: 1.8
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2013 23:05:20 +0200
Source: linux
Binary: linux-source-3.10 linux-doc-3.10 linux-manual-3.10 linux-support-3.10-0.bpo.2 linux-libc-dev linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-alpha linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-common linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-alpha-generic linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-alpha-generic linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-alpha-smp linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-alpha-smp linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-alpha-legacy linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-alpha-legacy linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-amd64 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-amd64 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-amd64 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-amd64-dbg xen-linux-system-3.10-0.bpo.2-amd64 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-common-rt linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-rt-amd64 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-rt-amd64 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-rt-amd64-dbg linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-armel linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-iop32x linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-iop32x linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-ixp4xx linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-ixp4xx linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-kirkwood linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-kirkwood
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-mv78xx0 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-mv78xx0 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-orion5x linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-orion5x linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-versatile linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-versatile linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-armhf linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-armmp linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-armmp linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-mx5 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-mx5 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-omap linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-omap linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-vexpress linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-vexpress linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-hppa linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-parisc linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-parisc linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-parisc-smp linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-parisc-smp linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-parisc64 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-parisc64 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-parisc64-smp linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-parisc64-smp linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-i386 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-486 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-486 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-686-pae
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-686-pae linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-686-pae-dbg xen-linux-system-3.10-0.bpo.2-686-pae linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-rt-686-pae linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-rt-686-pae linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-rt-686-pae-dbg linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-ia64 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-itanium linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-itanium linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-mckinley linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-mckinley linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-m68k linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-m68k linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-m68k linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-mips linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-r4k-ip22 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-r4k-ip22 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-r5k-ip32 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-r5k-ip32 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-sb1-bcm91250a linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-sb1-bcm91250a linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-sb1a-bcm91480b linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-sb1a-bcm91480b linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-4kc-malta linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-4kc-malta linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-5kc-malta linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-5kc-malta
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-octeon linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-octeon linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-mipsel linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-r5k-cobalt linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-r5k-cobalt linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-loongson-2f linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-loongson-2f linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-powerpc linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-powerpc linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-powerpc linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-powerpc-smp linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-powerpc-smp linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-powerpc64 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-powerpc64 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-powerpcspe linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-powerpcspe linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-powerpcspe linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-ppc64 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-s390 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-s390x linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-s390x linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-s390x-dbg linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-s390x linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-sh4 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-sh7751r linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-sh7751r linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-sh7785lcr
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-sh7785lcr linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-sparc linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-sparc64 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-sparc64 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-sparc64-smp linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-sparc64-smp
Architecture: all source
Version: 3.10.5-1~bpo70+1
Distribution: wheezy-backports
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian Kernel Team <debian-kernel@lists.debian.org>
Changed-By: Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk>
Closes: 572537 684186 709647 711998 712062 712740 714128 714295 715413 715822 717183 717269 717383 717590 717681 717689 718270 718505 719002
 linux-doc-3.10 - Linux kernel specific documentation for version 3.10
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-486 - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-486
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-4kc-malta - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-4kc-malta
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-5kc-malta - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-5kc-malta
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-686-pae - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-686-pae
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all - All header files for Linux 3.10 (meta-package)
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-alpha - All header files for Linux 3.10 (meta-package)
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-amd64 - All header files for Linux 3.10 (meta-package)
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-armel - All header files for Linux 3.10 (meta-package)
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-armhf - All header files for Linux 3.10 (meta-package)
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-hppa - All header files for Linux 3.10 (meta-package)
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-i386 - All header files for Linux 3.10 (meta-package)
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-ia64 - All header files for Linux 3.10 (meta-package)
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-m68k - All header files for Linux 3.10 (meta-package)
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-mips - All header files for Linux 3.10 (meta-package)
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-mipsel - All header files for Linux 3.10 (meta-package)
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-powerpc - All header files for Linux 3.10 (meta-package)
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-powerpcspe - All header files for Linux 3.10 (meta-package)
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-ppc64 - All header files for Linux 3.10 (meta-package)
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-s390 - All header files for Linux 3.10 (meta-package)
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-s390x - All header files for Linux 3.10 (meta-package)
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-sh4 - All header files for Linux 3.10 (meta-package)
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-sparc64 - All header files for Linux 3.10 (meta-package)
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-all-sparc - All header files for Linux 3.10 (meta-package)
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-alpha-generic - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-alpha-generic
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-alpha-legacy - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-alpha-legacy
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-alpha-smp - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-alpha-smp
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-amd64 - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-amd64
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-armmp - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-armmp
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-common - Common header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-common-rt - Common header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-rt
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-iop32x - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-iop32x
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-itanium - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-itanium
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-ixp4xx - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-ixp4xx
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-kirkwood - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-kirkwood
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-loongson-2f - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-loongson-2f
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-m68k - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-m68k
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-mckinley - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-mckinley
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-mv78xx0 - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-mv78xx0
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-mx5 - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-mx5
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-octeon - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-octeon
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-omap - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-omap
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-orion5x - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-orion5x
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-parisc64 - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-parisc64
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-parisc64-smp - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-parisc64-smp
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-parisc - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-parisc
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-parisc-smp - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-parisc-smp
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-powerpc64 - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-powerpc64
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-powerpc - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-powerpc
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-powerpc-smp - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-powerpc-smp
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-powerpcspe - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-powerpcspe
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-r4k-ip22 - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-r4k-ip22
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-r5k-cobalt - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-r5k-cobalt
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-r5k-ip32 - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-r5k-ip32
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-rt-686-pae - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-rt-686-pae
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-rt-amd64 - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-rt-amd64
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-s390x - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-s390x
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-sb1a-bcm91480b - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-sb1a-bcm91480b
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-sb1-bcm91250a - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-sb1-bcm91250a
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-sh7751r - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-sh7751r
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-sh7785lcr - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-sh7785lcr
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-sparc64 - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-sparc64
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-sparc64-smp - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-sparc64-smp
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-versatile - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-versatile
 linux-headers-3.10-0.bpo.2-vexpress - Header files for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-vexpress
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-486 - Linux 3.10 for older PCs
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-4kc-malta - Linux 3.10 for MIPS Malta
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-5kc-malta - Linux 3.10 for MIPS Malta (64-bit)
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-686-pae-dbg - Debugging symbols for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-686-pae
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-686-pae - Linux 3.10 for modern PCs
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-alpha-generic - Linux 3.10 for Alpha
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-alpha-legacy - Linux 3.10 for Alpha Legacy
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-alpha-smp - Linux 3.10 for Alpha SMP
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-amd64-dbg - Debugging symbols for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-amd64
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-amd64 - Linux 3.10 for 64-bit PCs
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-armmp - Linux 3.10 for ARMv7 multiplatform compatible SoCs
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-iop32x - Linux 3.10 for IOP32x
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-itanium - Linux 3.10 for Itanium
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-ixp4xx - Linux 3.10 for IXP4xx
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-kirkwood - Linux 3.10 for Marvell Kirkwood
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-loongson-2f - Linux 3.10 for Loongson 2F
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-m68k - Linux 3.10 for Motorola MC68020+ family
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-mckinley - Linux 3.10 for Itanium II
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-mv78xx0 - Linux 3.10 for Marvell 78xx0
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-mx5 - Linux 3.10 for Freescale i.MX51/53
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-octeon - Linux 3.10 for Octeon
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-omap - Linux 3.10 for TI OMAP3+
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-orion5x - Linux 3.10 for Marvell Orion
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-parisc64 - Linux 3.10 for 64-bit PA-RISC
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-parisc64-smp - Linux 3.10 for multiprocessor 64-bit PA-RISC
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-parisc - Linux 3.10 for 32-bit PA-RISC
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-parisc-smp - Linux 3.10 for multiprocessor 32-bit PA-RISC
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-powerpc64 - Linux 3.10 for 64-bit PowerPC
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-powerpc - Linux 3.10 for uniprocessor 32-bit PowerPC
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-powerpc-smp - Linux 3.10 for multiprocessor 32-bit PowerPC
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-powerpcspe - Linux 3.10 for 32-bit PowerPC with SPE (instead of AltiVec) with
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-r4k-ip22 - Linux 3.10 for SGI IP22
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-r5k-cobalt - Linux 3.10 for Cobalt
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-r5k-ip32 - Linux 3.10 for SGI IP32
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-rt-686-pae-dbg - Debugging symbols for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-rt-686-pae
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-rt-686-pae - Linux 3.10 for modern PCs, PREEMPT_RT
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-rt-amd64-dbg - Debugging symbols for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-rt-amd64
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-rt-amd64 - Linux 3.10 for 64-bit PCs, PREEMPT_RT
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-s390x-dbg - Debugging symbols for Linux 3.10-0.bpo.2-s390x
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-s390x - Linux 3.10 for IBM zSeries
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-sb1a-bcm91480b - Linux 3.10 for BCM91480B
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-sb1-bcm91250a - Linux 3.10 for BCM91250A
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-sh7751r - Linux 3.10 for sh7751r
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-sh7785lcr - Linux 3.10 for sh7785lcr
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-sparc64 - Linux 3.10 for uniprocessor 64-bit UltraSPARC
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-sparc64-smp - Linux 3.10 for multiprocessor 64-bit UltraSPARC
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-versatile - Linux 3.10 for Versatile
 linux-image-3.10-0.bpo.2-vexpress - Linux 3.10 for ARM Ltd. Versatile Express
 linux-libc-dev - Linux support headers for userspace development
 linux-manual-3.10 - Linux kernel API manual pages for version 3.10
 linux-source-3.10 - Linux kernel source for version 3.10 with Debian patches
 linux-support-3.10-0.bpo.2 - Support files for Linux 3.10
 xen-linux-system-3.10-0.bpo.2-686-pae - Xen system with Linux 3.10 on modern PCs (meta-package)
 xen-linux-system-3.10-0.bpo.2-amd64 - Xen system with Linux 3.10 on 64-bit PCs (meta-package)
 linux (3.10.5-1~bpo70+1) wheezy-backports; urgency=low
   * Rebuild for wheezy:
     - Disable building of udebs
     - Change ABI number to 0.bpo.2
 linux (3.10.5-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream stable update:
     - ipv6,mcast: always hold idev->lock before mca_lock
     - ipv6: call udp_push_pending_frames when uncorking a socket with AF_INET
       pending data (CVE-2013-4162)
     - ipv6: ip6_append_data_mtu did not care about pmtudisc and frag_size
     - sunvnet: vnet_port_remove must call unregister_netdev
     - ipv6: only static routes qualify for equal cost multipathing
     - atl1e: fix dma mapping warnings
     - atl1e: unmap partially mapped skb on dma error and free skb
     - vlan: mask vlan prio bits
     - vlan: fix a race in egress prio management
     - fuse: readdirplus: fix dentry leak
     - fuse: readdirplus: fix instantiate
     - fuse: readdirplus: sanity checks
     - bcache: Fix a dumb race
     - bcache: Advertise that flushes are supported
     - bcache: Shutdown fix (possibly fixes #715019)
     - bcache: Fix a sysfs splat on shutdown
     - bcache: Journal replay fix
     - ext4: fix error handling in ext4_ext_truncate()
     - media: saa7134: Fix unlocked snd_pcm_stop() call
     - media: dmxdev: remove dvb_ringbuffer_flush() on writer side
     - lockd: protect nlm_blocked access in nlmsvc_retry_blocked
     - mm: fix the TLB range flushed when __tlb_remove_page() runs out of slots
     - iscsi-target: Fix tfc_tpg_nacl_auth_cit configfs length overflow
     - iser-target: Fix session reset bug with RDMA_CM_EVENT_DISCONNECTED
     - iscsi-target: Fix ISCSI_OP_SCSI_TMFUNC handling for iser
     - firewire: fix libdc1394/FlyCap2 iso event regression
     - SCSI: sd: fix crash when UA received on DIF enabled device
     - tracing: Remove locking trace_types_lock from
     - usb: host: xhci: Enable XHCI_SPURIOUS_SUCCESS for all controllers with
       xhci 1.0
     - xhci: fix null pointer dereference on ring_doorbell_for_active_rings
     - xhci: Avoid NULL pointer deref when host dies.
     - staging: comedi: fix a race between do_cmd_ioctl() and read/write
     - Btrfs: fix wrong write offset when replacing a device
     - Btrfs: fix lock leak when resuming snapshot deletion
     - Btrfs: re-add root to dead root list if we stop dropping it
     - xen-netfront: pull on receive skb may need to happen earlier
     - md: Remove recent change which allows devices to skip recovery.
     - md/raid1: fix bio handling problems in process_checks()
     - md/raid5: fix interaction of 'replace' and 'recovery'.
     - md/raid10: remove use-after-free bug.
     - svcrdma: underflow issue in decode_write_list()
     - nfsd: nfsd_open: when dentry_open returns an error do not propagate as
       struct file
     - ACPI / scan: Do not try to attach scan handlers to devices having them
     - drm/radeon: fix endian issues with DP handling (v3)
     - drm/radeon: fix combios tables on older cards
     - drm/i915: fix up ring cleanup for the i830/i845 CS tlb w/a
     - drm/i915: Fix write-read race with multiple rings
     - Partially revert "drm/i915: unconditionally use mt forcewake on hsw/ivb"
     - drm/i915: Fix incoherence with fence updates on Sandybridge+
     - drm/i915: fix long-standing SNB regression in power consumption after resume v2
     - drm/i915: Fix dereferencing invalid connectors in is_crtc_connector_off()
     - drm/i915: correctly restore fences with objects attached
     - drm/i915: Serialize almost all register access
     - drm/radeon/atom: initialize more atom interpretor elements to 0
     - mm: mempolicy: fix mbind_range() && vma_adjust() interaction
     - tty_port: Fix refcounting leak in tty_port_tty_hangup()
     - vfs: livelock avoidance in sget()
     - iscsi-target: Fix iscsit_add_reject* usage for iser
     - drm/i915: Correct obj->mm_list link to
   [ Ben Hutchings ]
   * [hppa] udeb: Add core-modules package (Closes: #718270)
   * nl80211: fix another nl80211_fam.attrbuf race
   * Bump ABI to 2
   * ext4: fix retry handling in ext4_ext_truncate()
   * atl1c: Fix misuse of netdev_alloc_skb in refilling rx ring
     (Closes: #718505)
   * [rt] genpatch.py: Accept missing series-rt
   * [rt] Update to 3.10.4-rt1 and reenable
   * [rt] genpatch.py: Fix parsing of upstream patches with no header
   * aufs: Update to aufs3.10-20130805
   * [rt] md: Disable BCACHE, as it fails to build
   * SCSI: Don't attempt to send extended INQUIRY command if skip_vpd_pages is
     set (Closes: #719002)
 linux (3.10.3-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream stable update:
     - CIFS: Fix a deadlock when a file is reopened
     - jbd2: move superblock checksum calculation to jbd2_write_superblock()
     - jbd2: fix theoretical race in jbd2__journal_restart
     - ext4: fix corruption when online resizing a fs with 1K block size
     - ext3,ext4: don't mess with dir_file->f_pos in htree_dirblock_to_tree()
     - ext4: check error return from ext4_write_inline_data_end()
     - xhci: check for failed dma pool allocation
     - [x86] drivers: hv: switch to use mb() instead of smp_mb()
     - cgroup: fix umount vs cgroup_event_remove() race
     - cgroup: fix RCU accesses to task->cgroups
     - [hppa] Fix gcc miscompilation in pa_memcpy()
     - [hppa] Ensure volatile space register %sr1 is not clobbered
     - genirq: Fix can_request_irq() for IRQs without an action
       (Closes: #709647)
     - [x86] ACPI: Fix HP Folio 13 EC register access (Closes: #684186)
       + ACPI: Add CMOS RTC Operation Region handler support
       + ACPI / EC: Add HP Folio 13 to ec_dmi_table in order to skip DSDT scan
     - ocfs2: xattr: fix inlined xattr reflink
     - iwlwifi: pcie: fix race in queue unmapping
     - Btrfs: fix estale with btrfs send
     - Btrfs: hold the tree mod lock in __tree_mod_log_rewind
     - Btrfs: only do the tree_mod_log_free_eb if this is our last ref
     - ext4: fix data offset overflow on 32-bit archs in
     - ext4: fix overflows in SEEK_HOLE, SEEK_DATA implementations
     - ext4: fix data offset overflow in ext4_xattr_fiemap() on 32-bit archs
     - ext4: fix overflow when counting used blocks on 32-bit architectures
     - ext4: fix ext4_get_group_number()
     - ext4: don't allow ext4_free_blocks() to fail due to ENOMEM
     - [arm] 7767/1: let the ASID allocator handle suspended animation
     - [arm] 7768/1: prevent risks of out-of-bound access in ASID allocator
     - [arm] 7769/1: Cortex-A15: fix erratum 798181 implementation
     - [arm] 7778/1: smp_twd: twd_update_frequency need be run on all online CPUs
     - [armhf] dts: imx: cpus/cpu nodes dts updates
     - [armhf] drivers/dma/pl330.c: fix locking in pl330_free_chan_resources()
     - memcg, kmem: fix reference count handling on the error path
   * New upstream stable update:
     - cpufreq: Revert commit a66b2e to fix suspend/resume regression
     - iio: Fix iio_channel_has_info
     - iio: inkern: fix iio_convert_raw_to_processed_unlocked
     - ALSA: seq-oss: Initialize MIDI clients asynchronously
     - ALSA: Fix unlocked snd_pcm_stop() calls in various drivers
     - libata-zpodd: Use ata_tf_init() to select the right device
     - md/raid10: fix bug which causes all RAID10 reshapes to move no data.
     - md/raid10: fix two bugs affecting RAID10 reshape.
     - md/raid10: fix two problems with RAID10 resync. (Closes: #717681)
     - mac80211: close AP_VLAN interfaces before unregistering all
     - svcrpc: fix failures to handle -1 uid's
     - svcrpc: fix handling of too-short rpc's
     - drm/i915: Fix context sizes on HSW
     - drm/i915: Only clear write-domains after a successful wait-seqno
     - drm/gem: fix not to assign error value to gem name
     - drm/nv50-/disp: Use output specific mask in interrupt (Closes: #717590)
     - iommu/amd: Only unmap large pages from the first pte
     - MIPS: Octeon: Don't clobber bootloader data structures.
     - perf: Clone child context from parent context pmu
     - perf: Remove WARN_ON_ONCE() check in __perf_event_enable() for valid
     - perf: Fix perf_lock_task_context() vs RCU
     - tracing: Protect ftrace_trace_arrays list in trace_events.c
     - tracing: Fix race between deleting buffer and setting events
   [ Arnaud Patard ]
   * udeb: add ehci-pci to usb-modules
   [ Ben Hutchings ]
   * udeb: Add snd-cmi8328 and snd-scs1x to sound-modules, thanks to
     Samuel Thibault (Closes: #717183)
   * be2net: Fix to avoid hardware workaround when not needed
   * iwlwifi: Update 3160 and 7260 support to work with production firmware
   * rtlwifi: rtl8723ae: Fix typo in firmware names
   * [x86] Change INTEL_MEI_ME back to a module (Closes: #717383)
   * [armhf/armmp] Enable NET_CALXEDA_XGMAC as module (Closes: #717269)
   * linux-source: Switch compression of tarball and patch to xz.  Disable
     compression of package (but use gzip, to keep old tools happy).
   * linux-source: Install kernel config files for linux-image packages in
     /usr/src/linux-config-$UPSTREAMVERSION directory
   * ata: Disable SATA_INIC162X - this driver corrupts data and is not
     expected to be fixed (Closes: #714295)
   * writeback: Fix periodic writeback after fs mount
   * sfc: Fix memory leak when discarding scattered packets
   * neighbour: fix a race in neigh_destroy()
   * virtio: support unlocked queue poll
   * virtio_net: fix race in RX VQ processing
   * vhost-net: fix use-after-free in vhost_net_flush
   * tuntap: correctly linearize skb when zerocopy is used
   * macvtap: correctly linearize skb when zerocopy is used
   * ipv6: in case of link failure remove route directly instead of
     letting it expire
   * 9p: fix off by one causing access violations and memory corruption
   [ Thorsten Glaser ]
   * Update m68k configs (Closes: #717689):
     - disable some functionality due to size constraints
     - switch to using initrd
     - drop all flavours; build a generic image that runs on
       multiple subarchitectores (old Amiga, Atari, Macintosh tested;
       old BVME6000, MVME147, MVME16x, new Apollo, Q40/Q60 untested)
     - use gcc-4.8
     - add patch to make Atari EtherNAT actually selectable
   * nfs: Enable swap on NFS
   * fs/nls: Enable Macintosh HFS+ codepage modules
   * debian/control: Fix Vcs-Svn: use anonscm.debian.org
 linux (3.10.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream release: http://kernelnewbies.org/Linux_3.10
     - netfilter: nf_nat_sip: fix mangling (Closes: #715822)
     - drm/i915: Add HPD IRQ storm detection (Closes: #572537)
     - ipv6: ip6_sk_dst_check() must not assume ipv6 dst (CVE-2013-2232)
     - af_key: fix info leaks in notify messages (CVE-2013-2234)
   * New upstream stable update:
     - libceph: Fix NULL pointer dereference in auth client code (CVE-2013-1059)
     - ceph: fix sleeping function called from invalid context.
     - libceph: fix invalid unsigned->signed conversion for timespec encoding
     - module: do percpu allocation after uniqueness check. No, really!
     - charger-manager: Ensure event is not used as format string
     - hpfs: better test for errors
     - crypto: sanitize argument for format string
     - MAINTAINERS: add stable_kernel_rules.txt to stable maintainer information
     - futex: Take hugepages into account when generating futex_key
     - tty: Reset itty for other pty
     - Revert "serial: 8250_pci: add support for another kind of NetMos
       Technology PCI 9835 Multi-I/O Controller"
     - NFSv4.1 end back channel session draining
     - nfsd4: fix decoding of compounds across page boundaries
     - KVM: VMX: mark unusable segment as nonpresent
     - SCSI: sd: Fix parsing of 'temporary ' cache mode prefix
     - cpufreq: Fix cpufreq regression after suspend/resume
     - Revert "memcg: avoid dangling reference count in creation failure"
   [ Ben Hutchings ]
   * cassini: Make missing firmware non-fatal (Closes: #714128)
   * debian/patches: Add DEP-3 headers (From/Author, Subject/Description,
     Forwarded/Origin) to all patches
   * aufs: Add DEP-3 headers to generated/copied patches
   * [rt] genpatch.py: Work with upstream patch series as well as git
     - Fold convert-series into genpatch.py
   * [rt] genpatch.py: Add Origin header to all patches
   * debian/bin/check-patches.sh: Report missing DEP-3 headers
   * alx: Use upstream minimal driver
     - Update to 3.11-rc1
   * [x86] efivars: Reenable 'paranoid' size check by default, as it should
     no longer have false positives
   * debian/patches: Reorder and group patches in series
   * debian/rules.real: Remove support for pre-multiarch dpkg
   * Update policy version to 3.9.4
     - debian/control: Put xen-linux-system-* in the 'metapackages' section
   * linux-source: Add bc to recommended packages (Closes: #715413)
   * udeb: Add ath6kl_usb and mwifiex_usb to nic-wireless-modules
   * udeb: Add pm80xx (previously pm8001) to scsi-extra-modules
   * udeb: Add virtio_scsi to virtio-modules
   * Set ABI to 1
   * xen/blkback: Check device permissions before allowing OP_DISCARD
   * udeb: Remove obsolete and unsupported drivers and filesystems
     - Remove ppa from scsi-modules
     - Remove floppy-modules, irda-modules, parport-modules, plip-modules,
       qnx4-modules, reiserfs-modules, ufs-modules
   * [x86] efivars: Re-enable pstore support by default.  It can be disabled
     by setting module parameter pstore_disable=Y.
 linux (3.10~rc7-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=low
   * New upstream release candidate
   [ Ben Hutchings ]
   * [armhf/armmp] Add EMAC ethernet driver found on Allwinner A10 SoCs,
     thanks to Niall Walsh (Closes: #711998)
     - Add MDIO bus driver for the Allwinner EMAC
     - Add EMAC controller node to sun4i DTSI
     - cubieboard: Enable ethernet (EMAC) support in dts
     - Add EMAC Controller to Hackberry dt
   * [x86] cpufreq: Enable X86_INTEL_PSTATE (Closes: #712062)
   * debian/control: Add Homepage field
   * debian/watch: Add watch file and update script
   * misc/bmp085: Enable building as a module
   * misc: Enable BMP085_I2C as module
   * team: Enable NET_TEAM_MODE_RANDOM as module
   * 8021q: Enable VLAN_8021Q_MVRP
   * batman: Enable BATMAN_ADV_NC
   * netlink: Enable NETLINK_MMAP, NETLINK_DIAG [!armel/{iop32x,ixp4xx,orion5x}]
   * sctp: Enable SCTP_COOKIE_HMAC_SHA1
   * tipc: Enable TIPC_MEDIA_IB
   * [x86] cpufreq: Enable X86_AMD_FREQ_SENSITIVITY as module
   * [x86] i2c: Enable I2C_ISMT, I2C_DESIGNWARE_PCI as modules
   * [x86] mouse: Enable MOUSE_CYAPA as modules
   * [armel/{iop32x,ixp4xx,orion5x}] Disable features to reduce kernel size
     - Disable KSM, YAMA
     - [armel/orion5x] Disable FTRACE
 linux (3.10~rc5-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=low
   * New upstream release candidate
   [ Ben Hutchings ]
   * [x86] Enable HYPERVISOR_GUEST
   * udeb: Clean up configuration:
     - Move i2c-algo-bit to i2c-modules
     - Remove redundant control file overrides
     - [s390] Use symlinks to follow s390x configuration
     - [sparc64] Use symlinks to follow sparc configuration
     - Only list the 'new' firewire modules in firewire-core-modules
     - Remove obsolete eth1394 and firewire-core-modules dependency from
     - Move ide-modules and ide-core-modules into ia64 configuration
     - [powerpc,x86] Fold nic-extra-modules into nic-modules
   * iwlegacy: Use consistent condition for il_pm_ops (fixes FTBFS on ia64)
 linux (3.10~rc4-1~exp1) experimental; urgency=low
   * New upstream release candidate
   [ Ben Hutchings ]
   * aufs: Update to aufs3.x-rcN-20130520
   * alx: Update VLAN tag handling for 3.10
   * md: Enable BCACHE as module
   * net/usb: Enable USB_RTL8152 as module
     - udeb: Add r8152 to nic-usb-modules
   * rt2800usb: Enable RT2800USB_RT55XX
   * net/wireless: Enable RTL8188EE
     - udeb: Add rtl8188ee to nic-wireless-modules
   * linux-image: Restore package date (in ISO format) to utsname version
     string ('uname -v' output)
 linux (3.9.8-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream stable update:
     - b43: stop format string leaking into error msgs (CVE-2013-2852)
     - ACPI / video: Do not bind to device objects with a scan handler
     - libceph: must hold mutex for reset_changed_osds()
     - ceph: ceph_pagelist_append might sleep while atomic
     - rbd: don't destroy ceph_opts in rbd_add()
     - Bluetooth: Fix missing length checks for L2CAP signalling PDUs
     - kmsg: honor dmesg_restrict sysctl on /dev/kmsg
     - memcg: don't initialize kmem-cache destroying work for root caches
     - md/raid1: consider WRITE as successful only if at least one non-Faulty
       and non-rebuilding drive completed it.
     - md/raid1,5,10: Disable WRITE SAME until a recovery strategy is in place
     - [x86] Modify UEFI anti-bricking code
     - powerpc: Fix stack overflow crash in resume_kernel when ftracing
     - USB: pl2303: fix device initialisation at open
     - USB: f81232: fix device initialisation at open
     - USB: spcp8x5: fix device initialisation at open
   * New upstream stable update:
     - ARM: 7752/1: errata: LoUIS bit field in CLIDR register is incorrect
     - clk: remove notifier from list before freeing it
     - [hppa] make interrupt and interruption stack allocation reentrant
     - ACPI / dock: Take ACPI scan lock in write_undock()
     - net: fec: fix kernel oops when plug/unplug cable many times
     - tcp: fix tcp_md5_hash_skb_data()
     - net/802/mrp: fix lockdep splat
     - ipv6: fix possible crashes in ip6_cork_release()
     - r8169: fix offloaded tx checksum for small packets.
     - xfrm: properly handle invalid states as an error
     - ip_tunnel: fix kernel panic with icmp_dest_unreach
     - net: Block MSG_CMSG_COMPAT in send(m)msg and recv(m)msg
     - net: force a reload of first item in hlist_nulls_for_each_entry_rcu
     - vhost_net: clear msg.control for non-zerocopy case during tx
     - net: sctp: fix NULL pointer dereference in socket destruction
     - team: check return value of team_get_port_by_index_rcu() for NULL
     - team: move add to port list before port enablement
     - l2tp: Fix PPP header erasure and memory leak
     - sctp: fully initialize sctp_outq in sctp_outq_init
     - macvtap: set transport header before passing skb to lower device
     - tuntap: set transport header before passing it to kernel
     - packet: set transport header before doing xmit
     - netback: set transport header before passing it to kernel
     - net_sched: better precise estimation on packet length for untrusted
     - firmware loader: fix use-after-free by double abort
     - target/iscsi: don't corrupt bh_count in iscsit_stop_time2retain_timer()
     - rbd: use the correct length for format 2 object names
     - perf: Fix perf mmap bugs
     - perf: Fix mmap() accounting hole
   [ Ben Hutchings ]
   * yama: Disable ptrace restrictions by default, and change boot message
     to indicate this (Closes: #712740)
   * fanotify: info leak in copy_event_to_user() (CVE-2013-2148)
   * drivers/cdrom/cdrom.c: use kzalloc() for failing hardware (CVE-2013-2164)
   * block: do not pass disk names as format strings (CVE-2013-2851)
 7a8af097eb5840df090f971dd6e8e16a5fc057cf 13326 linux_3.10.5-1~bpo70+1.dsc
 b2d195a6a9166b7bf74050214a6f9df97533b8d3 721840 linux_3.10.5-1~bpo70+1.debian.tar.xz
 3d29c7d4dd835b97bcf087739a0f3750ecaa698e 230890 linux-support-3.10-0.bpo.2_3.10.5-1~bpo70+1_all.deb
 d8c99e8352421537d65e76ae2148b1dc50fd4101 7292616 linux-doc-3.10_3.10.5-1~bpo70+1_all.deb
 e0c601a37eb25761df7e8e4c634675e523d44ba0 3194626 linux-manual-3.10_3.10.5-1~bpo70+1_all.deb
 81cc39ebed2394dabfee01847e47a69b23a1bc1d 75635078 linux-source-3.10_3.10.5-1~bpo70+1_all.deb
 741633e904922b45ec85fdac8613974c64cd6ee8807357f28036a2cfd9e57e9d 13326 linux_3.10.5-1~bpo70+1.dsc
 4f98397d00acf8a2195bbd6ee55cd05185adc5d5d4feb714f2be10dec22dd08f 721840 linux_3.10.5-1~bpo70+1.debian.tar.xz
 62275387afa49d4111b6f7cdd94366eb708e13a834a84cc1c76ae2939568305e 230890 linux-support-3.10-0.bpo.2_3.10.5-1~bpo70+1_all.deb
 54596978de33ee7985772097985fc0a1ae55887b5cbb9d5389e753d4c1a06fbd 7292616 linux-doc-3.10_3.10.5-1~bpo70+1_all.deb
 d69e618adb4c6de715c218cd83efc657425b7629dcf2f34084221b2d9003f85c 3194626 linux-manual-3.10_3.10.5-1~bpo70+1_all.deb
 9d352dd8f2957e0fb7e088c8b3b578e3dc8ac746b9a7619a12fdb25447255800 75635078 linux-source-3.10_3.10.5-1~bpo70+1_all.deb
 b9f22a26a1873cf36796220d6df75ec4 13326 kernel optional linux_3.10.5-1~bpo70+1.dsc
 306405a4a9739d3e49813751c3b5d9aa 721840 kernel optional linux_3.10.5-1~bpo70+1.debian.tar.xz
 a48f81d5edd7357e3fddf4b59a9a74a4 230890 devel optional linux-support-3.10-0.bpo.2_3.10.5-1~bpo70+1_all.deb
 4deb7f33ad05e1aca63030a0622ea0fa 7292616 doc optional linux-doc-3.10_3.10.5-1~bpo70+1_all.deb
 c33718de12e833322fcff8a1c093df46 3194626 doc optional linux-manual-3.10_3.10.5-1~bpo70+1_all.deb
 578241833343c37daba604f0820cae38 75635078 kernel optional linux-source-3.10_3.10.5-1~bpo70+1_all.deb

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