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nagios-plugins-contrib_4.20120702~bpo60+1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into squeeze-backports

  to main/n/nagios-plugins-contrib/nagios-plugins-contrib_4.20120702~bpo60+1.dsc
  to main/n/nagios-plugins-contrib/nagios-plugins-contrib_4.20120702~bpo60+1.tar.gz
  to main/n/nagios-plugins-contrib/nagios-plugins-contrib_4.20120702~bpo60+1_amd64.deb

nagios-plugins-contrib (4.20120702~bpo60+1) squeeze-backports; urgency=low
  * Rebuild for squeeze-backports.
nagios-plugins-contrib (4.20120702) unstable; urgency=low
  * [bf291c63] check_backuppc: move backuppc to Suggests.
    Thanks to Werner Detter (Closes: #679871)
  * [0997dfd3] Auto update of debian/control
nagios-plugins-contrib (3.20120614) unstable; urgency=low
  * [30fd20be] check_packages should return CRITICAL for outstanding security updates.
  * [3cd5656f] Fix last patch; refresh others.
  * [2c3c1626] Remove extra debug print statement.
  * [4e43ec28] Fix a funky ? : related bug.
  * [e9172807] Add a check_apt.cmd example config for check_multi.
  * [15d58b48] Remove unneeded || COUNT(CRITICAL) > 0 in check_apt.cmd
  * [ea2f8abc] check_ipmi_sensor: updating to 3.1
  * [d405a206] check_ssl_cert: fix version number (was updated already).
nagios-plugins-contrib (2.20120529) unstable; urgency=low
  * [c6b83cea] Fix email_delivery.cfg
  * [f250c516] Merge pull request #5 from waja/master.
    Add perl-doc at Suggests, as needed by check_email_delivery --help
  * [9533beb7] Add check_webinject plugin.
  * [05a3af45] Auto update of debian/copyright
  * [255aa819] Auto update of debian/control
  * [853905cf] Fix CLEANFILES in common.mk
  * [3e75a059] Better webinject command definitions.
  * [6275a3f3] check_raid should use cciss_vol_status if available.
    Only use hpacucli if not.
  * [9859f269] Add some missing version information.
  * [d142da3c] Update check_raid to 1.107
  * [942e9f23] Updating check_email_delivery.
  * [749c40e1] Auto update of debian/control
  * [c593192c] Add Enhances: nagios-plugins,.... to the package.
  * [24486361] Merge pull request #6 from waja/master
    add check_backuppc
  * [8d634bb6] Better/fixed CLEANFILES target handling.
    Please note that CLEANFILES must be defined before including
  * [558e31aa] Merge branch 'master' of
  * [dea493d7] Add (unfinished) DSA checks and check_libs from weaselutils.
  * [5d0cf660] Finish integration of the check_libs plugin.
  * [f2a3d5b6] Add (unfinished) control and copyright file for dsa checks.
  * [f7c33de6] Auto update of debian/copyright
  * [fd344412] Auto update of debian/control
  * [8c9693ee] Updating check_hpasm to 4.5.2
  * [3f0a95dc] Updating check_raid to rev1.119
  * [5220084d] Update check_ssl_cert to 1.13.0
  * [c2c83516] More progress on the DSA plugins
  * [a9f80a8d] Implement a way to install cronjob scripts.
    CRONJOBDIR := /usr/lib/nagios/cronjobs
  * [a8dc3842] Finishing dsa check packaging.
  * [de999e73] Add config location patch for check_libs.
  * [336ad307] Auto update of debian/control
  * [33b86286] Typo fix.
  * [d0140fd4] Auto update of debian/control
  * [9059ab99] Don't reset LD/C/CXX/CPPFLAGS when including common.mk
  * [f0e986fa] Add snmp to check_printer's Recommends.
  * [f993848c] Add missing recommends for DSA plugins.
  * [80938fd9] Support checks written in Python.
  * [cbf5f37f] Auto update of debian/control
  * [6f5f3157] Updating changelog.
  * [72492690] Fix location of check_packages in cron script.
  * [68284bb0] Add patch to fix check_packages output.
  * [fd32ac40] check_libs needs libyaml-syck-perl.
  * [63d54efa] Updating changelog.
  * [f29b76d6] Add check_zone_auth plugin.
  * [0f95a649] Add check_whois plugin.
  * [3562b848] Add check_zone_rrsig_expiration plugin.
nagios-plugins-contrib (1.20120228) unstable; urgency=low
  * [9079e12a] Add check-multipath.pl upstream version.
  * [8e0a5908] Add patch for check_multipath
  * [6da07d78] Ignore .rej and .orig files.
  * [4bda0e7c] Upstream included our patch already.
  * [21e3756b] Add packaging info for check_multipath.
  * [9f664c91] Link debian/README.source to README for github fancyness.
  * [a527810c] Add check_snmp_environment (unfinished).
  * [41052baf] Add some useful error messages for the packaging-helper.py
  * [afa04c7b] Finish check_snmp_environment plugin.
    No .cfg file included yet.
  * [743e5dfd] Add current version info to check_snmp_environment.
  * [76bccfe3] Fix SHA1 watch in packaging-helper.py
  * [8f4c4d13] Add check_printer plugin.
  * [7dc69bf0] Add check_haproxy and check_httpd_status.
    manually merging the work of Jan Wagner <waja@cyconet.org>.
  * [2577af3a] Better sorting of the quilt series file.
  * [0526814c] Add nagios: -epn tags to the non epn checks in
  * [caadc8e7] Don't add a dependency if it is listed already.
  * [974e8d36] Add check_hpasm.
  * [0d3b76da] make -j should work for debian/rules now
  * [6f4593ac] Fix too long description.
  * [a3cce5ad] check_hpasm needs snmpwalk, recommend it.
  * [4760a28d] shorter check_snmp_environment desc
  * [1af8a931] Fix FSF address.
  * [a2e9282a] Auto update of debian/copyright
  * [3a702550] Auto update of debian/control
  * [d4d74a06] Add --parallel to dh calls.
  * [a41f66fe] Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'
  * [65d87a13] Merge pull request #3 from waja/master
    adding check_mysql_health
  * [573abd8c] Ensure Depends is nto used in plugin control files.
  * [42d0dcfe] Auto update of debian/control
  * [58e56a7b] Auto-generate and install README.Debian.plugins
  * [4a73d8a7] Enhance dependency description in debian/README.source
  * [69f4e3e9] Merge pull request #4 from waja/master
    fixing 'check_ipmi_sensor_exclude' command definition
    (Closes: #661528)
nagios-plugins-contrib (1.20120220) unstable; urgency=low
  * [462444da] Removing unused code copies of the install module.

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