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Accepted heartbeat 2.1.2-1~bpo40+1 (source all i386)

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Format: 1.7
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 17:40:45 +0100
Source: heartbeat
Binary: libstonith0 heartbeat libpils0 stonith heartbeat-2 heartbeat-dev libstonith-dev ldirectord libpils-dev ldirectord-2 heartbeat-2-dev heartbeat-gui heartbeat-2-gui
Architecture: source all i386
Version: 2.1.2-1~bpo40+1
Distribution: etch-backports
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Simon Horman <horms@debian.org>
Changed-By: Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@backports.org>
 heartbeat  - Subsystem for High-Availability Linux
 heartbeat-2 - Subsystem for High-Availability Linux
 heartbeat-2-dev - Subsystem for High-Availability Linux - development files
 heartbeat-2-gui - Provides a gui interface to manage heartbeat clusters
 heartbeat-dev - Subsystem for High-Availability Linux - development files
 heartbeat-gui - Provides a gui interface to manage heartbeat clusters
 ldirectord - Monitors virtual services provided by LVS
 ldirectord-2 - Monitors virtual services provided by LVS
 libpils-dev - Plugin and Interface Loading System - development files
 libpils0   - Plugin and Interface Loading System
 libstonith-dev - Interface for remotely powering down a node in the cluster
 libstonith0 - Interface for remotely powering down a node in the cluster
 stonith    - Interface for remotely powering down a node in the cluster
Closes: 350586 383987 391974 418206 420206 422320 423655 424053 424053 430082 432441 434829
 heartbeat (2.1.2-1~bpo40+1) etch-backports; urgency=low
   * Rebuilt for etch.
 heartbeat (2.1.2-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New Upstream
     - Fix file relocation problems
       (closes: #434829)
     - Fix IPaddr's handling of CIDR netmasks
     - Ran ./ConfigureMe bootstrap && make distclean &&
           rm ltdl.m4 libtool.m4 autoconf automake autoheader
       to effect changes made to configure.in
   * Add openhpi stonith module
     - Add build dependancy on libopenhpi-dev
     - Add usr/lib/stonith/plugins/stonith2/bladehpi.so to heartbeat.files
   * IPv6 configure check
     - For the ipv6 check to work Debian ia64 currently needs to check
       "sys/types.h", a patch went into the tree a while ago to fix this.
       However, at the 11th hour a patch went into 2.1.2 to reverse this
       change as it breaks the build on RHEL4. So for now, until a proper
       fix is made, just reverse that change in Debian packages.
     - Ran ./ConfigureMe bootstrap && make distclean &&
           rm ltdl.m4 libtool.m4 autoconf automake autoheader
       to effect changes made to configure.in
     - Patch: ipv6-check.patch
 heartbeat (2.1.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New Upstream
   * Remove merged patches
     - README.config-heartbeat-2.patch
     - README.config-heartbeat.patch
     - ipaddr2-bashism.patch
     - ipv6addr-21-char-devname.patch
     - ipv6addr-find_if-overflow.patch
     - ipv6addr-scanf-return.patch
     - ldirectord-init.patch
     - configure-sys-types.h.patch
   * After unpacking apply patches and run autoconf to effect
     changes to configure.in
   * Update files included in heartbeat, heartbeat-dev and ldirectord packages
   * Update rules file to reflect that /usr/lib/heartbeat/cts/README
     has been moved to usr/share/heartbeat/cts/README.
     This README is installed as /usr/share/doc/heartbeat/README.cts
 heartbeat (2.0.8-10) unstable; urgency=low
   * Remove apparently bogus build-dependacy on modutils
     Thanks to Russell Coker for spotting this.
     A bug was subsequently filed as the result of some automated testing.
     (closes: #432441)
   * Build dependancy on libsnmp-dev rather than libsnmp10-dev | libsnmp-dev
     as libsnmp10-dev does not seem to exist (any more?)
   * Change heartbeat-gui's dependancy on heartbeat to a suggests,
     as heartbat-gui can access heartbeat remotely
     (closes: #430082)
 heartbeat (2.0.8-9) unstable; urgency=low
   * Run autoconf so that the FTBFS on ia64 fix included in
     2.0.8-8 actually takes effect. Bahh!
 heartbeat (2.0.8-8) unstable; urgency=low
   * Use sys/types.h instead of asm/types.h when trying to detect
     the preseance of linux/icmpv6.h. Resolves FTBFS on ia64
     Patch: configure-sys-types.h.patch
   * Remove linux-kernel-headers for ia64 added in 2.0.8-7 as
     a) it didn't resolve the problem and b) the types.h change
     above does.
   * Use << instead of < for dependancy relations
   * Add --enable-glib-malloc to configure's arguments
     on advice from Andrew Beekhof
 heartbeat (2.0.8-7) unstable; urgency=low
   * Add a (tempoary) build dependancy on linux-kernel-headers for ia64
     to get around a curious autobuild problem.
     See: http://lists.debian.org/debian-ia64/2007/05/msg00003.html
 heartbeat (2.0.8-5) unstable; urgency=low
   * The heartbeat-2-dev.dirs and friends change in 2.0.8-4 closes
     #424192, not #424053 (which is also fixed by a different change
     in 2.0.8-4)
   * Add missing dummy package for stonith
 heartbeat (2.0.8-4) unstable; urgency=low
   * Create a Debian init script for ldirectord
     Thanks to Ratiu Petru Iulius
     Patch: ldirectord-init.patch
     (closes: #391974)
   * Documentation path of ldirectord should be /usr/share/doc/ldirectord,
     not /usr/share/doc/ldirectord-2
   * Change priority of ldirectord to extra to match the lowest priority
     of any of its dependancies
   * Add versioned conflicts on old pils and stonith packages to heartbeat and
     heartbeat-dev, which include those old package's files.
     (closes: #424053)
   * Have the clean target of debian rules remove the following files that
     are priovided by the orig.tar.gz - Debian packages can't delete files
     - heartbeat-2-dev.dirs heartbeat-2-dev.files heartbeat-2.dirs
       heartbeat-2.files heartbeat-2.postinst heartbeat-2.postrm
       heartbeat-2.preinst ldirectord-2.files ldirectord-2.postinst
     (closes: #424053)
 heartbeat (2.0.8-3) unstable; urgency=low
   * Rename source package from heartbeat-2 to heartbeat.
     Previously the heartbeat source package was used to package
     up the 1.2.X series of releases, and heartebat-2 was used
     for the newer 2.0.X series of releases. The idea being to offer
     stable "heartbeat" packages when the 2.0.X stuff was all
     new. It turns out that the 2.0.X tree has been at least as
     stable as the 1.2.X tree for quite a while now, and the 1.2.X doesn't
     get much attention any more, so  there seems little advantage in
     having the separate source packages, except perhaps to create confusion
     and extra work.
   * Update curl build dependancy for libcurl4
     Thanks to Christian Marillat
     (closes: #423655)
   * 2.0.8 (and probably earilier) includes the corrected scsi command syntax
     Thanks to Christoph Martin
     (closes: #350586)
 heartbeat-2 (2.0.8-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Update build debendancy and rebuild against libsnmp10.
     Somehow libsnmp9 has been removed from the distribution,
     rendering heartbeat uninstallable.
     Thanks to Steinar H. Gunderson
     (closes: #422320)
   * IPaddr2: Remove bashisms
     Patch: ipaddr2-bashism.patch
     Upstream: http://hg.linux-ha.org/dev/rev/165a9a897e3b
     Thanks to Erich Schuebert
     (closes: #420206)
   * Fix up documentation location in /etc/ha.d/README.config
     Thanks to Russell Coker
     (closes: #418206)
   * IPv6addr: Fix potential stack overflow in use of devname in scan_if
     Patch: ipv6addr-21-char-devname.patch
     Upstream: http://hg.linux-ha.org/dev/rev/37271ae7f117
   * IPv6addr: Fix potential buffer overflow when a 128bit prefix is used
     Patch: ipv6addr-find_if-overflow.patch
     Upstream: http://hg.linux-ha.org/dev/rev/b4bc188b4ebe
   * IPv6addr: Handle scanf failures in scan_if()
     Patch: ipv6addr-scanf-return.patch
     Upstream: http://hg.linux-ha.org/dev/rev/31d19acfd1b9
   * Run autoconf to incoporate the chown-check-2.patch workaround
     to allow the configure script to work under fakeroot.
     I have no idea how this was not applied for 2.0.8-1 and yet
     the build still worked.
   * Change priority of ldirecord from optional to extra to
     match the priority of its dependancies ipvsadm and libauthen-radius-perl
 heartbeat-2 (2.0.8-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New Upstream
     Thanks to Peter Clapham for his assistance
   * errata: CVE-2006-3121 was incorrectly refered to as CVE-2006-3821 in
     the changelog for 2.0.6-2 and 2.0.7-1
   * Dropped the following patches as they are now upstream
     - ldirectord-1.141-emailalert-2-global.patch (introduced in 2.0.6-2)
   * Remove alternate dependancy on netkit-ping as it is being removed
     from Debian (closes: #383987)
 cda8a91db3bf1ceda718d4c00a1caffe 1244 admin optional heartbeat_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1.dsc
 fd93982f6ee1d3640a8f3b612dcfadfa 3500376 admin optional heartbeat_2.1.2.orig.tar.gz
 f0d50c06aae2bbeb5afd1fc52372b027 485190 admin optional heartbeat_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1.diff.gz
 41d899cb63954b12654ab4ff9488c857 64774 admin extra ldirectord_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_all.deb
 4b0e8aea3ca30cd5143b7b21136b252b 16566 admin optional ldirectord-2_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_all.deb
 da559e8bb248b0bd65c4b2ae73cb63f4 16560 admin optional heartbeat-2_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_all.deb
 cba40acd77959300c169ec9010a5cb20 16582 admin optional heartbeat-2-dev_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_all.deb
 0d6a210b95515147e6d352d080fbe2d9 16586 admin optional libstonith-dev_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_all.deb
 0f11b403fd986329e694bffc06e481e9 16580 admin optional libpils-dev_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_all.deb
 8c6aa751d875354e76339f716a3b04b3 1483410 admin optional heartbeat_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_i386.deb
 25b04a160d02b50a86d0448f9f1e1009 522512 devel optional heartbeat-dev_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_i386.deb
 d94b4d7b3d4b049f444d592df3b437d0 118938 admin optional heartbeat-gui_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_i386.deb
 e9cdc1b0374970cf6ee1d2ba49e0f983 59536 admin optional heartbeat-2-gui_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_i386.deb
 25df5824a7b0c32e0ebc14e49a2ece28 59536 libs optional stonith_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_i386.deb
 1d07a9d260756c59e1a901c3d076913e 59540 libs optional libstonith0_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_i386.deb
 dbdf8f3b9ae804c1d65722c8d8d141ff 59522 libs optional libpils0_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_i386.deb

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  to pool/main/h/heartbeat/heartbeat-2_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_all.deb
  to pool/main/h/heartbeat/heartbeat-dev_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_i386.deb
  to pool/main/h/heartbeat/heartbeat-gui_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_i386.deb
  to pool/main/h/heartbeat/heartbeat_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1.diff.gz
  to pool/main/h/heartbeat/heartbeat_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1.dsc
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  to pool/main/h/heartbeat/heartbeat_2.1.2.orig.tar.gz
  to pool/main/h/heartbeat/ldirectord-2_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_all.deb
  to pool/main/h/heartbeat/ldirectord_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_all.deb
  to pool/main/h/heartbeat/libpils-dev_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_all.deb
  to pool/main/h/heartbeat/libpils0_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_i386.deb
  to pool/main/h/heartbeat/libstonith-dev_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_all.deb
  to pool/main/h/heartbeat/libstonith0_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_i386.deb
  to pool/main/h/heartbeat/stonith_2.1.2-1~bpo40+1_i386.deb

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