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Accepted mksh 39.3-1~bpo50+1 (source i386)

Hash: SHA384

Format: 1.8
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2010 16:41:48 +0000
Source: mksh
Binary: mksh
Architecture: source i386
Version: 39.3-1~bpo50+1
Distribution: lenny-backports
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Thorsten Glaser <tg@mirbsd.de>
Changed-By: Thorsten Glaser <tg@mirbsd.de>
 mksh       - MirBSD Korn Shell
Closes: 505882 518355 518359 522777 522778 522779 523088 532343 534788 535970 539538 541617 548744 550717
 mksh (39.3-1~bpo50+1) lenny-backports; urgency=low
   * Rebuild for lenny-backports.
 mksh (39.3-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream version R39c; shortened ChangeLog since R39:
     - [tg] Build system, code, docs and testsuite cleanup, also style(9)
     - [tg] Parse and evaluate ${parameter op word} correctly
     - [tg] Fix possible SIGSEGV in interactive mode bind builtin due to
       mis-optimisation of gcc combined with a bogus prototype;
       discovered by Grml.org's Frank Terbeck (ft), thanks!
     - [tg] Clean up some more strict *roff or compiler warnings: dashes,
       undefined macros; casting errors (constness, signedness, type
       width/class) and catch possibly unaligned pointer dereferences
       early; remove code/rodata redundancies, plug memory leaks
     - [smultron] Tweak the manual page: point out the word “colour”
     - [tg] Optimise dot.mkshrc DJB’s CDB hash implementations; add Bob
       Jenkins’ one-at-a-time hash (standard and leading-bit
       initialised); fix signedness in expressions; let the hashes use
       stdin if "$*" is empty, like Lb64{en,de}code; use
       “[[ -o utf8-mode ]]” ipv “[[ $- = *U* ]]”
     - [tg] Build.sh portability fixes: missing prerequisite headers;
       ensure $CC is never called without $CFLAGS; fix test.sh, et al.
     - [tg] Optimise internal variable representation; use one-at-a-time
       hash; cache hash values for faster resizing at zero memory cost;
       clean up hash table (keytab) code; switch hash table collision
       resolution algorithm to Python’s; prepare for later changes
     - [tg] Fix type errors in the source code (int → bool, size_t,
     - [tg] Fix “${foo:bar:$baz}” not working (missing substitute() call)
     - [tg] Implement “typeset ±a” as nop
     - [tg] Support ksh93-like “${!foo[@]}” listing the keys (indicēs) of
       all set array elements
     - [tg] Support bash/ksh93-like “array=([key]=value …)” and
       (additionally) “set ±A array -- [key]=value …” to directly
       specify indicēs to use
     - [tg] Document the optional, unsupported, printf(1) builtin in TFM
     - [tg] Replace realpath(3) dependency and internally used
       get_phys_path() pdksh code with own implementation; always offer
       the realpath builtin
     - [tg] Implement nameref='typeset -n' (bounded variables) like AT&T
       ksh93 but with mksh-style nested/dynamic scoping and on-use
       resolving; they cannot currently be stored in an array though
     - [tg] Add “chdir” builtin doing the same as “cd” special builtin
     - [tg, David Korn] Document more differences between mksh (and
       pdksh) and AT&T ksh (or, more specific, ksh88, ksh93) in the
       manual page
     - [tg] Support “'a'” as an alternative to “1#a”, like ksh93 does
     - [tg] Add ksh’s “test -o ?foo”: true if “foo” is a valid shell
       option, where “foo” can be “xtrace” or “-x” or “+x” (these three
       are equivalent)
     - [tg] Support “$'…'” backslash-expanding single-quoted strings, as
       requested by David Korn, with almost the same syntax and semantics
     - [tg] Unify backslash expansion code (C style vs. print builtin)
     - [tg] Support “function stop () {” bashism
     - [tg] For several items in the source code that require order to be
       kept, provide from multiply-included header files; sort correctly
     - [tg] Get rid of unneeded FMONITOR (-m) for shells without job
       control; sync list of flags, comments and manpage with reality
     - [tg] If MKSH_SMALL, reduce size by removing editor functionality
     - [tg] Support VT100 emulator style {Ctrl,Alt}-CurLeft/Right keycode
       sequences with new vt100-hack emacs bind function (LP: #355883)
     - [cnuke, tg] Remove more, like GNU bash extensions, from MKSH_SMALL
     - [tg] Remove more functionality, such as Emacs command line editing
       mode bind key macros, and other extensions, from MKSH_SMALL to
       help floppies
     - [tg] Make forking and subshells less expensive wrt. random state
     - [tg] Build and source code fixes for / caught by SUNWcc, HP aCC,
       pcc, DEC ucode cc (MIPS), GCC, LLVM clang
     - [tg] Make undef/def MKSH_NOVI into 0/1 MKSH_S_NOVI build flag
     - [tg] Get rid of "U getenv" in nm output, we already import environ
     - [tg] Simplify $RANDOM handling: reads are now either arc4random(3)
       (if available: set +o arc4random is no longer possible) or an LCG;
       writes are arc4random_pushb(3) if available for explicit writes,
       arc4random_addrandom(3) otherwise, or another one-at-a-time hash
       feeding the LCG; furthermore, RANDOM is now always exported to and
       imported from (implicit read: no push to kernel done) the
       environment vector on startup and spawning
     - [tg] Document mksh does not exactly use OPTU-8/OPTU-16 in the
       manpage, as well as when characters, octets, or screen columns
       are used
     - [tg] Fix exit 127 on "mksh /tmp/horsies" ipv of 1 on ENOENT,
     - [Clint Adams] Fix typos in the testsuite
     - [tg, Clint Adams] Begin a shared testsuite for mksh and posh
     - [tg] Make 「((foo) || bar)」 and 「((foo) | (bar))」 work
     - [tg] Fix lazy evaluation of assignments by ternary operator,
     - [tg] Work around Cygwin bugs (quirks) hindering the testsuite
     - [tg] In FSH mode, “echo [-n] 'foo\x40bar'” shall not be expanded
     - [tg] Let set -- $(false); echo $? return 0 (POSIXly correct) in
       FSH mode, 1 (needed for getopt(1) support) otherwise
     - [tg] Changes of variables inside Bourne style POSIX functions
       indeed affect the current execution environment (of the function
     - [tg] Fix getopts behaviour (sync with AT&T ksh93 not ksh88)
     - [tg] “eval $(false)” shall return 0 (Debian Closes: #550717)
     - [tg] Ensure that /* apo'strophes in comments */ work
     - [tg] Overhaul and simplify handling of (special) variables
     - [tg] Further reduce memory (code/data) and import footprint
     - [tg] Use functions without PATH_MAX limit on GNU/Hurd
     - [tg] Fix tab completing pathnames containing ‘:’, ‘=’, ‘$’ or ‘`’
     - [tg] Support ‘-T <tty>’ even if MKSH_SMALL and fix it
     - [tg] Remove "which" alias "whence -p" to allow "which -a" in
       dot.mkshrc and add more examples, some commented out
     - [tg] Fix print_columns() issue with displaying items where
       characters had differing number of octets and columns, and the
       off-by-one which had hidden this problem with 2-octet 1-column
       and 3-octet 2-column chars
     - [tg] Beautify the manpage in both AT&T nroff and GNU groff
     - [tg] Fix null-expansion of “${x%?}” if $x is unset
     - [tg] Make some globbing (${x%?}) operate on characters instead of
       octets; update manual page to reflect that others still do and
       remove wording that let people think we’d ever support POSuX
       character classes
     - [tg] New ${%foo} returning width of $foo in screen columns, or -1
       if $foo contains an ASCII/latin1/Unicode C0/C1 control character
     - [tg] Fix subtle possible portability problem wrt. CHILD_MAX
     - [tg] Honour ±U on command line of an interactive shell
     - [tg] Fix dead stores and other bugs pointed out by the Clang
       static analyser; put assertions in places it has false positives
     - [tg] Plug uninitialised memory access and possible out-of-bounds
       read of a buffer caught by Valgrind; change one memcpy(3) to
       memmove(3) where srcbuf and dstbuf overlap; place (-DDEBUG)
       workaround for false positive
     - [tg] Rework __attribute__ compiler capability check
     - [tg] Apply errno save/restore related fix from (sync with) oksh
     - [tg] Build.sh: output message when switching from
       autoconfiguration to building / output generation (requested by
       Matt “lewellyn” Lewandowsky); use “conftest.c” ipv “scn.c” (to
       please ccache); ...
     - [tg] Allow “unset foo[*]” (keep attributes) and “typeset foo[*]”
       (for forward-compatibility; R39b it’s the same as “typeset foo”)
     - [tg] When persistent history is enabled (but not MKSH_SMALL) and
       used, intertwine the shells concurrently accessing $HISTFILE
       better ⇒ sync on empty or duplicate line as well (requested by
       Maximilian “mxey” Gaß)
     - [tg] Split off “set ±o posix” and “set ±o sh” again, to be
       somewhat more compatible to various old or vendor versions of
       pdksh and mksh:
       + MKSH_BINSHREDUCED sets FSH but not FPOSIX
       + MKSH_MIDNIGHTBSD01ASH_COMPAT depends on FSH but not FPOSIX
       + The echo built-in behaves the same for FPOSIX and FSH
       + File descriptors > 2 are not closed for both FPOSIX and FSH
       + Both “set -o posix” and “set -o sh” call “set +o braceexpand”
       + In contrast to R39 and below, the errorlevel of
         “set -- $(getopt ab:c "$@")” is now the same in ksh and
         FPOSIX mode (0) and only FSH will use the errorlevel of getopt
         (used to be the other way round)
     - [tg] Document some more shortcomings in the mksh(1) manual page
     - Contributed printf.c fixes:
       + [tg] Make printf(1) builtin use “$'…'” mode, like ksh93
       + [tg] Fix const-cleanliness
   * Remove patches now integrated in upstream or no longer needed
   * Bump Standards-Version, no relevant change
   * Apply patches inside the top-level directory
   * debian/source/format: Enforce "1.0" manually, for now
   * debian/README.source: New, by zack's suggestion, to document some
     particulars of the source package and why I'm not using 3.0 yet
   * debian/README.Debian, debian/mksh.docs: New, document dash bug
   * debian/control: I'm sure we don't need to B-D on locales-all [m68k]
   * debian/control: tweak package short description to well-known text
     and sync long description with upstream's
   * debian/copyright: Update, sync with upstream
   * Rename build/ into builddir/ to avoid phony target vs pathname
     conflict in Makefile (debian/rules)
   * debian/rules: Ensure we use the C locale during build (especially
     for patch application collation order)
   * debian/mksh.examples, debian/rules: Split out dh_installexamples args
   * debian/rules: Update for R39c, printf.c.1.14 particulars
   * debian/rules: When building, try with -combine first but retry if it
     fails, like my OpenSuSE Buildservice packages do (cf. LP: #375604)
   * debian/control: Remove DMUA, I'm a DD now
   * debian/diffs/backport-fixes.diff: New, fixes not yet in R39c
 mksh (39.1-4) unstable; urgency=low
   * Update danish translation, Tak tazz
   * debian/diffs/backport-echo-noescapes.diff: new, backport fix
     for "echo [-n] 'foo\x40bar'" expanding even in sh mode
   * debian/diffs/*: refresh and bump version number
   * debian/control: Update and correct package description
 mksh (39.1-3) unstable; urgency=low
   * Add support for using pax instead of cpio for extraction
   * Backport fix for return code bug (Closes: #548744)
 mksh (39.1-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * debian/rules: build mksh-small without floating point support
     also, because it’s ⓐ huge and ⓑ buggy in dietlibc
   * debian/diffs/backport-function-parens.diff: new, support the
     "function stop () {" bashism sometimes popular in sh scripts
   * debian/diffs/zz-version.diff: fix an oversight and use the
     actual 39.1-* version number instead of 38.9.yyyymmdd-* from
     when this patch was first being created in an experimental
     version; refresh diff against original files; use -U1 instead
     of -up for sh.h diff to not get fuzz at the RCS ID
 mksh (39.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream version R39 (despite #540512, I got fed up waiting for
     Guillem/Gerrit to contact me), Closes: #541617; complete ChangeLog:
     - [tg] Shut up a bogus gcc warning during configuration process
     - [tg] Spell AT&T consistently in the source code
     - [tg] Tweak mksh(1) manual page, from wbx@ and «lewellyn:#ksh»
     - [tg] dot.mkshrc: fix $@ vs. $* mix-up
     - [tg] dot.mkshrc: add DJB cdb hash function
     - [tg] Sync with oksh: fix Vi editing mode word erase handling, again
     - [tg] Skip whitespace between POSIX style shell function name and
       its definition parenthesēs during detection if an alias of the same
       name already exists to be more robust (Debian Closes: #535970)
     - [tg] Build system improvements for ACK and nwcc, both on Debian sid
     - [tg] Fix spelling error in changelog discovered by Lintian
     - [tg] Aligh “set -o nounset” / “set -u” behaviour with future POSIX
       standard, as discussed with GNU bash maintainers, David Korn from
       AT&T ksh93, and The Open Group; prompted by use in Debian;
       Closes: #539538
     - [tg] add an unsupported way to make printf(1) a builtin
     - [tg] Build system and regression test code and comment improvements:
       better and more comments matching reality better; more reliability
       w.r.t. passed CPPFLAGS; more of the MKSH_SMALL changes may be
       overridden, all of them are now enumerated on the webpage; fixed
       some breakage; portability
     - [tg] MKSH_NOPWNAM and MKSH_SMALL will now both disable the ~fac/
       (homedir) expansion code wholly if defined, not just getpwnam(3)
     - [tg] shells without job control no longer define the standard
       “stop” and “suspend” aliases (they are pointless anyway);
       regression tests know
     - [tg] use system RCS ID macros on MirBSD if decent enough
     - [tg] shut up bogus gcc 4.5/trunk warnings caused by
     - [tg] restore ANSI C compilability broken in R38 (speed up, even)
     - [tg] use memcpy(3) ipv strlcpy(3) if possible and safe and secure
   * Integrate czech translation update, Dêkuji; Closes: #534788
   * Switch to debhelper 5, by suggestion of Patrick “aptituz” Schönfeld
   * Add (commented out) framework for building with klibc, pending
     bugfixes and enhancements I submitted to the Debian BTS; can be
     customised for with/without MKSH_SMALL and dynamic/static linkage
   * debian/copyright: remove setmode.c remark, it is never used:
     mksh-full has it provided by libbsd; mksh-diet, mksh-small, and
     mksh-klibc have the mknod builtin disabled and do not need it;
     strlcpy.c is provided by libbsd, dietlibc and klibc, so neither
     mksh-full nor mksh-diet (nor mksh-klibc) need it, only mksh-small
     in the glibc version (on platforms where dietlibc is unavailable)
   * debian/rules: Append -e to sub-make command line, to force it to
     use the correct build environment (mostly CFLAGS)
   * Apply policy compliance (-o posix if run as sh) to mksh-small
   * Disable duplication of -Wall on the compiler command line
   * debian/rules: improve comments
   * mksh-klibc: debian/rules can now build an MKSH_SMALL flavour
   * Let mksh have all builtins dash has; Closes: #532343
     ‣ New diffs/add-builtin-chdir.diff: add “chdir” builtin (= “cd”)
     ‣ New diffs/add-builtin-printf.diff: add “printf” builtin (manpage)
     ‣ debian/copyright, debian/rules: new source file printf.c (code),
       install and use it; make sure klibc has strtod(3) disabled
     ‣ New diffs/add-builtin_common.diff: common part of the diff
   * New diffs/zz-version.diff: use Debian specific ksh version number
   * debian/rules: reorder some assignments to make it better readable
     and add and improve comments
   * debian/watch: add RCS ID and comments
   * debian/mksh.menu: don’t create an entry for Diet mksh any more
   * debian/mksh.menu, debian/mksh*.xpm: add icons, long description
   * Update spanish translation; from asarch via IRC, ¡gracias!
   * Fix a spelling error and repetitiveness in the German translation
   * Use portuguese debconf translation for the missing parts of the
     brasilian-portuguese translations and mark them fuzzy
   * Translate the missing dutch parts myself (as good as I can)
   * Convert all debconf translation files to UTF-8
   * Remove VCS-CVS field override; the Lintian maintainers have
     agreed to adjust it so that anoncvs-over-ssh is not criticised
   * Switch to Debian Policy 3.8.3, no relevant changes
 mksh (38.3-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream version R38c; complete ChangeLog:
     - [tg] Fix regression tests on OSes insisting on a shebang (Cygwin)
     - [Sean Boudreau] QNX 6.4.2 ed(1) is said to have the bugs fixed
     - [tg] Build.sh bugfixes: -DMKSH_BINSHREDUCED can also be given
       without -DMKSH_SMALL; allow HAVE_REALPATH=x and HAVE_REVOKE=x in
       the environment to re-enable these even if -DMKSH_SMALL disables
       them by default, like mknod already did
     - [tg] -DMKSH_ASSUME_UTF8=0 skips the environment checks, like
       -DMKSH_ASSUME_UTF8=1, but disables the utf8-mode
     - [tg] Apply some more KNF – style(9) – to the source; clean it up
       and further optimise for small size
     - [OpenBSD] Fix segfaults caused by missing check for end of input
       in the tokeniser on “let --” and other input
     - [OpenBSD] Make Vi editing mode ^W behave like Emacs mode’s
     - [tg] If no killpg(3) is available, use kill(2) and hope it works
     - [tg] -DMKSH_NO_LIMITS skips trying to build the ulimit code
   * debian/rules: use DEB_BUILD_ARCH, not DEB_HOST_ARCH, to determine
     if dietlibc should be excluded on certain architectures where it
     is known to fail
 mksh (38.2-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * debian/rules: fix typo in buildd admin instructions for openpty()
   * New upstream version R38b; complete ChangeLog:
     - [André Wösten] Add __NO_EXT_QNX to avoid picking up the wrong
       waitfor() from <libutil.h> in (while porting to) QNX 6.4
     - [tg] Plug memory corruption issue introduced in R38
     - [tg] Amend dot.mkshrc with a base64 en-/decoder in shell
     - [tg] Import a manpage fix via OpenBSD from Alan R. S. Bueno
 mksh (38.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * debian/control: depend on locales-all on m68k because its
     locales and glibc packages are not up to date / installable
   * debian/rules: ignore localedef failure (uncritical to build)
   * New upstream version R38; complete ChangeLog:
     - [tg] Improve regression test output debugging
     - [tg] Fix <libutil.h> prerequisites on MidnightBSD in mirtoconf
     - [tg] Mention that RedHat BZ#496791 cannot currently be fixed in
       the manpage by discouraging use of apostrophes in comments in
       comsubs; add appropriate (expected-fail) regression tests
     - [tg] Sync with OpenBSD ksh (mostly a no-op)
     - [James Butler] Add search-history-up and search-history-down
       keybindings (tcsh-like) to the Emacs command line editing mode
     - [tg] Bind new search-history-{up,down} to ANSI PgUp and PgDn keys
     - [tg] Document ANSI default keybindings (↑↓←→ Home End Del
       PgUp PgDn) in the mksh(1) manual page as well
     - [tg] Optimise internal UTF-8 handling code for size and reusability
     - [tg] Incompatible change: ${foo:1:2} and ${#foo} now operate on
       characters, not on bytes. Characters are octets (set +U) or
       (utf8-mode) MirOS OPTU-8 multibyte characters (set -U)
     - [tg] Improve regression tests relating to ${foo:1:2} and ${#foo} and
       let wc=1#x and utf8-mode
     - [tg] Use per-file copyright notices, move global text to manpage
     - [tg] Expose new MKSH_MIDNIGHTBSD01ASH_COMPAT ifdef; change it to only
       trigger if FPOSIX (or MKSH_BINSHREDUCED and /bin/sh)
     - [tg] Remove already-dead “#if 0” style debugging code
     - [tg] Change some code into a more portable fashion, optimise
     - [tg] Allow [[ $foo ]] (ksh93 extension) mentioned by pgas
     - [tg] Clean up mksh and the contributed arc4random.c for some
       conversion, enum and other warnings for gcc-snapshot trunk r147610
     - [tg] Ensure no function uses more than 768 bytes of stack either
     - [tg, wbx] Add extension to make “!string” lines work like in GNU bash
   * debian/rules, debian/copyright: adjust to upstream changes,
     provide separate copyright file for Debian
   * Remove package-uses-deprecated-debhelper-compat-version
     lintian override to show up in statistics, we want to
     retain the old debhelper version to facilitate backports
 mksh (37.3-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Provide a way to not use dietlibc for /bin/mksh-static
     on certain architectures; use it for s390 (Closes: #523088)
   * debian/control: run ispell over it
 mksh (37.3-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream version R37c; complete ChangeLog:
     - [tg] Improve præprocessor detection/work in Build.sh
     - [tg] Decouple MKSH_CONSERVATIVE_FDS from MKSH_SMALL
     - [tg] Enable MKSH_CONSERVATIVE_FDS by default on Minix 3
     - [tg] Work around the (in-)famous ACK "const" bug
     - [tg] Optimise structure alignment and padding; Closes: #522778
     - [tg] Retain LOCPATH (for glibc locale) in check.pl
     - [tg] Document, simplify and clean up the code better
     - [tg] Use mirbsd.org eMail addresses consistently
   * debian/rules: try to at least execute the built binaries in !nocheck
     cases, to prevent totally unusable packages from being published;
     Closes: #522779
   * Use LOCPATH and a temporarily generated UTF-8 locale for the regres-
     sion test suite (from Steve “vorlon” Langasek); depend on localedef
     Closes: #522777
   * debian/control: add comment where the dietlibc list comes from
   * Sync package description, etc. with R37c release and upstream
   * debian/control: mention VCS-CVS syntax and place of upstream source
 mksh (37.2-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream version R37b; complete ChangeLog:
     - [tg] Clean up build system and dot.mkshrc some more
     - [tg] Add getrusage(2) implementation using times(3) if none found
     - [tg] Add jobless mode (for Minix 3, Plan 9, …)
     - [tg] Detect the Amsterdam Compiler Kit in the build system
     - [tg] If no RLIM_INFINITY don’t try to do ulimit
     - [tg] Work around gcc4 strict warnings vs. broken system headers
     - [tg] Work around systems with mmap(2) but no munmap(2)
     - [tg] Fix (disallow) bind key macro recursion (instead of beeping
       and going into an endless loop), allow multi-line bind key macros
       (mostly from Alexander Hall), remove dead code (the beeping) and
     - [tg] Add (commented out, undesired, standards compliance breaking)
       compatibility code to MidnightBSD 0.1 /bin/sh for ctriv
     - [tg] Clarify the mksh(1) manual page even more
     - [tg] Port to Minix 3 + GCC
   * New upstream version R37; complete ChangeLog:
     - [tg] Rename -o utf8-hack to -o utf8-mode
     - [tg] Fix spacing mode error (pasto) in the mdoc(7) format manpage
     - [tg] Implement $((#…)) unsigned arithmetic calculation, needed for
       arc4random_uniform(3)-in-korn-shell implementation
     - [tg] Really preserve LD_LIBRARY_PATH in check.pl
     - [tg] New Build.sh option ‘-combine’ for building mksh(1) at once
       with “-fwhole-program --combine” (gcc4, llvm-gcc4) if available
     - [tg] Always set COLUMNS and LINES trying as hard as we can, using
       TIOCGWINSZ even if used without FTALKING, and with the sane 80x24
       default if the ioctl(2) fails
     - [tg] Handle _POSIX_VDISABLE being undefined (e.g. Linux/klibc)
     - [tg] <sys/file.h> is only required for flock(2)
     - [tg] Fix multi-column output routine for the corner case if the
       screen is less wide than one output column; 10x Gábor Gergely
     - [tg] Fix ${foo/@(%)/\\x} in UTF-8 mode (utf_widthadj for control
       characters U+0080‥U+009F is slightly broken; this fix shifts the
       brokenness into the command line editing mode only)
     - [tg] Introduce mksh_ari_t and mksh_uari_t internal types to limit
       arithmetics to 32 bit on all systems; currently depending on the
       already-used standard int32_t and uint32_t types. Future expansion
       to 64 bit possible. Document that shell integer variables use this
     - [tg] The variables PGRP, PPID, RANDOM and USER_ID are now unsigned
     - [tg] Fix two off-by-ones breaking PS1 ending with a newline; bug
       reported by Matthias Diener
     - [tg] Just pass through C1 control characters for now
     - [tg] Code and internal interfaces cleanup
     - [tg] Regression test fixes for Cygwin env(1) being unsorted
     - [tg] Replace the memory allocator by something equally simple and
       homegrown but optimised for use with mksh and free checking
     - [tg] Import a couple of minor fixes (e.g. spelling) from oksh
     - [tg] Fix problems with "set -e" for real; from oksh,
       Closes: #518359
     - [tg] In "set -o posix" mode, have limited echo(1) to improve
       standards compliance; the exact feature set is open for discussion,
       e.g. with pkgsrc® people; for now, only -n as first arg
     - [tg] Make test builtin operator precedence consistent; from oksh
     - [tg] Revamp and fold and enhance the regression tests
     - [tg] Document somewhat surprising behaviour in mksh(1) better;
       here: [ x -eq y ]; for gps23 from #ksh
     - [tg] Reduce memory consumption by allocator simplification
     - [tg] Fix bugs spotted by DEC ucode cc (ULTRIX) and gcc 1.42 (BSD/OS)
     - [laffer1] Make mksh the default /bin/sh in MidnightBSD
   * debian/rules: add support for applying patches to the source code
   * debian/rules: build with new ‘-combine’ option for better optimisation
   * Fix debconf checks if dash is uninstalled; Closes: #518355
   * Use 「--package mksh」 consistently with dpkg-divert
   * debian/control: update package description
   * Upgrade Standards-Version to 3.8.1
     - debian/rules: support nocheck in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS
     - debian/control: add RCS Id as comment field
   * debian/source.lintian-overrides: add (things not deemed fixable)
     - package-uses-deprecated-debhelper-compat-version (who cares)
     - vcs-field-uses-not-recommended-uri-format (source is available
       via AnonCVS, but pserver must die!)
   * debian/control: prepend :ext: anoncvs protocol to VCS-CVS field
 mksh (36.2-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Reword package description, avoid things not of interest to
     a Debian user; Closes: #505882
   * Switch from patching copyright to merely prepending information
   * Remove all patches, as they have been integrated upstream; add
     ‘-DMKSH_BINSHREDUCED’ to CPPFLAGS to enable the functionality
   * New upstream version; complete ChangeLog:
     - [tg] Add check for naming the output file “scn” instead of “a.out”
       or “a.exe” when compiling scn.c, for Haiku, from Adam “replaced” Hoka
     - [tg] Rewrite utf_backch macro and x_bs2 function into a combined
       x_bs3 function for the Emacs editing mode, to optimise them and get
       rid of the use of __typeof__ (suggested by Anders “ragge” Magnusson
       after the problem was spot by replaced) and one of the uses of the
       statements-as-expressions feature
     - [ahoka] Add mirtoconf check for nice(3), missing on Haiku
     - [tg] Remove all uses of the statements-as-expressions feature by
       rewriting the source code accordingly and optimising some parts
     - [tg] Recognise nwcc (Nils Weller’s C compiler) in Build.sh
     - [tg] If <strings.h> exists, pull it in for strcasecmp(3)
     - [tg] Welcome QNX/Neutrino; work around broken /bin/ed
     - [tg] Simplify, shorten, speed up PS1 in dot.mkshrc
     - [tg] Remove some dead code courtesy of scan-build native runs
     - [tg] Add some casts to prevent LLVM+Clang warnings
     - [tg] Work around llvm-gcc-4.2.1 -Wformat pickyness
     - [tg] Add new Build.sh option ‘-llvm’ (clang, llvm-gcc)
     - [tg] Speed up mirtoconf if ‘-DMKSH_ASSUME_UTF8’ is set
     - [tg] Add the workaround for Debian #492377 into the main mirtoconf
       function (hiding gcc errors during the configure phase) because
       Gentoo has similar scanner issues; reported by Hanno Böck
     - [tg] If an MKSH_SMALL has arc4random(3), skip the rand(3)/srand(3)
       fall-back altogether to shrink size, also removed need for time(3)
     - [tg] Fix alias expansion recursion check if the word to be expanded
       is immediately followed by end of input, add test case; spotted by
       Michael Hlavinka in pdksh and mksh; RedHat #474115
     - [tg] Fix string/wdstring confusion preventing bashiop (&>foo) to
       work inside a function, add regression test, limit to 99 fds
     - [tg] change regression tests to ‘set -U’ or ‘set +U̲ instead of
       ‘set -o utf8-hack’, as well as query using ‘$-’ ipv ‘$(set +o)’
       (easier and more reliable)
     - [tg] Add comment to regression tests which can fail on slow machines
       or Cygwin environments due to timing issues
     - [tg] Remove a lot of superfluous casts, improve type cleanliness
     - [tg] Insert a couple of /* CONSTCOND */ for lint
   * New source package and build structure:
     - distfile is now packaged *inside* the orig tarball instead of repak-
       kaged, similar to PostgreSQL
     - debian/rules “patch” target takes care of it, as per Policy Manual
     - debian-specific things (debian/ directory and all patches) are kept
       in a publically accessible CVS repository
     - VCS-CVS and VCS-Browser fields have been added to debian/control
     - source is extracted to ./mksh and built, using relative paths to the
       source code, in ./build/full and ./build/small; both are .cvsignore’d
     - most files now carry an RCS ID
     - paths in mksh.install, mksh.manpages, rules have been adjusted
   * word-wrap debian/control lines to 80c
   * add build dependency on cpio (for distfile extraction)
   * for non-pbuilder testsuite runs (needed on gnubber), rename the ./manual
     file tested for to ./attended to clarify its purpose
   * debian/rules: share code instead of duplicating it
   * debian/rules: fix testsuite use of $? and $x (gmake wants $$? and $$x)
   * debian/rules: use sensible stamp files and new paths, coming along with
     the new “patch” target
   * remove the ‘-Q’ option from Build.sh invocation, which is gone
 cde53b6e5e3dd1b76fe13446324cc928e4a6fab2 1888 mksh_39.3-1~bpo50+1.dsc
 f1a2d90041ba081f8790ae38584d3119d5403ccc 301719 mksh_39.3.orig.tar.gz
 88dad89b4fd9ca76e3d41f517a4a7a165f8fa7dc 52970 mksh_39.3-1~bpo50+1.diff.gz
 41ff5203ad8456e2917a471aefbfce277e878f30 310040 mksh_39.3-1~bpo50+1_i386.deb
 651467e3f968d59167fe016a92191d13100d1a994779de4df5542a743c4eefab 1888 mksh_39.3-1~bpo50+1.dsc
 017ff64c41ae8c756869dae821e47c46b8dcc806719c04a3ded28b375e188e32 301719 mksh_39.3.orig.tar.gz
 41af7374d1030b39ab9901246af303a2b78667ff6192548f616be08fe6f32c57 52970 mksh_39.3-1~bpo50+1.diff.gz
 c97eb2d6eccf370874f1cabc77508a2203cff43fee933830403663578a572ca0 310040 mksh_39.3-1~bpo50+1_i386.deb
 471d6496ea42e7deb975ee5d955ea0c4 1888 shells optional mksh_39.3-1~bpo50+1.dsc
 3a705fc3ef3b9d0323ef8b6a7a3b5ec7 301719 shells optional mksh_39.3.orig.tar.gz
 f71b4b20342ea277df12bf5ef1defd17 52970 shells optional mksh_39.3-1~bpo50+1.diff.gz
 9b7842a7b6d584dc9f4315b689b1990e 310040 shells optional mksh_39.3-1~bpo50+1_i386.deb

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