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Accepted postgresql-8.3 8.3.4-1~bpo40+1 (source all powerpc)

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.7
Date: Sun, 05 Oct 2008 17:27:47 +0200
Source: postgresql-8.3
Binary: libpgtypes3 libpq5 libpq-dev libecpg-compat3 libecpg6 postgresql-contrib-8.3 postgresql-doc postgresql-8.3 postgresql-pltcl-8.3 postgresql-server-dev-8.3 postgresql postgresql-contrib postgresql-client postgresql-plpython-8.3 postgresql-client-8.3 postgresql-doc-8.3 postgresql-plperl-8.3 libecpg-dev
Architecture: source powerpc all
Version: 8.3.4-1~bpo40+1
Distribution: etch-backports
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Martin Pitt <mpitt@debian.org>
Changed-By: Gerfried Fuchs <rhonda@debian.at>
 libecpg-compat3 - older version of run-time library for ECPG programs
 libecpg-dev - development files for ECPG (Embedded PostgreSQL for C)
 libecpg6   - run-time library for ECPG programs
 libpgtypes3 - shared library libpgtypes for PostgreSQL 8.3
 libpq-dev  - header files for libpq5 (PostgreSQL library)
 libpq5     - PostgreSQL C client library
 postgresql - object-relational SQL database (supported version)
 postgresql-8.3 - object-relational SQL database, version 8.3 server
 postgresql-client - front-end programs for PostgreSQL (supported version)
 postgresql-client-8.3 - front-end programs for PostgreSQL 8.3
 postgresql-contrib - additional facilities for PostgreSQL (supported version)
 postgresql-contrib-8.3 - additional facilities for PostgreSQL
 postgresql-doc - documentation for the PostgreSQL database management system
 postgresql-doc-8.3 - documentation for the PostgreSQL database management system
 postgresql-plperl-8.3 - PL/Perl procedural language for PostgreSQL 8.3
 postgresql-plpython-8.3 - PL/Python procedural language for PostgreSQL 8.3
 postgresql-pltcl-8.3 - PL/Tcl procedural language for PostgreSQL 8.3
 postgresql-server-dev-8.3 - development files for PostgreSQL 8.3 server-side programming
 postgresql-8.3 (8.3.4-1~bpo40+1) etch-backports; urgency=low
   * Rebuild for etch-backports.
   * Lowered tcl-dev dependency back to 8.4 (also in debian/rules).
 postgresql-8.3 (8.3.4-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream bugfix release:
     - Fix bug in btree WAL recovery code. Recovery failed if the WAL ended
       partway through a page split operation.
     - Fix potential use of wrong cutoff XID for HOT page pruning.
       This error created a risk of corruption in system catalogs that are
       consulted by "VACUUM": dead tuple versions might be removed too
       soon. The impact of this on actual database operations would be
       minimal, since the system doesn't follow MVCC rules while examining
       catalogs, but it might result in transiently wrong output from
       pg_dump or other client programs.
     - Fix potential miscalculation of datfrozenxid.
     - Fix incorrect HOT updates after pg_class is reindexed.
       Corruption of pg_class could occur if REINDEX TABLE pg_class was
       followed in the same session by an ALTER TABLE RENAME or ALTER
       TABLE SET SCHEMA command.
     - Fix missed "combo cid" case. This error made rows incorrectly invisible
       to a transaction in which they had been deleted by multiple
       subtransactions that all aborted.
     - Prevent autovacuum from crashing if the table it's currently
       checking is deleted at just the wrong time.
     - Widen local lock counters from 32 to 64 bits. This responds to reports
       that the counters could overflow in sufficiently long transactions,
       leading to unexpected "lock is already held" errors.
     - Fix possible duplicate output of tuples during a GiST index scan.
     - Regenerate foreign key checking queries from scratch when either
       table is modified. Previously, 8.3 would attempt to replan the query,
       but would work from previously generated query text. This led to
       failures if a table or column was renamed.
     - Fix missed permissions checks when a view contains a simple UNION
       ALL construct. Permissions for the referenced tables were checked
       properly, but not permissions for the view itself.
     - Add checks in executor startup to ensure that the tuples produced
       by an "INSERT" or "UPDATE" will match the target table's current
       rowtype. This situation is believed to be impossible in 8.3, but it can
       happen in prior releases, so a check seems prudent.
     - Fix possible repeated drops during "DROP OWNED". This would typically
       result in strange errors such as "cache lookup failed for relation NNN".
     - Fix several memory leaks in XML operations.
     - Fix xmlserialize() to raise error properly for unacceptable target
       data type.
     - Fix a couple of places that mis-handled multibyte characters in
       text search configuration file parsing. Certain characters occurring in
       configuration files would always cause "invalid byte sequence for
       encoding" failures.
     - Provide file name and line number location for all errors reported
       in text search configuration files.
     - Fix AT TIME ZONE to first try to interpret its timezone argument as
       a timezone abbreviation, and only try it as a full timezone name if
       that fails, rather than the other way around as formerly.
     - Fix datetime input functions to correctly detect integer overflow
       when running on a 64-bit platform.
     - Prevent integer overflows during units conversion when displaying a
       configuration parameter that has units.
     - Improve performance of writing very long log messages to syslog.
     - Allow spaces in the suffix part of an LDAP URL in "pg_hba.conf".
     - Fix bug in backwards scanning of a cursor on a SELECT DISTINCT ON
     - Fix planner bug that could improperly push down IS NULL tests below
       an outer join.
     - Fix planner bug with nested sub-select expressions.
     - Fix planner to estimate that GROUP BY expressions yielding boolean
       results always result in two groups, regardless of the expressions'
     - Fix PL/PgSQL to not fail when a FOR loop's target variable is a
       record containing composite-type fields.
     - Fix PL/Tcl to behave correctly with Tcl 8.5, and to be more careful
       about the encoding of data sent to or from Tcl.
     - Improve performance of PQescapeBytea().
     - Fix ecpg to handle variables properly in "SET" commands.
     - Improve pg_dump and pg_restore's error reporting after failure to
       send a SQL command.
     - Fix pg_ctl to properly preserve postmaster command-line arguments
       across a restart.
     - Fix erroneous WAL file cutoff point calculation in pg_standby.
   * debian/control: Bump Standards-Version (no changes necessary).
   * debian/control: intarray contrib module was renamed to _int. (LP: #250483)
 3bdddfbb6a9a772346b0a171de50a18e 1215 misc optional postgresql-8.3_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1.dsc
 fc98b4862031d4b25e2a95718e4bf03a 13728718 misc optional postgresql-8.3_8.3.4.orig.tar.gz
 edd2322bb96e130e6589c45f16e7c01a 60118 misc optional postgresql-8.3_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1.diff.gz
 6d59c77b948aecbb860a7e122dd20475 1929492 doc optional postgresql-doc-8.3_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_all.deb
 0f33592f4d619a5c8e4b45162217cab9 218458 misc optional postgresql_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_all.deb
 0d121b6f25d1a8d4fc308e986e172018 218434 misc optional postgresql-client_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_all.deb
 a3477cbf400724d4d3027c0bb177e17f 218268 doc optional postgresql-doc_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_all.deb
 d3fef7306062ff1fd9b904f3e8c803b4 218330 misc optional postgresql-contrib_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_all.deb
 1dbfaa985338be8506f441e48fd64ee4 416776 libdevel optional libpq-dev_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
 b1c2113bc338fca15da8a00d463c2350 347462 libs optional libpq5_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
 e0fe7c641bdea038b9ef668ac1b41732 247186 libs optional libecpg6_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
 40518c4651e8b0f0bf1995781d480438 427932 libdevel optional libecpg-dev_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
 c48cf99b0850ffa325d2269f9b0d05b8 225308 libs optional libecpg-compat3_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
 ffe3349ec9969ffda8155ec790ee92fb 248610 libs optional libpgtypes3_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
 e101635229c07a180a62f2a1d3ea646f 5569790 misc optional postgresql-8.3_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
 6412d56e99a6360baeaae9944e692fe9 1668714 misc optional postgresql-client-8.3_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
 3c76712d8dd2c1c003e35ff4f81a0106 782464 libdevel optional postgresql-server-dev-8.3_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
 ba2bc0aa47c56d851d2ff731403a3b01 594758 misc optional postgresql-contrib-8.3_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
 2a0d3512cc07f52ab48b6953a3fdbd8f 246828 misc optional postgresql-plperl-8.3_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
 8b71fb83e8b92975c52e88e2058aa802 239556 misc optional postgresql-plpython-8.3_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
 19468237d44f576c0a4d01d1c686baba 238148 misc optional postgresql-pltcl-8.3_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb

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  to pool/main/p/postgresql-8.3/libecpg6_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
  to pool/main/p/postgresql-8.3/libpgtypes3_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
  to pool/main/p/postgresql-8.3/libpq-dev_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
  to pool/main/p/postgresql-8.3/libpq5_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
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  to pool/main/p/postgresql-8.3/postgresql-client-8.3_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
  to pool/main/p/postgresql-8.3/postgresql-client_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_all.deb
  to pool/main/p/postgresql-8.3/postgresql-contrib-8.3_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
  to pool/main/p/postgresql-8.3/postgresql-contrib_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_all.deb
  to pool/main/p/postgresql-8.3/postgresql-doc-8.3_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_all.deb
  to pool/main/p/postgresql-8.3/postgresql-doc_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_all.deb
  to pool/main/p/postgresql-8.3/postgresql-plperl-8.3_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
  to pool/main/p/postgresql-8.3/postgresql-plpython-8.3_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
  to pool/main/p/postgresql-8.3/postgresql-pltcl-8.3_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
  to pool/main/p/postgresql-8.3/postgresql-server-dev-8.3_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_powerpc.deb
  to pool/main/p/postgresql-8.3/postgresql_8.3.4-1~bpo40+1_all.deb

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