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nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_multi.changes ACCEPTED into squeeze-backports

  to non-free/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx/libgl1-nvidia-legacy-173xx-glx-ia32_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_amd64.deb
  to non-free/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx/libgl1-nvidia-legacy-173xx-glx_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_amd64.deb
  to non-free/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx/libgl1-nvidia-legacy-173xx-glx_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_i386.deb
  to non-free/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx/nvidia-alternative-legacy-173xx_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_amd64.deb
  to non-free/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx/nvidia-alternative-legacy-173xx_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_i386.deb
  to non-free/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx/nvidia-glx-legacy-173xx-ia32_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_amd64.deb
  to non-free/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx/nvidia-glx-legacy-173xx_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_amd64.deb
  to non-free/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx/nvidia-glx-legacy-173xx_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_i386.deb
  to non-free/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx/nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1.debian.tar.gz
  to non-free/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx/nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1.dsc
  to non-free/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx/nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx_173.14.34.orig.tar.gz
  to non-free/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx/nvidia-kernel-legacy-173xx-dkms_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_amd64.deb
  to non-free/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx/nvidia-kernel-legacy-173xx-dkms_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_i386.deb
  to non-free/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx/nvidia-kernel-legacy-173xx-source_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_amd64.deb
  to non-free/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx/nvidia-kernel-legacy-173xx-source_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_i386.deb
  to non-free/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx/xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-legacy-173xx_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_amd64.deb
  to non-free/n/nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx/xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-legacy-173xx_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_i386.deb

nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx (173.14.34-1~bpo60+1) squeeze-backports; urgency=low
  * Rebuild for squeeze-backports.
  * Disable multiarch build.
  * Reduce Build-Depends: debhelper and compat level to 8.
  * Note: Please report bugs found in this backported package to the
    Debian BTS, not the backports mailing list.
nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx (173.14.34-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream prerelease 173.14.34 (2012-05-18).
    - Added support for xserver (also known as 1.12 RC1).
    - Added support for X.Org xserver 1.11.  (Closes: #641621)
    - Improved compatibility with recent Linux kernels.
    * Closed a security vulnerability which made it possible for attackers to
      reconfigure GPUs to gain access to arbitrary system memory. For further
      details, see: http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3109
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 280.13.really.275.28-1:
    - Add xorg-video-abi-11 as alternative dependency and bump
      xserver-xorg-core dependency.
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 295.33-1:
    - Add xorg-video-abi-12 as alternative dependency and bump xserver-xorg-
      core dependency accordingly to be usable with Xorg Xserver 1.12.
    - Update to Standards-Version: 3.9.3.
    - Use the final copyright-format/1.0 URL.
    - Reorder debian/copyright and use the Comment: field for extra
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 295.33-2:
    - New patch patch-3.0-rt-nvidia.patch taken from Arch Linux: support
      building the kernel module for RT kernels.
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 295.40-1:
    - conftest.h:
      + Implement new conftest.sh function pci_get_domain_bus_and_slot
      + Implement new conftest.sh function set_memory_uc and simplify
        functions set_pages_uc, change_page_attr (295.09).
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 295.53-1:
    - Add lintian overrides for hardening-*.
    - bug-script: report traces of Ubuntu ld.so.conf.d GL configuration.
    - conftest.h: implement check for asm/system.h (295.53).
  * Update lintian overrides.
nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx (173.14.31-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 280.13.really.275.36-1:
    - Bump nvidia-kernel-common versioned dependency to 20110213 (updates
      initrd to enable/disable the nouveau blacklist).
    - Bump glx-alternative-nvidia versioned dependency to 0.2.
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 290.03-1:
    - bug-control: collect information about installed nouveau packages.
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 290.10-1:
    - debian/copyright: Update to dep5.mdwn?revision=202.
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 295.09-1:
    - Fix debian/module/debian/kernel-version to report the correct version
      for using in the package name.  Try $KSRC/include/generated/utsrelease.h
      before $KSRC/include/config/kernel.release (which has changed in 3.1).
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 295.20-1:
    - Bump debhelper dependency to 9.
    - debian/rules: Switch to dh --with dkms.
    - Redirect bug reports against module binary packages to
    - Add some notes about the 'EQ overflowing...' error to the README.
  * Update lintian overrides.
nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx (173.14.31-1) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Andreas Beckmann ]
  * New upstream release 173.14.31 (2011-08-17).
    - Fixed a bug that caused freezes and crashes when resizing windows in
      KDE 4 with desktop effects enabled using X.Org X server version 1.10
      or later.
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 275.09.07-1:
    - Refresh linux3.patch, upstream partially added Linux 3 support.
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 275.21-1:
    - Use a versioned dependency on the transitional
      libgl{1,x}-nvidia-alternatives packages.
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 280.13-1:
    - conftest.h: remove obsolete conftest.sh function signal_struct, no
      longer used by the legacy drivers.
    - Track PCI IDs extracted from the README in debian/nv-readme.ids.
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 280.13-2:
    - Call check-for-mismatching-nvidia-module properly by passing the new
      upstream version as first argument.
    - Bump debhelper dependency to >= 8.1.3 for experimental debhelper compat
      level 9, which is used for multiarch build.
    - Add instructions for squeeze-backports to README.source and a
      prepare-squeeze-backport target to debian/rules that performs the
      necessary changes.
    - Add empty /usr/lib/tls directory to ensure smoother upgrades.
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 280.13-4:
    - Avoid multiarch file conflicts:
      - Install the x86 README.txt in libgl1-nvidia-glx and nvidia-vdpau-driver.
      - Use wildcards instead of multiarch paths in *.lintian-overrides.
    - Add Breaks: make (= 3.82-1) to work around kernel module build failure
      with make 3.82 (in experimental), see #640539.
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 280.13-5:
    - Drop Conflicts with pre-squeeze kernel *-2.6.32-trunk-*.
    - xserver-xorg-video-nvidia: add (versioned) Depends: xserver-xorg-core.
    - Use PCI IDs extracted from the README, not the kernel module.
  * Drop AUTOCONF_INCLUDED.patch, fixed upstream.
nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx (173.14.30-3) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Andreas Beckmann ]
  * Upload to unstable.
nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx (173.14.30-2) experimental; urgency=low
  [ Andreas Beckmann ]
  * Upload to experimental.
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 195.36.31-91:
    - Merge general changes from 270xx/275xx releases:
    - Add avoid-ld.gold.patch to explicitly link with ld.bfd.  The kernel
      module built with ld.gold does not work properly.
    - Add linux3.patch to make the module build on linux-3.0.
    - Drop dependency on nvidia-common in favor of nvidia-installer-cleanup.
    - Add Pre-Depends: nvidia-installer-cleanup to
    - Turn nvidia-glx-legacy-173xx-ia32 into a transitional package, the
      libraries have been shipped in libgl1-nvidia-legacy-173xx-glx-ia32 for
      quite some time.
    - Add Depends: nvidia-support to nvidia-glx-legacy-173xx.  The new support
      package ships the nvidia-bug-report.sh manpage.
    - conftest.h:
      - Implement conftest.sh function ioremap_cache (270.41.19).
      - Implement checks for generated/compile.h and generated/utsrelease.h
    - Drop lintian 2.4.3 compatibility overrides.
    - Convert lintian-overrides to use [arch lists] introduced in lintian
    - Fall back to the old version of nvidia.ids if extract-pci-ids.sh failed.
    - Add Conflicts: lib{*}-ia32 [i386] to lib{*} to prevent mixing multiarch
      and biarch packages, e.g. lib{*}:i386 and lib{*}-ia32:amd64 on amd64.
    - Add XS-Autobuild: yes to debian/control.  See instructions in #602838.
    - Canonicalize the location of upstream's README.txt, NVIDIA_Changelog and
      kernel module source path.
    - Add #MAJOR# substitution variable.
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 195.36.31-92:
    - Merge diversions, alternatives and multiarch changes from 275xx releases:
    - Switch to multiarch-aware diversion and alternatives handling provided
      by the glx-diversions/glx-alternative-nvidia packages.
    - Move handling of alternatives from nvidia-glx-legacy-173xx and
      libgl1-nvidia-legacy-173xx-glx to nvidia-alternative-legacy-173xx (new
      package) and glx-alternative-nvidia (from glx-alternatives).  libGL.so.1
      and libglx.so (the Xorg module) no longer can be configured
      independently, avoiding possible mixed NVIDIA/MESA setups.
    - Note: The diversion and alternative handling of
      libgl1-nvidia-legacy-173xx-glx-ia32 is not being changed.
      This package will become obsolete by adding multiarch support.
    - Split the Xorg driver and modules from nvidia-glx into new package
      xserver-xorg-driver-nvidia-legacy-173xx (package name agreed by Cyril
    - Install the following files that exist in both current and legacy
      drivers into a version specific directory
      /usr/lib/nvidia/{current,legacy-*}: libGL.so.1, libglx.so,
      nvidia_drv.so, libnvidia-cfg.so.1, libXvMCNVIDIA.so.1,
      libXvMCNVIDIA_dynamic.so.1, nvidia-bug-report.sh.
    - Do the same with libnvidia-tls.so.1, tls/libnvidia-tls.so.1 and
      libGLcore.so.1 which are only supplied by the legacy packages.
    - The 'nvidia' alternative (set up by package
      nvidia-alternative{,-legacy-*}) handles creation of appropriate symlinks
      in /usr/lib/nvidia.
    - The 'glx' alternative (set up by package glx-alternative-nvidia) handles
      creation of appropriate symlinks in /usr/lib, /usr/lib/xorg, etc.
    - Convert the Conflicts: *-legacy-*, fglrx-* to versioned Breaks: as the
      library and driver parts should be co-installable by now.  There still
      can be only one nvidia-*-dkms package installed at a time as they all
      generate the same kernel module: nvidia.ko.
    - Provide nvidia-glx-any, xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-any,
      libgl1-nvidia-glx-any, libgl1-nvidia-glx-ia32-any.
    - Update README.alternatives.
    - Update bug-script to list files in the new private directory as well as
      in multiarch directories.  Collect xorg.conf and most recent Xorg.*.log.
    - Update bug-control to report information about some of the recently
      added/renamed packages.
    - Run check-for-conflicting-opengl-libraries from
      libgl1-nvidia*-glx{,-ia32} and xserver-xorg-video-nvidia* postinst.
    - Enable multiarch.
      - Add ${misc:Pre-Depends} to all library packages.
      - Add Multi-Arch: same/foreign/allowed.
      - Use compat level 9.
      - Use #LIBDIR# substitution variable.
      - Work around missing multiarch support in libvdpau1.
    - Run check-for-mismatching-nvidia-module from libgl1-nvidia*-glx{,-ia32},
      xserver-xorg-video-nvidia* and libcuda1{,-ia32} postinst, if available.
    - Add Depends: nvidia-support to libgl1-nvidia*-glx{,-ia32} and
    - Remove the nvidia alternative before removing the libraries.
    - Only add slave links if the destination directory exists.
  * Add -legacy-173xx suffix to newly added packages.
  [ Russ Allbery ]
  * Add DM-Upload-Allowed: yes to debian/control.
nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx (173.14.30-1) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Andreas Beckmann ]
  * New upstream release 173.14.30 (2011-05-03).
    - Added support for X.Org xserver 1.10.
    - Improved compatibility with recent Linux kernels.
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 195.36.31-91:
    - Update to Standards-Version: 3.9.2.
    - Drop nvidia-kernel-compat-2.6.38.patch and adjust conftest.h to mark
      aquire_console_sem as no longer available in 2.6.38 and newer kernels.
      This avoids different behaviour between the kernel modules built from
      upstream installer and the Debian packages.
    - Add nvidia-installer-cleanup as an alternative to nvidia-common.
    - Support backport specific operations in debian/rules by setting the
      BACKPORT variable in debian/rules.defs.
    - Set the supported Xorg ABIs in debian/rules.defs, use substvars for Xorg
      related Depends/Provides, compute the values in debian/rules.
      Add compatibility settings for old Xorg versions for backports only.
    - Add #LIBDIR# and #PRIVATE# substitution variables for generated control
   * Add xorg-video-abi-10 as alternative dependency.
nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx (173.14.28-1) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Andreas Beckmann ]
  * New upstream release 173.14.28 (2010-10-18).
    - Added support for X.Org xserver 1.9.
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 195.36.31-5:
    - Drop Breaks: xserver-xorg-core (<< 2:1.6).
      There is no file name conflict between /usr/lib/libGLcore.so.1 (from
      NVIDIA) and /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libGLcore.so (only in
      xserver-xorg-core << 2:1.6) that could cause the wrong library to be
      loaded by NVIDIA's libgl.so.
    - Change xserver dependency to 'xorg-video-abi-6.0 | xserver-xorg-core
      (<< 2:1.7.7)' as the driver is supposed to work with older abi versions,
      too.  This is not needed for squeeze, but helps backports to lenny.
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 195.36.31-6:
    - If both original and diverted file exist when removing obsolete
      diversions, move the original file (which is not owned by any package)
      out of the way.  This problem may originate from incorrect diversion
      creation before lenny (and was not noticed or fixed in lenny) or having
      used the nvidia installer to install the driver in the past.
    - Document the warnings emitted by the maintainer scripts in
    - Install the upstream README.txt in the dkms package.  It is referenced
      by the package description.  Add a README.Debian, too.
    - Add a note about the driver not working under the Xen hypervisor to
      README.Debian.  (See: #570365, although not verified for legacy-*)
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 195.36.31-7:
    - Add instructions how to switch driver installation from the NVIDIA way
      (running the *.run file) to the Debian way (using packages).
    - Let the bug-script collect detailed information about OpenGL and NVIDIA
      libraries and their symlinks, diversions and alternatives currently
      found on the system.  Also list files remaining from using the
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 195.36.31-90:
    - Merge general changes from 256xx/260xx releases:
    - Use dpkg-parsechangelog to extract the upstream version number from
      debian/changelog, simplifying debian/rules.defs even more.
    - Drop Conflicts: binutils-gold, driver or gold was fixed.
    - Detect license changes by comparing debian/copyright with the shipped
      LICENSE during build.
    - Catch module-assistant failures after nvidia-kernel-source updates
      without running 'module-assistant clean nvidia'.  Only works if the old
      version already contained this change and a module was built.
    - Add script build-module-packages.sh to the documentation of the
      nvidia-kernel-legacy-173xx-source package, uses module-assistant to do a
      quick build of the modules for all installed linux-headers.
    - conftest.h: implement new (after 195.xx) conftest.sh functions
      pci_dma_mapping_error, scatterlist, pci_domain_nr, file_operations,
      sg_init_table.  Kernel versions of symbol (dis-)appearance from lxr.
    - Pre-Depend on nvidia-common for interactive (using debconf)
      nvidia-installer cleanup.  There is a mutual exclusion between using the
      nvidia-installer and the driver packages.
      + Checks for /usr/bin/nvidia-installer and asks the user whether to run
        'nvidia-installer --uninstall'.  If that fails, offers to just delete
        the remaining files.  If the user chooses to do the cleanup himself,
        installation is blocked as long as nvidia-installer is still found on
        the system.
      + Adds a pre-install hook for the nvidia-installer, giving a warning to
        users running a NVIDIA-Linux-*.run file directly while Debian packages
        providing the driver are installed.  This hook fails intentionally,
        but unfortunately the default choice if the hook failed is to continue
        anyway.  Therefore the hook tries to kill the nvidia-installer
      + Provides a script that checks for conflicting libraries (libGL.so.*.*
        remaining from previous usage of the nvidia-installer) and offers to
        delete them.  The script is intended to be run from postinst.  If the
        user chooses not to delete them, postinst configure fails as long as
        the user has not cleaned up or lets the postinst delete the files.
    - nvidia-glx-legacy-173xx{,-ia32}.postinst: run the cleanup of conflicting
      libGL.so.*.*  (Currently the conflicting libraries are moved to
      /var/lib/nvidia-backup.XXXXXX instead of deleting them.)
    - Use /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build as the default kernel build location
      for nvidia-kernel-legacy-173xx-source instead of /usr/src/linux, since
      this is set up automatically by the current linux-headers-* packages.
    - In the nvidia-kernel-legacy-173xx-source documentation, remove mention
      of setting KVERS, which should no longer be needed, and mention that
      setting KSRC is optional if the build link exists and you're building
      for the currently running kernel.
    - Lower Priority of *-ia32 packages to extra (debcheck).
    - Switch default Section to non-free/libs with a few exceptions:
      x11 (nvidia-legacy-173xx-glx),
      kernel (nvidia-kernel-legacy-173xx-{source,dkms}),
      oldlibs (nvidia-glx-legacy-173xx-ia32).
    - Drop transitional packages that were released with squeeze:
      + nvidia-glx-legacy-173xx-dev (now Conflicts/Replaces by
    - Prevent concurrent installation of mismatching upstream versions of
      libgl1-nvidia-legacy-173xx-glx and libgl1-nvidia-glx-legacy-173xx-ia32.
    - Provide xorg-driver-video.
    - Add patch nvidia-kernel-compat-2.6.38.patch to fix build with 2.6.38
    - Add patch fix-typos.patch to fix a typo in the module (found by lintian).
    - Update lintian-overrides to work with lintian 2.5.0.  Keep error overrides
      compatible with older lintian releases until ftp-master is updated.
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 260.19.21-1:
    - Drop 2.6.36-ioctl.patch, fixed upstream.
  * Synchronize packaging with nvidia-graphics-drivers 260.19.44-1:
    - Upstream now supports Xorg 1.9: add xorg-video-abi-8 as alternative
      dependency and provide xorg-driver-video instead of xserver-xorg-video-6
      to match Xorg 1.9.  (Closes: #613176)

Override entries for your package:
libgl1-nvidia-legacy-173xx-glx-ia32_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_amd64.deb - extra non-free/libs
libgl1-nvidia-legacy-173xx-glx_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_amd64.deb - optional non-free/libs
libgl1-nvidia-legacy-173xx-glx_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_i386.deb - optional non-free/libs
nvidia-alternative-legacy-173xx_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_amd64.deb - optional non-free/libs
nvidia-alternative-legacy-173xx_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_i386.deb - optional non-free/libs
nvidia-glx-legacy-173xx-ia32_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_amd64.deb - extra non-free/oldlibs
nvidia-glx-legacy-173xx_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_amd64.deb - optional non-free/x11
nvidia-glx-legacy-173xx_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_i386.deb - optional non-free/x11
nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-173xx_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1.dsc - source non-free/libs
nvidia-kernel-legacy-173xx-dkms_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_amd64.deb - optional non-free/kernel
nvidia-kernel-legacy-173xx-dkms_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_i386.deb - optional non-free/kernel
nvidia-kernel-legacy-173xx-source_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_amd64.deb - optional non-free/kernel
nvidia-kernel-legacy-173xx-source_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_i386.deb - optional non-free/kernel
xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-legacy-173xx_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_amd64.deb - optional non-free/x11
xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-legacy-173xx_173.14.34-1~bpo60+1_i386.deb - optional non-free/x11

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