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shunit2_2.1.6-1~bpo60+1_amd64.changes is NEW

(new) shunit2_2.1.6-1~bpo60+1.debian.tar.gz optional devel
(new) shunit2_2.1.6-1~bpo60+1.dsc optional devel
(new) shunit2_2.1.6-1~bpo60+1_all.deb optional devel
unit test framework for Bourne based shell scripts
 shUnit2 was originally developed to provide a consistent testing
 solution for log4sh, a shell based logging framework similar to
 log4j. It is designed to work in a similar manner to JUnit, PyUnit,
(new) shunit2_2.1.6.orig.tar.gz optional devel

shunit2 (2.1.6-1~bpo60+1) squeeze-backports; urgency=low
  * No-change backport to squeeze
shunit2 (2.1.6-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream version.
  * Bump standards version.
  * Replace shunit2 wrapper with upstream script. (Closes: #601956)
  * Add DM-Upload-Allowed to source package.

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