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Accepted git-annex 4.20130802~bpo70+1 (source i386)

Hash: SHA256

Format: 1.8
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2013 11:35:16 -0400
Source: git-annex
Binary: git-annex
Architecture: source i386
Version: 4.20130802~bpo70+1
Distribution: wheezy-backports
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>
Changed-By: Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>
 git-annex  - manage files with git, without checking their contents into git
Closes: 680450 682351 684405 688833 689052 689847 689848 689852 689979 690193 691341 695532 696193 696384 698184 698399 700282 703797 704205 708619 712060 717456 717652 718185 718186 718339
 git-annex (4.20130802~bpo70+1) wheezy-backports; urgency=low
   * Wheezy backport: Fix build dependency on libghc-network-protocol-xmpp-dev
     (allow the version in wheezy to be used, despite it being a bit buggy).
   * dropunused behavior change: Now refuses to drop the last copy of a
     file, unless you use the --force.
     This was the last place in git-annex that could remove data referred
     to by the git history, without being forced.
     Like drop, dropunused checks remotes, and honors the global
     annex.numcopies setting. (However, .gitattributes settings cannot
     apply to unused files.)
   * Fix inverted logic in last release's fix for data loss bug,
     that caused git-annex sync on FAT or other crippled filesystems to add
     symlink standin files to the annex.
   * importfeed can be used to import files from podcast feeds.
   * webapp: When setting up a dedicated ssh key to access the annex
     on a host, set IdentitiesOnly to prevent the ssh-agent from forcing
     use of a different ssh key. That could result in unncessary password
     prompts, or prevent git-annex-shell from being run on the remote host.
   * webapp: Improve handling of remotes whose setup has stalled.
   * Add status message to XMPP presence tag, to identify to others that
     the client is a git-annex client. Closes: #717652
   * webapp: When creating a repository on a removable drive, set
     core.fsyncobjectfiles, to help prevent data loss when the drive is yanked.
   * Always build with -threaded, to avoid a deadlock when communicating with
   * unused: No longer shows as unused tmp files that are actively being
   * assistant: Fix NetWatcher to not sync with remotes that have
     remote.<name>.annex-sync set to false.
   * assistant: Fix deadlock that could occur when adding a lot of files
     at once in indirect mode.
   * assistant: Fix bug that caused it to stall when adding a very large
     number of files at once (around 5 thousand).
   * OSX: Make git-annex-webapp run in the background, so that the app icon
     can be clicked on the open a new webapp when the assistant is already
   * Improve test suite on Windows; now tests git annex sync.
   * Fix a few bugs involving filenames that are at or near the filesystem's
     maximum filename length limit.
   * find: Avoid polluting stdout with progress messages. Closes: #718186
   * Escape ':' in file/directory names to avoid it being treated
     as a pathspec by some git commands. Closes: #718185
   * Slow and ugly work around for bug #718517 in git 1.8.4~rc0, which broke
     git-cat-file --batch for filenames containing spaces.
     (Will be reverted after next git pre-release fixes the problem.)
 git-annex (4.20130723) unstable; urgency=low
   * Fix data loss bug when adding an (uncompressed) tarball of a
     git-annex repository, or other file that begins with something
     that can be mistaken for a git-annex link. Closes: #717456
   * New improved version of the git-annex logo, contributed by
     John Lawrence.
   * Rsync.net have committed to support git-annex and offer a special
     discounted rate for git-annex users. Updated the webapp to reflect this.
   * Install XDG desktop icon files.
   * Support unannex and uninit in direct mode.
   * Support import in direct mode.
   * webapp: Better display of added files.
   * fix: Preserve the original mtime of fixed symlinks.
   * uninit: Preserve .git/annex/objects at the end, if it still
     has content, so that old versions of files and deleted files
     are not deleted. Print a message with some suggested actions.
   * When a transfer is already being run by another process,
     proceed on to the next file, rather than dying.
   * Fix checking when content is present in a non-bare repository
     accessed via http.
   * Display byte sizes with more precision.
   * watcher: Fixed a crash that could occur when a directory was renamed
     or deleted before it could be scanned.
   * watcher: Partially worked around a bug in hinotify, no longer crashes
     if hinotify cannot process a directory (but can't detect changes in it)
   * directory special remote: Fix checking that there is enough disk space
     to hold an object, was broken when using encryption.
   * webapp: Differentiate between creating a new S3/Glacier/WebDav remote,
     and initializing an existing remote. When creating a new remote, avoid
     conflicts with other existing (or deleted) remotes with the same name.
   * When an XMPP server has SRV records, try them, but don't then fall
     back to the regular host if they all fail.
   * For long hostnames, use a hash of the hostname to generate the socket
     file for ssh connection caching.
 git-annex (4.20130709) unstable; urgency=low
   * --all: New switch that makes git-annex operate on all data stored
     in the git annex, including old versions of files. Supported by
     fsck, get, move, copy.
   * --unused: New switch that makes git-annex operate on all data found
     by the last run of git annex unused. Supported by fsck, move, copy.
   * get, move, copy: Can now be run in a bare repository,
     like fsck already could. --all is enabled automatically in this case.
   * merge: Now also merges synced/master or similar branches, which
     makes it useful to put in a post-receive hook to make a repository
     automatically update its working copy when git annex sync or the assistant
     sync with it.
   * webapp: Fix ssh setup with nonstandard port, broken in last release.
   * init: Detect systems on which git commit fails due to not being able to
     determine the FQDN, and put in a workaround so committing to the git-annex
     branch works.
   * addurl --pathdepth: Fix failure when the pathdepth specified is deeper
     than the urls's path.
   * Windows: Look for .exe extension when searching for a command in path.
   * Pass -f to curl when downloading a file with it, so it propigates failure.
   * Windows: Fix url to object when using a http remote.
   * webapp: Fix authorized_keys line added when setting up a rsync remote
     on a server that also supports git-annex, to not force running
   * OSX Mountain Lion: Fixed gpg bundled in dmg to not fail due to a missing
   * Android: gpg is built without --enable-minimal, so it interoperates
     better with other gpg builds that may default to using other algorithms
     for encryption.
   * dropunused, addunused: Complain when asked to operate on a number that
     does not correspond to any unused key.
   * fsck: Don't claim to fix direct mode when run on a symlink whose content
     is not present.
   * Make --numcopies override annex.numcopies set in .gitattributes.
 git-annex (4.20130627) unstable; urgency=low
   * assistant --autostart: Automatically ionices the daemons it starts.
   * assistant: Daily sanity check thread is run niced.
   * bup: Handle /~/ in bup remote paths.
     Thanks, Oliver Matthews
   * fsck: Ensures that direct mode is used for files when it's enabled.
   * webapp: Fix bug when setting up a remote ssh repo repeatedly on the same
   * webapp: Ensure that ssh keys generated for different directories
     on a server are always different.
   * webapp: Fix bug setting up ssh repo if the user enters "~/" at the start
     of the path.
   * assistant: Fix bug that prevented adding files written by gnucash,
     and more generally support adding hard links to files. However,
     other operations on hard links are still unsupported.
   * webapp: Fix bug that caused the webapp to hang when built with yesod 1.2.
 git-annex (4.20130621) unstable; urgency=low
   * Supports indirect mode on encfs in paranoia mode, and other
     filesystems that do not support hard links, but do support
     symlinks and other POSIX filesystem features.
   * Android: Add .thumbnails to .gitignore when setting up a camera
   * Android: Make the "Open webapp" menu item open the just created
     repository when a new repo is made.
   * webapp: When the user switches to display a different repository,
     that repository becomes the default repository to be displayed next time
     the webapp gets started.
   * glacier: Better handling of the glacier inventory, which avoids
     duplicate uploads to the same glacier repository by `git annex copy`.
   * Direct mode: No longer temporarily remove write permission bit of files
     when adding them.
   * sync: Better support for bare git remotes. Now pushes directly to the
     master branch on such a remote, instead of to synced/master. This
     makes it easier to clone from a bare git remote that has been populated
     with git annex sync or by the assistant.
   * Android: Fix use of cp command to not try to use features present
     only on build system.
   * Windows: Fix hang when adding several files at once.
   * assistant: In direct mode, objects are now only dropped when all
     associated files are unwanted. This avoids a repreated drop/get loop
     of a file that has a copy in an archive directory, and a copy not in an
     archive directory. (Indirect mode still has some buggy behavior in this
     area, since it does not keep track of associated files.)
     Closes: #712060
   * status: No longer shows dead repositories.
   * annex.debug can now be set to enable debug logging by default.
     The webapp's debugging check box does this.
   * fsck: Avoid getting confused by Windows path separators
   * Windows: Multiple bug fixes, including fixing the data written to the
     git-annex branch.
   * Windows: The test suite now passes on Windows (a few broken parts are
   * assistant: On Linux, the expensive transfer scan is run niced.
   * Enable assistant and WebDAV support on powerpc and sparc architectures,
     which now have the necessary dependencies built.
 git-annex (4.20130601) unstable; urgency=medium
   * XMPP: Git push over xmpp made much more robust.
   * XMPP: Avoid redundant and unncessary pushes. Note that this breaks
     compatibility with previous versions of git-annex, which will refuse
     to accept any XMPP pushes from this version.
   * XMPP: Send pings and use them to detect when contact with the server
     is lost.
   * hook special remote: Added combined hook program support.
   * Android app: Avoid using hard links to app's lib directory, which
     is sometimes on a different filesystem than the data directory.
   * Fix bug in parsing of parens in some preferred content expressions.
     This fixes the behavior of the manual mode group.
   * assistant: Work around git-cat-file's not reloading the index after files
     are staged.
   * Improve error handling when getting uuid of http remotes to auto-ignore,
     like with ssh remotes.
   * content: New command line way to view and configure a repository's
     preferred content settings.
   * sync: Fix double merge conflict resolution handling.
   * XMPP: Fix a file descriptor leak.
   * Android: Added an "Open WebApp" item to the terminal's menu.
   * Android: Work around Android devices where the `am` command doesn't work.
   * Can now restart certain long-running git processes if they crash, and
     continue working.
 git-annex (4.20130521~bpo70+1) wheezy-backports; urgency=low
   * Wheezy backport. Note that WebDAV is disabled in this backport.
     Closes: #718339
   * Sanitize debian changelog version before putting it into cabal file.
     Closes: #708619
   * Switch to MonadCatchIO-transformers for better handling of state while
     catching exceptions.
   * Fix a zombie that could result when running a process like gpg to
     read and write to it.
   * Allow building with gpg2.
   * Disable building with the haskell threaded runtime when the webapp
     is not built. This may fix builds on mips, s390x and sparc, which are
     failing to link -lHSrts_thr
   * Temporarily build without webapp on kfreebsd-i386, until yesod is
     installable there again.
   * Direct mode bug fix: After a conflicted merge was automatically resolved,
     the content of a file that was already present could incorrectly
     be replaced with a symlink.
   * Fix a bug in the git-annex branch handling code that could
     cause info from a remote to not be merged and take effect immediately.
   * Direct mode is now fully tested by the test suite.
   * Detect bad content in ~/.config/git-annex/program and look in PATH instead.
   * OSX: Fixed gpg included in dmg.
   * Linux standalone: Back to being built with glibc 2.13 for maximum
 git-annex (4.20130516) unstable; urgency=low
   * Android: The webapp is ported and working.
   * Windows: There is a very rough Windows port. Do not trust it with
     important data.
   * git-annex-shell: Ensure that received files can be read. Files
     transferred from some Android devices may have very broken permissions
     as received.
   * direct mode: Direct mode commands now work on files staged in the index,
     they do not need to be committed to git.
   * Temporarily add an upper bound to the version of yesod that can be built
     with, since yesod 1.2 has a great many changes that will require extensive
     work on the webapp.
   * Disable building with the haskell threaded runtime when the assistant
     is not built. This may fix builds on s390x and sparc, which are failing
     to link -lHSrts_thr
   * Avoid depending on regex-tdfa on mips, mipsel, and s390, where it fails
     to build.
   * direct: Fix a bug that could cause some files to be left in indirect mode.
   * When initializing a directory special remote with a relative path,
     the path is made absolute.
   * SHA: Add a runtime sanity check that sha commands output something
     that appears to be a real sha.
   * configure: Better checking that sha commands output in the desired format.
   * rsync special remotes: When sending from a crippled filesystem, use
     the destination's default file permissions, as the local ones can
     be arbitrarily broken. (Ie, ----rwxr-x for files on Android)
   * migrate: Detect if a file gets corrupted while it's being migrated.
   * Debian: Add a menu file.
 git-annex (4.20130501) unstable; urgency=low
   * sync, assistant: Behavior changes: Sync with remotes that have
     annex-ignore set, so that git remotes on servers without git-annex
     installed can be used to keep clients' git repos in sync.
   * assistant: Work around misfeature in git 1.8.2 that makes
     `git commit --alow-empty -m ""` run an editor.
   * sync: Bug fix, avoid adding to the annex the
     dummy symlinks used on crippled filesystems.
   * Add public repository group.
     (And inpreferreddir to preferred content expressions.)
   * webapp: Can now set up Internet Archive repositories.
   * S3: Dropping content from the Internet Archive doesn't work, but
     their API indicates it does. Always refuse to drop from there.
   * Automatically register public urls for files uploaded to the
     Internet Archive.
   * To enable an existing special remote, the new enableremote command
     must be used. The initremote command now is used only to create
     new special remotes.
   * initremote: If two existing remotes have the same name,
     prefer the one with a higher trust level.
   * assistant: Improved XMPP protocol to better support multiple repositories
     using the same XMPP account. Fixes bad behavior when sharing with a friend
     when you or the friend have multiple reposotories on an XMPP account.
     Note that XMPP pairing with your own devices still pairs with all
     repositories using your XMPP account.
   * assistant: Fix bug that could cause incoming pushes to not get
     merged into the local tree. Particularly affected XMPP pushes.
   * webapp: Display some additional information about a repository on
     its edit page.
   * webapp: Install FDO desktop menu file when started in standalone mode.
   * webapp: Don't default to making repository in cwd when started
     from within a directory containing a git-annex file (eg, standalone
     tarball directory).
   * Detect systems that have no user name set in GECOS, and also
     don't have user.name set in git config, and put in a workaround
     so that commits to the git-annex branch (and the assistant)
     will still succeed despite git not liking the system configuration.
   * webapp: When told to add a git repository on a remote server, and
     the repository already exists as a non-bare repository, use it,
     rather than initializing a bare repository in the same directory.
   * direct, indirect: Refuse to do anything when the assistant
     or git-annex watch daemon is running.
   * assistant: When built with git before 1.8.0, use `git remote rm`
     to delete a remote. Newer git uses `git remote remove`.
   * rmurl: New command, removes one of the recorded urls for a file.
   * Detect when the remote is broken like bitbucket is, and exits 0 when
     it fails to run git-annex-shell.
   * assistant: Several improvements to performance and behavior when
     performing bulk adds of a large number of files (tens to hundreds
     of thousands).
   * assistant: Sanitize XMPP presence information logged for debugging.
   * webapp: Now automatically fills in any creds used by an existing remote
     when creating a new remote of the same type. Done for Internet Archive,
     S3, Glacier, and Box.com remotes.
   * Store an annex-uuid file in the bucket when setting up a new S3 remote.
   * Support building with DAV 0.4.
 git-annex (4.20130417) unstable; urgency=low
   * initremote: Generates encryption keys with high quality entropy.
     This can be disabled using --fast to get the old behavior.
     The assistant still uses low-quality entropy when creating encrypted
     remotes, to avoid delays. (Thanks, guilhem for the patch.)
   * Bugfix: Direct mode no longer repeatedly checksums duplicated files.
   * assistant: Work around horrible, terrible, very bad behavior of
     gnome-keyring, by not storing special-purpose ssh keys in ~/.ssh/*.pub.
     Apparently gnome-keyring apparently will load and indiscriminately use
     such keys in some cases, even if they are not using any of the standard
     ssh key names. Instead store the keys in ~/.ssh/annex/,
     which gnome-keyring will not check.
   * addurl: Bugfix: Did not properly add file in direct mode.
   * assistant: Bug fix to avoid annexing the files that git uses
     to stand in for symlinks on FAT and other filesystem not supporting
   * Adjust preferred content expressions so that content in archive
     directories is preferred until it has reached an archive or smallarchive
   * webapp: New --listen= option allows running the webapp on one computer
     and connecting to it from another. (Note: Does not yet use HTTPS.)
   * Added annex.web-download-command setting.
   * Added per-remote annex-rsync-transport option. (guilhem again)
   * Ssh connection caching is now also used by rsync special remotes.
     (guilhem yet again)
   * The version number is now derived from git, unless built with
   * assistant: Stop any transfers the assistant initiated on shutdown.
   * assistant: Added sequence numbers to XMPP git push packets. (Not yet used.)
   * addurl: Register transfer so the webapp can see it.
   * addurl: Automatically retry downloads that fail, as long as some
     additional content was downloaded.
   * webapp: Much improved progress bar display for downloads from encrypted
   * Avoid using runghc, as that needs ghci.
   * webapp: When a repository's group is changed, rescan for transfers.
   * webapp: Added animations.
   * webapp: Include the repository directory in the mangled hostname and
     ssh key name, so that a locked down ssh key for one repository is not
     re-used when setting up additional repositories on the same server.
   * Fall back to internal url downloader when built without curl.
   * fsck: Check content of direct mode files (only when the inode cache
     thinks they are unmodified).
 git-annex (4.20130405) unstable; urgency=low
   * Group subcommands into sections in usage. Closes: #703797
   * Per-command usage messages.
   * webapp: Fix a race that sometimes caused alerts or other notifications
     to be missed if they occurred while a page was loading.
   * webapp: Progess bar fixes for many types of special remotes.
   * Build debian package without using cabal, which writes to HOME.
     Closes: #704205
   * webapp: Run ssh server probes in a way that will work when the
     login shell is a monstrosity that should have died 25 years ago,
     such as csh.
   * New annex.largefiles setting, which configures which files
     `git annex add` and the assistant add to the annex.
   * assistant: Check small files into git directly.
   * Remotes can be configured to use other MAC algorithms than HMACSHA1
     to encrypt filenames.
     Thanks, guilhem for the patch.
   * git-annex-shell: Passes rsync --bwlimit options on rsync.
     Thanks, guilhem for the patch.
   * webapp: Added UI to delete repositories. Closes: #689847
   * Adjust built-in preferred content expressions to make most types
     of repositories want content that is only located on untrusted, dead,
     and unwanted repositories.
   * drop --auto: Fix bug that prevented dropping files from untrusted
   * assistant: Fix bug that could cause direct mode files to be unstaged
     from git.
   * Update working tree files fully atomically.
   * webapp: Improved transfer queue management.
   * init: Probe whether the filesystem supports fifos, and if not,
     disable ssh connection caching.
   * Use lower case hash directories for storing files on crippled filesystems,
     same as is already done for bare repositories.
 git-annex (4.20130323) unstable; urgency=low
   * webapp: Repository list is now included in the dashboard, and other
     UI tweaks.
   * webapp: Improved UI for pairing your own devices together using XMPP.
   * webapp: Display an alert when there are XMPP remotes, and a cloud
     transfer repository needs to be configured.
   * Add incrementalbackup repository group.
   * webapp: Encourage user to install git-annex on a server when adding
     a ssh server, rather than just funneling them through to rsync.
   * xmpp: --debug now enables a sanitized dump of the XMPP protocol
   * xmpp: Try harder to detect presence of clients when there's a git push
     to send.
   * xmpp: Re-enable XA flag, since disabling it did not turn out to help
     with the problems Google Talk has with not always sending presence
     messages to clients.
   * map: Combine duplicate repositories, for a nicer looking map.
   * Fix several bugs caused by a bad Ord instance for Remote.
   * webapp: Switch all forms to POST.
   * assistant: Avoid syncing with annex-ignored remotes when reconnecting
     to the network, or connecting a drive.
   * assistant: Fix OSX bug that prevented committing changed files to a
     repository when in indirect mode.
   * webapp: Improved alerts displayed when syncing with remotes, and
     when syncing with a remote fails.
   * webapp: Force wrap long filenames in transfer display.
   * assistant: The ConfigMonitor left one zombie behind each time
     it checked for changes, now fixed.
   * get, copy, move: Display an error message when an identical transfer
     is already in progress, rather than failing with no indication why.
   * assistant: Several optimisations to file transfers.
   * OSX app and standalone Linux tarball now both support being added to
     PATH; no need to use runshell to start git-annex.
   * webapp: When adding a removable drive, you can now specify the
     directory inside it to use.
   * webapp: Confirm whether user wants to combine repositories when
     adding a removable drive that already has a repository on it.
 git-annex (4.20130314) unstable; urgency=low
   * Bugfix: git annex add, when ran without any file or directory specified,
     should add files in the current directory, but not act on unlocked files
     elsewhere in the tree.
   * Bugfix: drop --from an unavailable remote no longer updates the location
     log, incorrectly, to say the remote does not have the key.
   * Bugfix: If the UUID of a remote is not known, prevent --from, --to,
     and other ways of specifying remotes by name from selecting it,
     since it is not possible to sanely use it.
   * Bugfix: Fix bug in inode cache sentinal check, which broke
     copying to local repos if the repo being copied from had moved
     to a different filesystem or otherwise changed all its inodes
   * Switch from using regex-compat to regex-tdfa, as the C regex library
     is rather buggy.
   * status: Can now be run with a directory path to show only the
     status of that directory, rather than the whole annex.
   * Added remote.<name>.annex-gnupg-options setting.
     Thanks, guilhem for the patch.
   * addurl: Add --relaxed option.
   * addurl: Escape invalid characters in urls, rather than failing to
     use an invalid url.
   * addurl: Properly handle url-escaped characters in file:// urls.
   * assistant: Fix dropping content when a file is moved to an archive
     directory, and getting contennt when a file is moved back out.
   * assistant: Fix bug in direct mode that could occur when a symlink is
     moved out of an archive directory, and resulted in the file not being
     set to direct mode when it was transferred.
   * assistant: Generate better commits for renames.
   * assistant: Logs are rotated to avoid them using too much disk space.
   * assistant: Avoid noise in logs from git commit about typechanged
     files in direct mode repositories.
   * assistant: Set gc.auto=0 when creating repositories to prevent
     automatic commits from causing git-gc runs.
   * assistant: If gc.auto=0, run git-gc once a day, packing loose objects
     very non-aggressively.
   * assistant: XMPP git pull and push requests are cached and sent when
     presence of a new client is detected.
   * assistant: Sync with all git remotes on startup.
   * assistant: Get back in sync with XMPP remotes after network reconnection,
     and on startup.
   * assistant: Fix syncing after XMPP pairing.
   * assistant: Optimised handling of renamed files in direct mode,
     avoiding re-checksumming.
   * assistant: Detects most renames, including directory renames, and
     combines all their changes into a single commit.
   * assistant: Fix ~/.ssh/git-annex-shell wrapper to work when the
     ssh key does not force a command.
   * assistant: Be smarter about avoiding unncessary transfers.
   * webapp: Work around bug in Warp's slowloris attack prevention code,
     that caused regular browsers to stall when they reuse a connection
     after leaving it idle for 30 seconds.
     (See https://github.com/yesodweb/wai/issues/146)
   * webapp: New preferences page allows enabling/disabling debug logging
     at runtime, as well as configuring numcopies and diskreserve.
   * webapp: Repository costs can be configured by dragging repositories around
     in the repository list.
   * webapp: Proceed automatically on from "Configure jabber account"
     to pairing.
   * webapp: Only show up to 10 queued transfers.
   * webapp: DTRT when told to create a git repo that already exists.
   * webapp: Set locally paired repositories to a lower cost than other
     network remotes.
   * Run ssh with -T to avoid tty allocation and any login scripts that
     may do undesired things with it.
   * Several improvements to Makefile and cabal file. Thanks, Peter Simmons
   * Stop depending on testpack.
   * Android: Enable test suite.
 git-annex (4.20130227) unstable; urgency=low
   * annex.version is now set to 4 for direct mode repositories.
   * Should now fully support git repositories with core.symlinks=false;
     always using git's pseudosymlink files in such repositories.
   * webapp: Allow creating repositories on filesystems that lack support for
   * webapp: Can now add a new local repository, and make it sync with
     the main local repository.
   * Android: Bundle now includes openssh.
   * Android: Support ssh connection caching.
   * Android: Assistant is fully working. (But no webapp yet.)
   * Direct mode: Support filesystems like FAT which can change their inodes
     each time they are mounted.
   * Direct mode: Fix support for adding a modified file.
   * Avoid passing -p to rsync, to interoperate with crippled filesystems.
     Closes: #700282
   * Additional GIT_DIR support bugfixes. May actually work now.
   * webapp: Display any error message from git init if it fails to create
     a repository.
   * Fix a reversion in matching globs introduced in the last release,
     where "*" did not match files inside subdirectories. No longer uses
     the Glob library.
   * copy: Update location log when no copy was performed, if the location
     log was out of date.
   * Makefile now builds using cabal, taking advantage of cabal's automatic
     detection of appropriate build flags.
   * test: The test suite is now built into the git-annex binary, and can
     be run at any time.
 git-annex (3.20130216) unstable; urgency=low
   * Now uses the Haskell uuid library, rather than needing a uuid program.
   * Now uses the Haskell Glob library, rather than pcre-light, avoiding
     the need to install libpcre. Currently done only for Cabal or when
     the Makefile is made to use -DWITH_GLOB
   * Android port now available (command-line only).
   * New annex.crippledfilesystem setting, allows use of git-annex
     repositories on FAT and even worse filesystems; avoiding use of
     hard links and locked down permissions settings. (Support is incomplete.)
   * init: Detect when the repository is on a filesystem that does not
     support hard links, or symlinks, or unix permissions, and set
     annex.crippledfilesystem, as well as annex.direct.
   * add: Improved detection of files that are modified while being added.
   * Fix a bug in direct mode, introduced in the previous release, where
     if a file was dropped and then got back, it would be stored in indirect
 git-annex (3.20130207) unstable; urgency=low
   * webapp: Now allows restarting any threads that crash.
   * Adjust debian package to only build-depend on DAV on architectures
     where it is available.
   * addurl --fast: Use curl, rather than haskell HTTP library, to support https.
   * annex.autocommit: New setting, can be used to disable autocommit
     of changed files by the assistant, while it still does data syncing
     and other tasks.
   * assistant: Ignore .DS_Store on OSX.
   * assistant: Fix location log when adding new file in direct mode.
   * Deal with stale mappings for deleted file in direct mode.
   * pre-commit: Update direct mode mappings.
   * uninit, unannex --fast: If hard link creation fails, fall back to slow
   * Clean up direct mode cache and mapping info when dropping keys.
   * dropunused: Clean up stale direct mode cache and mapping info not
     removed before.
 git-annex (3.20130124) unstable; urgency=low
   * Added source repository group, that only retains files until they've
     been transferred to another repository. Useful for things like
     repositories on cameras.
   * Added manual repository group. Use to prevent the assistant from
     downloading any file contents to keep things in sync. Instead
     `git annex get`, `git annex drop` etc can be used manually as desired.
   * webapp: More adjustments to longpoll code to deal with changes in
     variable quoting in different versions of shakespeare-js.
   * webapp: Avoid an error if a transfer is stopped just as it finishes.
     Closes: #698184
   * webapp: Now always logs to .git/annex/daemon.log
   * webapp: Has a page to view the log, accessed from the control menu.
   * webapp: Fix crash adding removable drive that has an annex directory
     in it that is not a git repository.
   * Deal with incompatability in gpg2, which caused prompts for encryption
     passphrases rather than using the supplied --passphrase-fd.
   * bugfix: Union merges involving two or more repositories could sometimes
     result in data from one repository getting lost. This could result
     in the location log data becoming wrong, and fsck being needed to fix it.
   * sync: Automatic merge conflict resolution now stages deleted files.
   * Depend on git for --no-edit. Closes: #698399
   * Fix direct mode mapping code to always store direct mode filenames
     relative to the top of the repository, even when operating inside a
   * fsck: Detect and fix consistency errors in direct mode mapping files.
   * Avoid filename encoding errors when writing direct mode mappings.
 git-annex (3.20130114) unstable; urgency=low
   * Now handles the case where a file that's being transferred to a remote
     is modified in place, which direct mode allows. When this
     happens, the transfer now fails, rather than allow possibly corrupt
     data into the remote.
   * fsck: Better checking of file content in direct mode.
   * drop: Suggest using git annex move when numcopies prevents dropping a file.
   * webapp: Repo switcher filters out repos that do not exist any more
     (or are on a drive that's not mounted).
   * webapp: Use IP address, rather than localhost, since some systems may
     have configuration problems or other issues that prevent web browsers
     from connecting to the right localhost IP for the webapp.
   * webapp: Adjust longpoll code to work with recent versions of
   * assistant: Support new gvfs dbus names used in Gnome 3.6.
   * In direct mode, files with the same key are no longer hardlinked, as
     that would cause a surprising behavior if modifying one, where the other
     would also change.
   * webapp: Avoid illegal characters in hostname when creating S3 or
     Glacier remote.
   * assistant: Avoid committer crashing if a file is deleted at the wrong
 git-annex (3.20130107) unstable; urgency=low
   * webapp: Add UI to stop and restart assistant.
   * committer: Fix a file handle leak.
   * assistant: Make expensive transfer scan work fully in direct mode.
   * More commands work in direct mode repositories: find, whereis, move, copy,
     drop, log, fsck, add, addurl.
   * sync: No longer automatically adds files in direct mode.
   * assistant: Detect when system is not configured with a user name,
     and set environment to prevent git from failing.
   * direct: Avoid hardlinking symlinks that point to the same content
     when the content is not present.
   * Fix transferring files to special remotes in direct mode.
 git-annex (3.20130102) unstable; urgency=low
   * direct, indirect: New commands, that switch a repository to and from
     direct mode. In direct mode, files are accessed directly, rather than
     via symlinks. Note that direct mode is currently experimental. Many
     git-annex commands do not work in direct mode. Some git commands can
     cause data loss when used in direct mode repositories.
   * assistant: Now uses direct mode by default when setting up a new
     local repository.
   * OSX assistant: Uses the FSEvents API to detect file changes.
     This avoids issues with running out of file descriptors on large trees,
     as well as allowing detection of modification of files in direct mode.
     Other BSD systems still use kqueue.
   * kqueue: Fix bug that made broken symlinks not be noticed.
   * vicfg: Quote filename. Closes: #696193
   * Bugfix: Fixed bug parsing transfer info files, where the newline after
     the filename was included in it. This was generally benign, but in
     the assistant, it caused unexpected dropping of preferred content.
   * Bugfix: Remove leading \ from checksums output by sha*sum commands,
     when the filename contains \ or a newline. Closes: #696384
   * fsck: Still accept checksums with a leading \ as valid, now that
     above bug is fixed.
   * SHA*E backends: Exclude non-alphanumeric characters from extensions.
   * migrate: Remove leading \ in SHA* checksums, and non-alphanumerics
     from extensions of SHA*E keys.
 git-annex (3.20121211) unstable; urgency=low
   * webapp: Defaults to sharing box.com account info with friends, allowing
     one-click enabling of the repository.
   * Fix broken .config/git-annex/program installed by standalone tarball.
   * assistant: Retrival from glacier now handled.
   * Include ssh in standalone tarball and OSX app.
   * watch: Avoid leaving hard links to files behind in .git/annex/tmp
     if a file is deleted or moved while it's being quarantined in preparation
     to being added to the annex.
   * Allow `git annex drop --from web`; of course this does not remove
     any file from the web, but it does make git-annex remove all urls
     associated with a file.
   * webapp: S3 and Glacier forms now have a select list of all
     currently-supported AWS regions.
   * webdav: Avoid trying to set props, avoiding incompatability with
     livedrive.com. Needs DAV version 0.3.
   * webapp: Prettify error display.
   * webapp: Fix bad interaction between required fields and modals.
   * webapp: Added help buttons and links next to fields that require
   * webapp: Encryption can be disabled when setting up remotes.
   * assistant: Avoid trying to drop content from remotes that don't have it.
   * assistant: Allow periods in ssh key comments.
   * get/copy --auto: Transfer data even if it would exceed numcopies,
     when preferred content settings want it.
   * drop --auto: Fix dropping content when there are no preferred content
   * webapp: Allow user to specify the port when setting up a ssh or rsync
   * assistant: Fix syncing to just created ssh remotes.
   * Enable WebDAV support in Debian package. Closes: #695532
 git-annex (3.20121127) unstable; urgency=low
   * Fix dirContentsRecursive, which had missed some files in deeply nested
     subdirectories. Could affect various parts of git-annex.
   * rsync: Fix bug introduced in last release that broke encrypted rsync
     special remotes.
   * The standalone builds now unset their special path and library path
     variables before running the system web browser.
 git-annex (3.20121126) unstable; urgency=low
   * New webdav and Amazon glacier special remotes.
   * Display a warning when a non-existing file or directory is specified.
   * webapp: Added configurator for Box.com.
   * webapp: Show error messages to user when testing XMPP creds.
   * Fix build of assistant without yesod.
   * webapp: The list of repositiories refreshes when new repositories are
     added, including when new repository configurations are pushed in from
   * OSX: Fix RunAtLoad value in plist file.
   * Getting a file from chunked directory special remotes no longer buffers
     it all in memory.
   * S3: Added progress display for uploading and downloading.
   * directory special remote: Made more efficient and robust.
   * Bugfix: directory special remote could loop forever storing a key
     when a too small chunksize was configured.
   * Allow controlling whether login credentials for S3 and webdav are
     committed to the repository, by setting embedcreds=yes|no when running
   * Added smallarchive repository group, that only archives files that are
     in archive directories. Used by default for glacier when set up in the
   * assistant: Fixed handling of toplevel archive directory and
     client repository group.
   * assistant: Apply preferred content settings when a new symlink
     is created, or a symlink gets renamed. Made archive directories work.
 git-annex (3.20121112) unstable; urgency=low
   * assistant: Can use XMPP to notify other nodes about pushes made to other
     repositories, as well as pushing to them directly over XMPP.
   * wepapp: Added an XMPP configuration interface.
   * webapp: Supports pairing over XMPP, with both friends, and other repos
     using the same account.
   * assistant: Drops non-preferred content when possible.
   * assistant: Notices, and applies config changes as they are made to
     the git-annex branch, including config changes pushed in from remotes.
   * git-annex-shell: GIT_ANNEX_SHELL_DIRECTORY can be set to limit it
     to operating on a specified directory.
   * webapp: When setting up authorized_keys, use GIT_ANNEX_SHELL_DIRECTORY.
   * Preferred content path matching bugfix.
   * Preferred content expressions cannot use "in=".
   * Preferred content expressions can use "present".
   * Fix handling of GIT_DIR when it refers to a git submodule.
   * Depend on and use the Haskell SafeSemaphore library, which provides
     exception-safe versions of SampleVar and QSemN.
     Thanks, Ben Gamari for an excellent patch set.
   * file:/// URLs can now be used with the web special remote.
   * webapp: Allow dashes in ssh key comments when pairing.
   * uninit: Check and abort if there are symlinks to annexed content that
     are not checked into git.
   * webapp: Switched to using the same multicast IP address that avahi uses.
   * bup: Don't pass - to bup-split to make it read stdin; bup 0.25
     does not accept that.
   * bugfix: Don't fail transferring content from read-only repos.
     Closes: #691341
   * configure: Check that checksum programs produce correct checksums.
   * Re-enable dbus, using a new version of the library that fixes the memory
   * NetWatcher: When dbus connection is lost, try to reconnect.
   * Use USER and HOME environment when set, and only fall back to getpwent,
     which doesn't work with LDAP or NIS.
   * rsync special remote: Include annex-rsync-options when running rsync
     to test a key's presence.
   * The standalone tarball's runshell now takes care of installing a
     ~/.ssh/git-annex-shell wrapper the first time it's run.
   * webapp: Make an initial, empty commit so there is a master branch
   * assistant: Fix syncing local drives.
   * webapp: Fix creation of rsync.net repositories.
   * webapp: Fix renaming of special remotes.
   * webapp: Generate better git remote names.
   * webapp: Ensure that rsync special remotes are enabled using the same
     name they were originally created using.
   * Bugfix: Fix hang in webapp when setting up a ssh remote with an absolute
 git-annex (3.20121017) unstable; urgency=low
   * Fix zombie cleanup reversion introduced in 3.20121009.
   * Additional fix to support git submodules.
 git-annex (3.20121016) unstable; urgency=low
   * vicfg: New file format, avoids ambiguity with repos that have the same
     description, or no description.
   * Bug fix: A recent change caused git-annex-shell to crash.
   * Better preferred content expression for transfer repos.
   * webapp: Repository edit form can now edit the name of a repository.
   * webapp: Make bare repositories on removable drives, as there is nothing
     to ensure non-bare repos get updated when syncing.
   * webapp: Better behavior when pausing syncing to a remote when a transfer
     scan is running and queueing new transfers for that remote.
   * The standalone binaries are now built to not use ssh connection caching,
     in order to work with old versions of ssh.
   * A relative core.worktree is relative to the gitdir. Now that this is
     handled correctly, git-annex can be used in git submodules.
   * Temporarily disable use of dbus, as the haskell dbus library blows up
     when losing connection, which will need to be fixed upstream.
 git-annex (3.20121010) unstable; urgency=low
   * Renamed --ingroup to --inallgroup.
   * Standard groups changed to client, transfer, archive, and backup.
     Each of these has its own standard preferred content setting.
   * dead: Remove dead repository from all groups.
   * Avoid unsetting HOME when running certian git commands. Closes: #690193
   * test: Fix threaded runtime hang.
   * Makefile: Avoid building with -threaded if the ghc threaded runtime does
     not exist.
   * webapp: Improve wording of intro display. Closes: #689848
   * webapp: Repositories can now be configured, to change their description,
     their group, or even to disable syncing to them.
   * git config remote.name.annex-sync can be used to control whether
     a remote gets synced.
   * Fix a crash when merging files in the git-annex branch that contain
     invalid utf8.
   * Automatically detect when a ssh remote does not have git-annex-shell
     installed, and set annex-ignore.
 git-annex (3.20121009) unstable; urgency=low
   * watch, assistant: It's now safe to git annex unlock files while
     the watcher is running, as well as modify files checked into git
     as normal files. Additionally, .gitignore settings are now honored.
     Closes: #689979
   * group, ungroup: New commands to indicate groups of repositories.
   * webapp: Adds newly created repositories to one of these groups:
     clients, drives, servers
   * vicfg: New command, allows editing (or simply viewing) most
     of the repository configuration settings stored in the git-annex branch.
   * Added preferred content expressions, configurable using vicfg.
   * get --auto: If the local repository has preferred content
     configured, only get that content.
   * drop --auto: If the repository the content is dropped from has
     preferred content configured, drop only content that is not preferred.
   * copy --auto: Only transfer content that the destination repository prefers.
   * assistant: Now honors preferred content settings when deciding what to
   * --copies=group:number can now be used to match files that are present
     in a specified number of repositories in a group.
   * Added --smallerthan, --largerthan, and --inall limits.
   * Only build-depend on libghc-clientsession-dev on arches that will have
     the webapp.
   * uninit: Unset annex.version. Closes: #689852
 git-annex (3.20121001) unstable; urgency=low
   * fsck: Now has an incremental mode. Start a new incremental fsck pass
     with git annex fsck --incremental. Now the fsck can be interrupted
     as desired, and resumed with git annex fsck --more.
     Thanks, Justin Azoff
   * New --time-limit option, makes long git-annex commands stop after
     a specified amount of time.
   * fsck: New --incremental-schedule option which is nice for scheduling
     eg, monthly incremental fsck runs in cron jobs.
   * Fix fallback to ~/Desktop when xdg-user-dir is not available.
     Closes: #688833
   * S3: When using a shared cipher, S3 credentials are not stored encrypted
     in the git repository, as that would allow anyone with access to
     the repository access to the S3 account. Instead, they're stored
     in a 600 mode file in the local git repo.
   * webapp: Avoid crashing when ssh-keygen -F chokes on an invalid known_hosts
   * Always do a system wide installation when DESTDIR is set. Closes: #689052
   * The Makefile now builds with the new yesod by default.
     Systems like Debian that have the old yesod 1.0.1 should set
   * copy: Avoid updating the location log when no copy is performed.
   * configure: Test that uuid -m works, falling back to plain uuid if not.
   * Avoid building the webapp on Debian architectures that do not yet
     have template haskell and thus yesod. (Should be available for arm soonish
     I hope).
 git-annex (3.20120924) unstable; urgency=low
   * assistant: New command, a daemon which does everything watch does,
     as well as automatically syncing file contents between repositories.
   * webapp: An interface for managing and configuring the assistant.
   * The default backend used when adding files to the annex is changed
     from SHA256 to SHA256E, to simplify interoperability with OSX, media
     players, and various programs that needlessly look at symlink targets.
     To get old behavior, add a .gitattributes containing: * annex.backend=SHA256
   * init: If no description is provided for a new repository, one will
     automatically be generated, like "joey@gnu:~/foo"
   * test: Set a lot of git environment variables so testing works in strange
     environments that normally need git config to set names, etc.
     Closes: #682351 Thanks, gregor herrmann
   * Disable ssh connection caching if the path to the control socket would be
     too long (and use relative path to minimise path to the control socket).
   * migrate: Check content before generating the new key, to avoid generating
     a key for corrupt data.
   * Support repositories created with --separate-git-dir. Closes: #684405
   * reinject: When the provided file doesn't match, leave it where it is,
     rather than moving to .git/annex/bad/
   * Avoid crashing on encoding errors in filenames when writing transfer info
     files and reading from checksum commands.
   * sync: Pushes the git-annex branch to remote/synced/git-annex, rather
     than directly to remote/git-annex.
   * Now supports matching files that are present on a number of remotes
     with a specified trust level. Example: --copies=trusted:2
     Thanks, Nicolas Pouillard
 git-annex (3.20120825) unstable; urgency=low
   * S3: Add fileprefix setting.
   * Pass --use-agent to gpg when in no tty mode. Thanks, Eskild Hustvedt.
   * Bugfix: Fix fsck in SHA*E backends, when the key contains composite
     extensions, as added in 3.20120721.
 git-annex (3.20120807) unstable; urgency=low
   * initremote: Avoid recording remote's description before checking
     that its config is valid.
   * unused, status: Avoid crashing when ran in bare repo.
   * Avoid crashing when "git annex get" fails to download from one
     location, and falls back to downloading from a second location.
 git-annex (3.20120721) unstable; urgency=low
   * get, move, copy: Now refuse to do anything when the requested file
     transfer is already in progress by another process.
   * status: Lists transfers that are currently in progress.
   * Fix passing --uuid to git-annex-shell.
   * When shaNsum commands cannot be found, use the Haskell SHA library
     (already a dependency) to do the checksumming. This may be slower,
     but avoids portability problems.
   * Use SHA library for files less than 50 kb in size, at which point it's
     faster than forking the more optimised external program.
   * SHAnE backends are now smarter about composite extensions, such as
     .tar.gz Closes: #680450
   * map: Write map.dot to .git/annex, which avoids watch trying to annex it.
 3c6cb5e1e0e23f4ba213852928052352113042e4 3153 git-annex_4.20130802~bpo70+1.dsc
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 6bc7c8758e39e6a4435dfc46111370507d08ae1cc5535e300601b1681c5c55e6 4305885 git-annex_4.20130802~bpo70+1.tar.gz
 d49cb6368f5029a6250ce94668846358459ac45ba2dc53abd114988736958415 9201708 git-annex_4.20130802~bpo70+1_i386.deb
 25b78261ee34921fe45b0324efb7a3b5 3153 utils optional git-annex_4.20130802~bpo70+1.dsc
 24e2ecb50117df0e0105699a55f41bd7 4305885 utils optional git-annex_4.20130802~bpo70+1.tar.gz
 982b01e218d629880ca10b5f1a78fbf0 9201708 utils optional git-annex_4.20130802~bpo70+1_i386.deb

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