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Accepted ikiwiki 3.20100815~bpo50+1 (source all)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2010 21:21:03 +0000
Source: ikiwiki
Binary: ikiwiki
Architecture: source all
Version: 3.20100815~bpo50+1
Distribution: lenny-backports
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>
Changed-By: Alexander Wirt <formorer@debian.org>
 ikiwiki    - a wiki compiler
Closes: 586279 588623 589423 591040 593047
 ikiwiki (3.20100815~bpo50+1) lenny-backports; urgency=low
   * Rebuild for lenny-backports.
 ikiwiki (3.20100815) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Fix po test suite to not assume ikiwiki's underlay is already installed.
     Closes: #593047
 ikiwiki (3.20100804) unstable; urgency=low
   * template: Fix dependency tracking. Broken in version 3.20100427.
   * po: The po_slave_languages setting is now a list, so the order of
     translated languages can be controlled. (intrigeri)
   * git: Fix gitweb historyurl examples so "diff to current" links work.
     (Thanks jrayhawk)
   * meta: Allow syntax closer to html meta to be used.
   * Add new disable hook, allowing plugins to perform cleanup after they
     have been disabled.
   * Use Digest::SHA built into perl rather than external Digest::SHA1
     to simplify dependencies. Closes: #591040
   * Fixes a bug that prevented matching deleted pages when using the page()
 ikiwiki (3.20100722) unstable; urgency=low
   * img: Add a margin around images displayed by this directive.
   * comments: Added commentmoderation directive for easy linking to the
     comment moderation queue.
   * aggregate: Write timestamp next aggregation can happen to
     .ikiwiki/aggregatetime, to allow for more sophisticated cron jobs.
   * Add --changesetup mode that allows easily changing options in a
     setup file.
   * openid: Fix handling of utf-8 nicknames.
   * Clarified what the filter hook should be passed: Only be the raw,
     complete text of a page. Not a snippet, or data read in from an
     unrelated file.
   * template: Do not pass filled in template through filter hook.
     Avoids causing breakage in po plugin.
   * color, comments, conditional, cutpaste, more, sidebar, toggle: Also
     avoid unnecessary calls to filter hook.
   * po: needstranslation() pagespec can have a percent specified.
   * Drop Cache-Control must-revalidate (Firefox 3.5.10 does not seem to have
     the caching problem that was added to work around). Closes: #588623
   * Made much more robust in cases where multiple source files produce
     conflicting files/directories in the destdir.
   * Updated French translation from Philippe Batailler. Closes: #589423
   * po: Fix selflink display on tranlsated pages. (intrigeri)
   * Avoid showing 'Add a comment' link at the bottom of the comment post form.
 ikiwiki (3.20100704) unstable; urgency=low
   * Changes to avoid display of ugly google openids, by displaying
     a username taken from openid.
   * API: Add new optional field nickname to rcs_recentchanges.
   * API: rcs_commit and rcs_commit_staged are now passed named
   * openid: Store nickname based on username or email provided from
     openid provider.
   * git: Record the nickname from openid in the git author email.
   * comment: Record the username from openid in the comment page.
   * Fixed some confusion and bugginess about whether
     rcs_getctime/rcs_getmtime were passed absolute or relative filenames.
     (Make it relative like everything else.)
   * hnb: Fixed broken use of mkstemp that had caused dangling temp files,
     and prevented actually rendering hnb files.
   * Use comment template on comments page of example blog.
   * comment.tmpl: Fix up display when inline uses it to display a non-comment
     page. (Such as a discussion page.)
   * git: Added git_wrapper_background_command option. Can be used to eg,
     make the git wrapper push to github in the background after ikiwiki
   * po: Added needstranslation() pagespec. (intrigeri)
   * po: Added support for .html source pages. (intrigeri)
   * comment: Fix problem moderating comments of certian pages with utf-8
     in their name.
 ikiwiki (3.20100623) unstable; urgency=low
   * openid: Add openid_realm and openid_cgiurl configuration options,
     useful in a few edge case setups.
   * attachment: Show files from underlay in attachments list.
   * img: Support hspace and vspace attributes.
   * editpage: Rename "comments" field to avoid CSS conflict with the
     comments div.
   * edittemplate: Make silent mode not disable display when the template
     page does not exist, so it can be easily created.
   * edittemplate: Look for template pages under templates/ like everything
     else (still looks in old location for backwards compatibility).
   * attachment: When inserting links, insert img directives for images,
     if that plugin is enabled.
   * websetup: Allow enabling plugins listed in disable_plugins.
   * editpage, comments: Fix broken links in sidebar (due to forcebaseurl).
     (Thanks, privat)
   * calendar: Tune archive_pagespec to only match pages, not other files.
   * Fix issues with combining unicode srcdirs and source files.
     (Workaround bug #586045)
   * Make --gettime be honored after initial setup.
   * git: Fix --gettime to properly support utf8 filenames.
   * attachment: Support Windows paths when taking basename of client-supplied
     file name.
   * theme: New plugin, allows easily themeing a site via the underlay.
   * Added actiontabs theme by Svend Sorensen.
   * Added blueview theme by Bernd Zeimetz.
   * mercurial: Fix buggy getctime code. Closes: #586279
   * link: Enhanced to handle URLs and email addresses. (Bernd Zeimetz)
 ikiwiki (3.20100610) unstable; urgency=low
   * creation_day() etc use local time, not gmtime. To match calendars, which
     use local time.
   * img: Fill in missing height or width when scaling image.
   * Remove example blog tag pages; allow autotag creation to create them
     when used.
   * Fix support for globbing in tagged() pagespecs.
   * Fix display of sidebar when previewing page edit. (Thanks, privat)
   * relativedate: Fix problem with localised dates not working.
   * editpage: Avoid storing accidental state changes when previewing pages.
   * page.tmpl: Add a div around the page content, and comments, to aide in
     sidebar styling.
   * style.css: Improvements to make floating sidebar fit much better on
     pages with inlines.
   * calendar: Shorten day names, and improve styling of month calendar.
   * style.css: Reduced sidebar width back to 20ex from 30; the month calendar
     will now fit in the smaller width, and 30 was feeling too large.
 ikiwiki (3.20100518.2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Fix a typo in the last release.
 ikiwiki (3.20100518) unstable; urgency=low
   * page.tmpl: Accidentially broke po plugin's otherlanguages list styling
     when modifying for html5; now fixed.
   * Fix a bug that prevented matching deleted comments, and so did not update
     pages that had contained them.
 ikiwiki (3.20100515) unstable; urgency=low
   * Removed misc.tmpl. Now to theme ikiwiki, you only need to customise
     a single template, page.tmpl.
   * If you have a locally customised page.tmpl, it needs to be updated
     to set <base> when BASEURL or FORCEBASEURL is set.
   * comments: Comments pending moderation are now stored in the srcdir
     alongside accepted comments, but with a `._comment_pending` extension.
     This allows easier byhand moderation, as the "_pending" need
     only be stripped off and the comment be committed to version control.
   * The `comment_pending()` pagespec can be used to match such unmoderated
     comments, which makes it easy to add a feed of them, or a counter
     indicating how many there are.
   * Belatedly added a `comment()` pagespec.
   * Gave comment and page editing forms some CSS and accessability love.
   * Renamed postscan hook to indexhtml, to reflect its changed position,
     and typical use.
   * inline: Call indexhtml when inlining internal pages, so their
     text can be indexed for searching.
   * Delete hooks are passed deleted internal pages.
   * openid: Incorporated a fancy openid-selector signin form.
     (Based on http://code.google.com/p/openid-selector/)
   * openid: Use "openid_identifier" as the form field, as required
     by OpenID Authentication v2.0 spec.
   * Removed the openidsignup option. Instead, my recommendation is to
     leave passwordauth enabled and let people who don't have an openid use it.
     The openid selector form avoids the UI annoyance of having both openid
     and passwordauth on one form.
   * calendar: Allow negative month to be specified. -1 is last month, etc.
     (And also negative years.)
   * calendar: Display year in title of month calendar.
   * Use xhtml friendly pubdate setting.
   * remove, rename: Add guards against XSRF attacks.
 4d41d7e7b75a150bc70dd4918e57e03fe4397a14 1187 ikiwiki_3.20100815~bpo50+1.dsc
 e4e370dc71a587796527453cdadc72e29b9d6b6c 1882353 ikiwiki_3.20100815~bpo50+1.tar.gz
 7ba07a8daa1c249b74e88eb7eb77eaa16a90af47 1438784 ikiwiki_3.20100815~bpo50+1_all.deb
 82c45293e9e85ad6e63a050856cf597fc6e4f1a2b7195dd921084f8f96b61d38 1187 ikiwiki_3.20100815~bpo50+1.dsc
 3cea9fbbb6cf86f089878fe4ede5ce136b546f511a7a9a73f3111d95b0568724 1882353 ikiwiki_3.20100815~bpo50+1.tar.gz
 b90a9c2dd40e92846ec02ef4f1d19e34968e191e28088c9b935c7a5962601230 1438784 ikiwiki_3.20100815~bpo50+1_all.deb
 20f01aed99cbea216d1dcd83822ba90d 1187 web optional ikiwiki_3.20100815~bpo50+1.dsc
 2a9221ff862c54c6a13b8c1bf50d4a70 1882353 web optional ikiwiki_3.20100815~bpo50+1.tar.gz
 480ad7e531946860674407164a3a830d 1438784 web optional ikiwiki_3.20100815~bpo50+1_all.deb

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