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munin_2.0.6-1~bpo60+1_i386.changes ACCEPTED into squeeze-backports

  to main/m/munin/munin-async_2.0.6-1~bpo60+1_all.deb
  to main/m/munin/munin-common_2.0.6-1~bpo60+1_all.deb
  to main/m/munin/munin-doc_2.0.6-1~bpo60+1_all.deb
  to main/m/munin/munin-node_2.0.6-1~bpo60+1_all.deb
  to main/m/munin/munin-plugins-core_2.0.6-1~bpo60+1_all.deb
  to main/m/munin/munin-plugins-extra_2.0.6-1~bpo60+1_all.deb
  to main/m/munin/munin-plugins-java_2.0.6-1~bpo60+1_all.deb
  to main/m/munin/munin_2.0.6-1~bpo60+1.diff.gz
  to main/m/munin/munin_2.0.6-1~bpo60+1.dsc
  to main/m/munin/munin_2.0.6-1~bpo60+1_all.deb
  to main/m/munin/munin_2.0.6.orig.tar.gz

munin (2.0.6-1~bpo60+1) squeeze-backports; urgency=low
  * Rebuild for squeeze-backports.
munin (2.0.6-1) unstable; urgency=high
  * New upstream release 2.0.6, switching back to cron graphing (as it better
    for small setups) and besides that only containing bugfixes, but many of
    them. See the upstream ChangeLog for the full list.
    - munin-node: more secure state file handling, introducing a new plugin
      state directory root, owned by uid 0. Then each plugin runs in its own
      UID plugin state directory, owned by the said UID. (Closes: #684075),
      (Closes: #679897), closes CVE-2012-3512.
      So all properly written plugins will use
      /var/lib/munin-node/plugin-state/$uid/$some_file now - please report
      plugins that are still using /var/lib/munin/plugin-state/ - as those
      might pose a security risk!
    - munin-cgi-graph: ignore @ARGV to fix CVE-2012-3513 (Closes: #684076),
      thanks to Helmut Grohne <helmut@subdivi.de>
    - munin-cron: call munin-graph with --cron argument (Closes: #685343)
    - Master/Node.pm: fix _node_read_fast() to accept all valid returns
      (Closes: #686089) and _do_connect() to not use an uninitialized
      variable. (Closes: #686090)
    - munin-async: make spoolread less restrictive about (valid) plugin names
      (Closes: #686093)
  * Update Location and Scriptalias in shipped apache.conf to fix a regression
    introduced in fixing #682869.
  * munin-node.postinst: don't create /var/lib/munin/plugin-state anymore as
    munin-node now uses /var/lib/munin-nodes/plugin-state and subdirs and
    handles creation by itself.
  * debian/rules: workaround bug in upstream Makefile targets to move
    /var/lib/async from munin-node package to munin-async.
  * debian/control:
    - make munin-async depend on munin-node for now.
    - update Vcs: headers to point to an uptodate repository.
  * Remove build/resources/apache-cgi.conf from munin.docs as it's outdated.
  * update munin.NEWS to reflect that everybody using cgi graphing needs to
    update the configuration files and that cron graphing is the default
    again. (cgi graphing was the default from pre-2.0 until 2.0.5)
munin (2.0.5-1) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Holger Levsen ]
  * New upstream versions, fixing lots of bugs (including a regression in
    munin-cgi-graph preventing it from caching at all (Closes: #683064))
    and adding documentation and manpages.  See upstream ChangeLog for the
    full list.
  * Remove workaround  concerning java-plugins (667493) in debian/rules
    as upstream has fixed this in e7e29c4 in 2.0.3.
  * munin-async.init:
    - run munin-async as munin-async user (Closes: #684171)
    - use stop function from munin-node.init to make it actually stop it
      (Closes: #684170). In the future we should replace both initscripts with
      saner rewrites.
  [ Helmut Grohne ]
  * Move cgi scripts to /usr/lib/munin/cgi. (Closes: #682869)
munin (2.0.2-1) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Holger Levsen ]
  * New upstream version, reintroducing munin-graph (Closes: #681674) and
    some bugfixes. The new munin book is added to the sources, but not yet
  * Add proper LSB headers to all init scripts. (Closes: #680223)
  [ Stig Sandbeck Mathisen ]
  * debian/control: Rename "munin-async-*" to munin-async and munin-asyncd.
munin (2.0.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version.
  * Update URL to upstream webpage in debian/copyright. (Closes: #676366)
  * Make munin-node depend on munin-plugins-core unconditionally and recommend
    munin-plugins-extra. (Closes: #677189)
  * debian/munin-node.postinst: chmod 775 /var/lib/munin/plugin-state
    (Closes: #675593)

Override entries for your package:
munin-async_2.0.6-1~bpo60+1_all.deb - optional net
munin-common_2.0.6-1~bpo60+1_all.deb - optional net
munin-doc_2.0.6-1~bpo60+1_all.deb - optional doc
munin-node_2.0.6-1~bpo60+1_all.deb - optional net
munin-plugins-core_2.0.6-1~bpo60+1_all.deb - optional net
munin-plugins-extra_2.0.6-1~bpo60+1_all.deb - optional net
munin-plugins-java_2.0.6-1~bpo60+1_all.deb - optional net
munin_2.0.6-1~bpo60+1.dsc - source net
munin_2.0.6-1~bpo60+1_all.deb - optional net

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