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Accepted firefox 1.5.dfsg+ (source all i386)

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Format: 1.7
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 14:13:25 +0200
Source: firefox
Binary: firefox-dbg firefox-gnome-support firefox-dom-inspector mozilla-firefox mozilla-firefox-gnome-support mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector firefox
Architecture: source all i386
Version: 1.5.dfsg+
Distribution: sarge-backports
Urgency: critical
Maintainer: Eric Dorland <eric@debian.org>
Changed-By: Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@backports.org>
 firefox    - lightweight web browser based on Mozilla
 firefox-dbg - debugging symbols for firefox
 firefox-dom-inspector - tool for inspecting the DOM of pages in Mozilla Firefox
 firefox-gnome-support - Support for Gnome in Mozilla Firefox
 mozilla-firefox - Transition package for firefox rename
 mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector - Transition package for firefox rename
 mozilla-firefox-gnome-support - Transition package for firefox rename
Closes: 356250 359228 361035 361527 362186 362413 362656 362785 363124 364101 364359
 firefox (1.5.dfsg+ sarge-backports; urgency=low
   * Rebuilt for sarge.
   * Removed version from libgtk2.0-dev build-dependency.
   * Removed libxinerama-dev and libcairo2-dev from build-dependencies.
   * Disabled cairo in debian/rules.
 firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=low
   * debian/rules, debian/control: Build the -dbg package again.
   * debian/firefox.1: Fix some incorrect references to mozilla. Thanks
     Loïc Minier. (Closes: #364101)
   * debian/firefox-runner: Patch from Mikhail Gusarov to be able to use
     Network Audio Server's dsp wrapper. (Closes: #363124)
   * debian/firefox.install: Fix screwed up path to firefox.xpm. (Closes:
   * debian/README.Debian: Document that firefox doesn't allow connections
     on certain ports. Thanks W. Borgert. (Closes: #362785)
 firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=critical
   * The "ftp-master's aren't my friends today" release.
   * debian/rules, debian/control: Don't build the -dbg package for now, to
     get around NEW queue processing.
 firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=critical
   [ Eric Dorland ]
   * New upstream release. Contains security fixes, hence severity
     - Fixes the following vulnerabilites (Thanks Alexander Sack for
       compiling the list): CVE-2006-1724, CVE-2006-0884,
       CVE-2006-1730, CVE-2006-1729, CVE-2006-1728, CVE-2006-1727,
       CVE-2006-1045, CVE-2006-0748, CVE-2006-1726, CVE-2006-1725,
       CVE-2005-2353. (Closes: #362656)
   * debian/firefox-runner: Patch from Paul Collins to fix some lingering
     ProfileManager launch issues. (Closes: #356250)
   * browser/components/preferences/privacy.xul,
     Patch from Ian Jackson to make the preferences window bigger for
     people with high rez displays. His changelog entry reads:
     * Make Preferences window not chop off various elements:
       - specify a width of 50em instead of 42em
       - do not specify a height
       - add another <separator/> to the bottom of privacy.xul's prefpane.
         I have no idea why this is necessary :-(.
       Malone 36985.
   * configure.in, configure: Small typo in configure.in that wasn't
     setting TARGET_XPCOM_ABI properly and breaking binary extensions on
     some arches. (Closes: #359228)
   [ Mike Hommey ]
   * debian/rules: Disable elf-dynstr-gc, which is pretty useless nowadays.
   * security/coreconf/rules.mk: Fix perl code that got broken by newer make.
     Taken from bz#325148.
   * browser/app/Makefile.in: Apply patch from bz#314927 to install default.xpm
     in the correct place.
   * debian/rules, debian/firefox.dirs, debian/firefox.install: Updated to fit
     this change.
   * security/coreconf/rules.mk: Force use of the -g flag in the CFLAGS.
 firefox (1.5.dfsg+ unstable; urgency=low
   [ Mike Hommey ]
   * debian/rules:
     - Add -g to the build flags when building with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip.
       If we ask for nostrip, we want the debugging
       symbols, right? ;)
     - Changed the way we identificate ourselves in vendor.js.
   * layout/build/Makefile.in, layout/build/nsLayoutModule.cpp: Remove useless
     useragent setter at startup so that general.useragent.product and
     general.useragent.productSub set in our vendor.js preference file work at
     startup time.
   * security/coreconf/Linux.mk:
     - Patch from Martin Michlmayr for mips64 builds.
     - Don't use x86 as CPU_ARCH when building on an unsupported architecture.
   * security/manager/Makefile.in, security/nss/lib/ckfw/builtins/Makefile,
     security/nss/lib/manifest.mn: Don't build the stuff we don't need, and
     dynamically link libnssckbi to both libplc4 and libplds4 instead of
     linking statically.
   * debian/firefox.postinst, debian/firefox.prerm,
     debian/firefox-gnome-support.postinst, debian/firefox-gnome-support.prerm:
     Touch a .autoreg file at configure time, or removal of gnome-support and
     remove it with the package. This will trigger autoregistration of the
     components if the compreg.dat and xpti.dat files are older than the
     .autoreg file. We used to remove compatibility.ini for that reason, but
     stopped doing that because firefox was supposed to do that correctly,
     which actually only correctly works on new upstream versions, not new
     debian revisions, or installation of gnome-support.
   * xpfe/components/killAll/Makefile.in: Correctly install the killAll
   [ Eric Dorland ]
   * debian/control:
     - Set Section of firefox-gnome-support and
       mozilla-firefox-gnome-support to gnome.
     - Standards-Version to
     - debhelper build-dep to >= 5.0.
     - Add firefox-dbg package.
   * debian/compat: Set to 5.
   * debian/rules:
     - Remove silly CVS tarball cleanup target.
     - Add arch-independant debhelper calls, and make other debhelper
       calls arch-dependent.
     - Add --dbg-package=firefox-dbg to dh_strip call.
     - Always build with the -g flag. (Based on a change Mike made)
     - Patch from Andreas Jochens to use -mminimal-toc when building on
       ppc64. (Closes: #361035)
     - Use --disable-strip, --disable-strip-libs in configure parameters.
       Thanks Ian Jackson.
     - Use .upstream instead of .orig to make it more clear and not
       confuse the clean target. Thanks Ian Jackson. (Closes: #362186)
     - Disable xprint support for now, while the Xorg 7 transition sorts
       itself out. Should be reenabled next release.
   * debian/firefox.xpm: Add more Debian compliant menu icon.
   * debian/firefox.install, debian/rules: Install new Debian compliant
   * debian/firefox.desktop: Add StartupNotify=true for pretty waiting
     cursor. Thanks Sven Arvidsson. (Closes: #361527)
   * debian/firefox-dom-inspector.preinst,
     debian/firefox-dom-inspector.install: Install non-architecture
     specific bits of the inspector into /usr/share/firefox.
   * debian/firefoxrc: Disable the dsp wrapper by default. esddsp is just
     too buggy to allow this to continue. May reenable later if they clean
     up their act. Leaving the bugs open for now.
   * debian/firefox.NEWS:
     - Document the dsp wrapper changes.
     - Remove old mozilla-firefox entries.
   * debian/firefox.1: Fix typo of firefox, thanks Andrew Rendle. (Closes:
   * debian/firefox.install: We don't get .chk files anymore for some
 32c6e8090196fdb2f624edd2da0ebf11 1088 web optional firefox_1.5.dfsg+
 466edd5d1650d56bab38a79fba85efb9 42867424 web optional firefox_1.5.dfsg+
 bd99be2998a1e690a10bebd31f4de279 136378 web optional firefox_1.5.dfsg+
 c37876660a18d37f4781f77ca2b258c0 46698 web optional mozilla-firefox_1.5.dfsg+
 39a63edb4332bd07f5ad7ac45f332475 45892 web optional mozilla-firefox-dom-inspector_1.5.dfsg+
 e34d344291215bc9c9ca2d00b39b88f4 45896 gnome optional mozilla-firefox-gnome-support_1.5.dfsg+
 1a87e50aecf7d775029f56a0b8bfc9df 8166724 web optional firefox_1.5.dfsg+
 a899705a283becd0e20b84efb40a4d33 245518 web optional firefox-dom-inspector_1.5.dfsg+
 8f7a7bf7b38bf3f7ed371b5d99fe97d6 71864 gnome optional firefox-gnome-support_1.5.dfsg+
 630eeaff76b07bb7ac4158afa9f20469 88914892 web optional firefox-dbg_1.5.dfsg+

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