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Accepted shibboleth-sp2 2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1 (source i386 all)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 22:40:52 -0700
Source: shibboleth-sp2
Binary: libapache2-mod-shib2 libshibsp3 libshibsp-dev libshibsp-doc shibboleth-sp2-schemas
Architecture: source i386 all
Version: 2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1
Distribution: lenny-backports
Urgency: high
Maintainer: Debian Shib Team <pkg-shibboleth-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org>
 libapache2-mod-shib2 - Federated web single sign-on system (Apache module)
 libshibsp-dev - Federated web single sign-on system (development)
 libshibsp-doc - Federated web single sign-on system (API docs)
 libshibsp3 - Federated web single sign-on system (runtime)
 shibboleth-sp2-schemas - Federated web single sign-on system (schemas)
Closes: 518039
 shibboleth-sp2 (2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1) lenny-backports; urgency=low
   * Backport to stable.
   * Build against libxerces-c2-dev instead of libxerces-c-dev.
 shibboleth-sp2 (2.2.1+dfsg-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Change the libapache2-mod-shib2 section to httpd, matching override.
   * Add a NEWS.Debian entry for libapache2-mod-shib2 that explains the
     recommended configuration update for the 2.2 version.  Thanks, Scott
     Cantor and Kristof BAJNOK.
 shibboleth-sp2 (2.2.1+dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=high
   * New upstream release.
     - SECURITY: Fix improper handling of certificate names containing nul
     - SECURITY: Correctly validate the use attribute of KeyDescriptors,
       preventing use of a key for signing or for encryption if its use
       field says it may not be used for that purpose.
     - New shib-metagen script for generating Shibboleth SP metadata.
     - Support preserving form data across user authentication.
     - Support internal server redirection while maintaining protection.
     - Fix incompatibility between lazy sessions and servlet containers.
     - Fix some problems with dynamic metadata resolution.
     - Fix incompatibility with mod_include.
     - Fix single logout via SOAP.
     - Fix shibd crash with invalid metadata.
     - Fix crash in chaining attribute resolver.
     - Avoid infinite loop on empty attribute mapped to REMOTE_USER.
     - Fix handling of some Unicode data in relaystate data in URLs.
     - Correctly return Success to LogoutRequest where appropriate.
     - Avoid chunked encoding in back-channel calls.
     - Correctly check Recipient values in assertions.
     - Fix attributePrefix handling in some contexts.
     - Fix generated metadata DiscoveryResponse.
     - Fix handling of unsigned responses with encryption.
     - Fix handling of InProcess property.
   * Rename library package for upstream SONAME bump.
   * Tighten build dependencies and schema package dependencies on
     opensaml2 and xmltooling.
   * Build against Xerces-C 3.0.
   * Dynamically determine the Debian and upstream package versions for
     get-orig-source from debian/changelog.
   * Update libapache2-mod-shib2's README.Debian for changes to the
     TestShib web pages.
   * Use the automatically-extracted package version as the version number
     for the man pages.
   * Update standards version to 3.8.3.
     - Create /var/run/shibboleth in the init script if it doesn't exist.
     - Don't ship /var/run/shibboleth in the package.
     - Remove /var/run/shibboleth in postrm if it exists.
 shibboleth-sp2 (2.1.dfsg1-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Redo the variable quoting in doxygen.m4 so that configure can be
     rebuilt with Autoconf 2.63.  (Closes: #518039)
 shibboleth-sp2 (2.1.dfsg1-1) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Russ Allbery ]
   * New upstream version.
     - New memory cache storage backend.
     - Schema validation is now optional.
     - Many bug fixes.
   * Bump SONAME of libshibsp following upstream's versioning.
   * Build-depend on libsaml2-dev >= 2.1 following the upstream spec file
     and libxmltooling-dev 1.1 just in case (required by OpenSAML 2.1).
   * Fix the name of the tarball created by get-orig-source.
   * Logcheck rules.
   * Tighten the dependency versioning; the 2.1 SP library requires the
     2.1 schemas from the Shibboleth SP and OpenSAML and the 1.1 schemas
     from XMLTooling.
   * Remove duplicate Section field for libapache2-mod-shib2.
   [ Ferenc Wagner ]
   * Follow the libshibsp1->2 package rename in the dh_makeshlibs invocation.
   * Remove the Shibboleth minor version number from README.Debian.
   * Comment out the reference to WS-Trust.xsd from the catalog.xml file in
     shibboleth-sp2-schemas and document how to enable it again.
 6960803e98d4b9a9dfd733cd0309df477ed37e06 1683 shibboleth-sp2_2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1.dsc
 4900ff07d5cba4d432408bd4b38964701db0556a 818408 shibboleth-sp2_2.2.1+dfsg.orig.tar.gz
 88636c280038527e03b6d0f465a510147e02a11a 16383 shibboleth-sp2_2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1.diff.gz
 6b47be1f3ffee62733391114cb85d921e00a3888 227838 libapache2-mod-shib2_2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1_i386.deb
 40f78dd3284b67cecd2d6d2097916c77dcc3d0b0 947858 libshibsp3_2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1_i386.deb
 2ba09ca7e309f6370a67994096aaecc8bf065a7d 44256 libshibsp-dev_2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1_i386.deb
 fbfe1114fe148288e7e95ff1b61fc7653d25b3e5 288530 libshibsp-doc_2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1_all.deb
 569a4cbda9572f1295ac8ab227d7142d34633c9d 17214 shibboleth-sp2-schemas_2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1_all.deb
 33a820c7a8f5e7752ab041b22bcc562a85d02f28e0c06cc9e60704b37f070871 1683 shibboleth-sp2_2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1.dsc
 dba2471da9cca7073ef34e8f55dd083c56e9d80e301799525d4bbd6e26e76ea2 818408 shibboleth-sp2_2.2.1+dfsg.orig.tar.gz
 ddf53cc9bb37d42957ab06e21bac55e887d7f31fbc753d0d51366ec96d3843c4 16383 shibboleth-sp2_2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1.diff.gz
 660d4bbdf746ab8046d77a48c5aaee86479ac196fa5a36e9349131c54aff1866 227838 libapache2-mod-shib2_2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1_i386.deb
 901af3b45eb3e33d6395498f60711f31894b991c075f5ccc80eb869c46603288 947858 libshibsp3_2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1_i386.deb
 eced0602667f7857c44779543d84b2fc54199d3e8632ac4d73110bb52d6493b3 44256 libshibsp-dev_2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1_i386.deb
 55d9e016a3e80dace5078bba742601087abdb2a0d463ce704860e5a3cedeafe7 288530 libshibsp-doc_2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1_all.deb
 ff12e7b545c447818cc1842cab3d1721455ef8c6b7d916d343075be99c466053 17214 shibboleth-sp2-schemas_2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1_all.deb
 64c73e845fd80b4492ff38b4be86e4ff 1683 web extra shibboleth-sp2_2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1.dsc
 668c6e705eb7c78ea2c3cbfcd16ea88c 818408 web extra shibboleth-sp2_2.2.1+dfsg.orig.tar.gz
 c9e92ad8d6df5b4100dfbecb270ce0e4 16383 web extra shibboleth-sp2_2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1.diff.gz
 7de5a5345ce5bb517d1942e4d6a2828f 227838 httpd extra libapache2-mod-shib2_2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1_i386.deb
 6e4632131cc1117e42c58797030f7fee 947858 libs extra libshibsp3_2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1_i386.deb
 1ffdb2cd276f662a7880578909756c27 44256 libdevel extra libshibsp-dev_2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1_i386.deb
 0f0a705bc1fe0ca3273aadd041000a0d 288530 doc extra libshibsp-doc_2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1_all.deb
 2ce5aa816e0d5817173397ebbed467c4 17214 text extra shibboleth-sp2-schemas_2.2.1+dfsg-2~bpo50+1_all.deb

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