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Accepted mksh 39.3.20110203-1~bpo50+2 (source amd64)

Hash: SHA384

Format: 1.8
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2011 22:35:25 +0100
Source: mksh
Binary: mksh
Architecture: source amd64
Version: 39.3.20110203-1~bpo50+2
Distribution: lenny-backports-sloppy
Urgency: high
Maintainer: Thorsten Glaser <tg@mirbsd.de>
Changed-By: Thorsten Glaser <tg@mirbsd.de>
 mksh       - MirBSD Korn Shell
Closes: 599484 601925 603801
 mksh (39.3.20110203-1~bpo50+2) lenny-backports-sloppy; urgency=low
   * Rebuild for lenny-backports. This time with correct Changed-By…
 mksh (39.3.20110203-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New CVS snapshot:
     - [tg] More int → bool conversion, whitespace and related code cleanup,
       error messages and typo correction
     - [tg] Don’t alias suspend on Android either (goes together with stop)
     - [tg] dot.mkshrc no longer exports $PS1, as recommended by Frank Terbeck,
       to avoid confusing other shells
     - [tg] The character width table is now in sync with Unicode 6.0.0
     - [tg] MKSH_SMALL doesn’t imply HAVE_REVOKE=0 any longer
     - [tg] Ignore a ‘$’ preceding ‘"…"’ (like bash, ksh93)
     - [tg] Make “foo=<<EOF” a direct assignment of here document (or here
       string) to string variable
     - [tg] Add KSHEGID, KSHGID, KSHUID variables (idea from Richard K.)
     - [tg] Option -d to read specifies a delimiter, like ksh93 (10x Dave)
     - [tg] Extension ${foo@#} expands to hash of $foo (mksh specific)
     - [tg] Emacs prev-hist-word now resets the counter if other functions
       were called in between (Debian Closes: #603801)
     - [tg] Introduce MKSH_NOPROSPECTOFWORK which implies MKSH_UNEMPLOYED
       and additionally disables job signals, sigprocmask(2), etc.
     - [tg] POSIX: trap 'echo foo' UNKNOWN is not a syntax error
     - [tg] Do not use <sys/file.h> unless it exists
     - [tg] dot.mkshrc: When we set a UTF-8 locale (e.g. for the GNU OS),
       we must also set -o utf8-mode to match it
     - [tg] Don’t append a space after tab-completing a parameter substi-
       tution that doesn’t contain a glob/extglob (LP: #710539)
   * add RCS IDs into more files
   * d/README.Debian: be more explicit about mksh-as-/bin/sh and
     mention we wait on klibc, to use it with mksh-static
   * d/control: add note on dietlibc B-D, which can be dropped
     e.g. if porting to Derivates that don’t have it, like UCS
   * d/control: update long description
   * d/copyright, d/rules: we use debian/rules get-orig-source" now
   * d/copyright: sync, 2011
   * d/rules: restructure a bit; add build-{indep,arch} targets
   * d/rules, d/x_getflag: use dpkg-buildflags if existent
   * d/po/it.po: update translation, grazie TetsuyO!
   * run debconf-updatepo
 mksh (39.3.20101101-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New CVS snapshot:
     - [tg] In setres{u,g}id/setuid EAGAIN case, error out immediately
     - [OpenBSD] Some small manpage fixes
     - [tg] Clean up mirtoconf and build warnings with some compilers
     - [tg] Fix \c? vs. \c~ mis-documentation in mksh(1)
     - [tg] Remove the somewhat-portable setmode.c from the mksh source
       distribution and demote mknod(8) to an optional builtin, disabled
       by default, manually re-enabled in the installer only on MirBSD
     - [tg] Regenerate wcwidth table from Unicode 6.0.0
     - [tg] Change behaviour of argument-less exit in traps to match SUSv4,
       original patch from Jonathan Nieder (Debian Closes: #599484)
   * Integrate Vietnamese translation update, thanks Clytie Siddall
     (Closes: #601925)
   * Use lsb-release instead of dpkg-vendor for better reliability
 mksh (39.3.20100915-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=high
   * New CVS snapshot:
     - [Jeff Hamilton] Don’t alias stop on Android (system specific conflict)
     - [tg] Add size optimisations, ifdef’d, mostly for Android
     - [tg] Address what few concerns Chris Palmer (Android security team) had:
       check all multiplications and some additions for integer overflows,
       mostly in allocation context, and check setres{u,g}id/setuid for EAGAIN
       iff the target OS is known to be returning it (Linux only, right now)
     - correct a regression: 「read i?'foo:'」 was not working
 mksh (39.3.20100905-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=low
   * New CVS snapshot:
     - [tg] More int → bool conversion, whitespace and related code cleanup
     - [tg] Improve mksh(1) manpage coverage, remove mentions of not-mksh
     - [tg] Use wcwidth() from system on MirBSD
     - [tg] u_int32_t is no longer needed (only for OpenBSD’s pre-ISO-C99
       arc4random API, which we no longer call), so don’t provide it from
       Build.sh any longer
     - [tg, tonnerre] Scan for uint8_t and provide if not found
     - [tg] Fix realpath builtin for “/file/” arguments wrt. POSIX
     - [tg] Do not generate <stdint.h> from Build.sh as file any more if
       it is missing; rather let sh.h define the types appropriately and
       fix related compiler warnings
     - [tg] Add “cat” builtin (defers to external if options are given)
     - [tg] Reduce size by improved string pooling
     - [tg] Document 「x=$(eval $(cat)) <<'EOF'」 workaround for the $(…)
       parsing bug in the mksh(1) manual page and on the Red Hat Bugzilla
     - [tg] Add support for handling a “--” argument to more builtins
     - [tg] Correct some error messages
   * Move extra/printf.c.1.nn to debian/extra/printf.c for improved
     compatibility with source/format 3.0 and reduced build warnings
   * Build with -Wall -Wextra in all modes
   * Mention where strict aliasing warnings in dietlibc mode come from
 3e2320cf40f1dc70de39c2c8c8199a1c6d94e508 1972 mksh_39.3.20110203-1~bpo50+2.dsc
 791118679acc86bfe8b41ec564067817b88b108e 57573 mksh_39.3.20110203-1~bpo50+2.diff.gz
 d99950499a862b0fa7a3700e65f8d65f08a44a96 345032 mksh_39.3.20110203-1~bpo50+2_amd64.deb
 eca9d0522a61e0d0265679d89fdb007ddb4b7fd985ae038e2ec14a0d1e7bb7d9 1972 mksh_39.3.20110203-1~bpo50+2.dsc
 df04edb6a047832647b29fa87070c97440ea9816f081a007bd26c5f7229704e9 57573 mksh_39.3.20110203-1~bpo50+2.diff.gz
 01e4cc9aa4915d5fdc8845ea68b7293244246cb2d616c92cf90f7d8e30ef7678 345032 mksh_39.3.20110203-1~bpo50+2_amd64.deb
 54d602cfd5a8a3fafd42a28d5592b0f3 1972 shells optional mksh_39.3.20110203-1~bpo50+2.dsc
 c9f1601bac60ff054fe65607a5eec696 57573 shells optional mksh_39.3.20110203-1~bpo50+2.diff.gz
 83ac3cc4f2b27dcf25a3b148a165c9f9 345032 shells optional mksh_39.3.20110203-1~bpo50+2_amd64.deb

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