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openntpd_3.9p1+debian-8~bpo60+1_amd64.changes is NEW

(new) openntpd_3.9p1+debian-8~bpo60+1.debian.tar.gz optional net
(new) openntpd_3.9p1+debian-8~bpo60+1.dsc optional net
(new) openntpd_3.9p1+debian-8~bpo60+1_amd64.deb optional net
OpenBSD NTP daemon
 NTP, the Network Time Protocol, is used to keep the computer clocks
 synchronized. It provides the ability to sync the local clock to remote NTP
 servers and can act as NTP server itself, redistributing the local clock.
 This is an alternative implementation of the NTP software, made by the OpenBSD
 project. It makes use of privilege separation, only implements a subset of the
 NTP protocol, and does not adjust the rate of the clock.
 Alternative packages which provide similar functionality are ntp and chrony.
(new) openntpd_3.9p1+debian.orig.tar.gz optional net
Changes: openntpd (3.9p1+debian-8~bpo60+1) squeeze-backports; urgency=low
  * Prepared backport for Squeeze Archive.
openntpd (3.9p1+debian-8) unstable; urgency=low
  * The 'Why-do-I-run-a-buildd-If-I-never-remember-to-use-it' dupload.
  * Use adjtimex() patch just under linux-based ports
    (Closes: #306106, #419219).
openntpd (3.9p1+debian-7) unstable; urgency=low
  * The 'that-would-be-niceee' dupload.
  * Adopted portable openntpd's patch for adjtimex() to adjust kernel skew
    (Closes: #380737, #593429).
  * Specify which priority the events are sent to syslog (Closes: #502162).
  * Manpages clarification (Closes: #575705).
openntpd (3.9p1+debian-6) unstable; urgency=low
  * The 'grrrrrrrrr' dupload.
  * debian/initscript:
   - Implement 'status' method.
   - Report about an already running process when trying to start.
   - When stopping, kill parent process, instead both (Closes: #599889)
     thanks Graham Wilson.
  * Bumped up to Standards-Version 3.9.1.  No changes required.
openntpd (3.9p1+debian-5) unstable; urgency=low
  * Adding missing dependency on hardening-include.
openntpd (3.9p1+debian-4) unstable; urgency=low
  * New maintainer (Closes: #543854).
  * The 'say-aaaaaaaaaaahh' upload.
  * Apply a pidfile patch, upstream doesn't like the idea of pidfiles, but
    sometimes they are useful for quick monitoring (Closes: #354825).
  * Avoid stripping by default on their own (Closes: #437691).
  * Dies if no peer servername is invalid, and logs badpeers through CRITICAL
    syslog. Thanks SergeyBKirpichev (Closes: #456661).
  * Depend on $network at init start and do not go through reloading if there
    is no listening interface declared. Thanks SergeyBKirpichev
    (Closes: #495528, #507586, #529984).
  * Explicity set default config file (Closes: #570253).
  * Enhance ntpd.conf manpage to verbosely remember we don't listen to any
    by default (Closes: #575705).
  * Switch to 3.0 source format, drop dependency on quilt.
  * Use hardening-include to handle gcc Hardening features.
openntpd (3.9p1+debian-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Updating package to standards version 3.8.3.
  * Removing vcs fields.
  * Orphaning package.
openntpd (3.9p1+debian-2) unstable; urgency=medium
  * Prefixing debhelper files with package name.
  * Using quilt rather than dpatch.
  * Applying patch from Stefan Praszalowicz
    <stefan.praszalowicz@avedya.com> to give a warning rather than fail on IPv4
    only networks when seeing an IPv6 DNS record (Closes: #500676).
  * Applying patch from Sergey B Kirpichev <skirpichev@gmail.com> to not fail if
    there is a backslash followed by a whitespaces in comments of the
    openntpd.conf (Closes: #435753).
openntpd (3.9p1+debian-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Reverting config.guess and configu.sub to upstream.
  * Updating package to debhelper 6.
  * Adding homepage field in control file.
  * Adding vcs fields in control file.
  * Removing watch file.
  * Updatingto debhelper 7.
  * Updating to standards 3.8.0.
  * Updating vcs fields in control file.
  * Using patch-stamp rather than patch in rules file.
  * Adding symlink from ntpd manpage to openntpd (Closes: #501552).
  * Replacing obsolete dh_clean -k with dh_prep.
  * Merging upstream version 3.9p1+debian.
  * Reordering rules file.
  * Rewriting copyright file in machine-interpretable format.
  * Adding upstream target in rules file.

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