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Accepted postgresql-common 48bpo1 (source all)

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Format: 1.7
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 12:00:33 +0200
Source: postgresql-common
Binary: postgresql-client-common postgresql-common
Architecture: source all
Version: 48bpo1
Distribution: sarge-backports
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Martin Pitt <mpitt@debian.org>
Changed-By: Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@backports.org>
 postgresql-client-common - manager for multiple PostgreSQL client versions
 postgresql-common - manager for PostgreSQL database clusters
Closes: 343057 352524 355004 357108 357237 357909 357910 359249
 postgresql-common (48bpo1) sarge-backports; urgency=low
   * Rebuilt for sarge.
 postgresql-common (49) unstable; urgency=low
   * debian/supported-versions:
     - Do not fail the package installation if an unknown LSB release is
       encountered; merely print a warning and assume just the latest
       PostgreSQL version is supported.
     - Fix Ubuntu Dapper release version (6.04 -> 6.06).
   * pg_createcluster: Add option -p/--port to set the cluster port.
     Closes: #359249
   * t/030_errors.t: Check that pg_createcluster's --port option validates the
     port number (invalid number, already used port).
   * t/090_multicluster.t: Check that pg_createcluster's --port option works.
   * t/050_encodings.t: Check correct input/output with Latin-1 and UTF-8
     client encodings in all server locale/encoding combinations.
   * pg_ctlcluster: Do not set LC_ALL and LANG environment variables for the
     postmaster; it handles locales by itself, and explicitly setting them
     breaks sometimes. Thanks to Olleg Samoylov for analyzing this.
     Closes: #343057
   * t/TestLib.pm: Sort list of major versions, since we rely on a sorted list.
   * debian/init.d-functions, do_ctl_all(): Fix 'return' statements to
     explicitlly return 0 to not break with dash.
   * pg_lsclusters: Sort output by version, then by cluster name.
 postgresql-common (48) unstable; urgency=low
   * t/001_packages.t: Do not fail if postgresql-8.0 is not installed, so that
     the complete test suite works with just 7.4 and 8.1.
   * Remove manual conffile transition handling in p-client-common maintainer
     scripts, since current dpkg now gets it right.
   * t/090_multicluster.t: Remove test user_clusters so that the broken one
     does not stay around if no user_clusters file existed before.
   * testsuite: Set all variables that potentially cause Perl taint check
     errors (IFS, CDPATH, ENV, BASH_ENV) to catch taint check bugs.
   * PgCommon.pm: Add two functions prepare_exec() and restore_exec() which set
     up a save (untainted) environment for calling external programs.
   * pg_ctlcluster, pg_maintenance, pg_dropcluster, pg_upgradecluster: Clean
     environment to not call external programs with potentially tainted
 postgresql-common (47) unstable; urgency=low
   * debian/control: Have p-client-common Replace: all versions of
     postgresql-common; this is a quick workaround for a dpkg bug (orphaned
     conffiles cause package conflicts). Closes: #357909, #357910
 postgresql-common (46) unstable; urgency=low
   * t/020_create_sql_remove.t: Make check of pg_maintenance output stricter to
     catch things like taint errors.
   * PgCommon.pm, get_versions() and get_version_clusters(): Check return
     values to untaint them. Fixes taint error in pg_maintenance (and maybe
     some more). Closes: #357237
   * debian/control: Bump lsb-base dependency to >= 3.0-3 to ensure that
     log_daemon_msg() and friends are available. Closes: #357108
 postgresql-common (45) experimental; urgency=low
   * PgCommon.pm, read_conf_file(): Allow '.' characters in configuration keys.
     Closes: #352524
   * debian/rules: Move pg_ctlcluster, pg_createcluster, pg_dropcluster, and
     pg_upgradecluster man pages from section 1 to 8, since they are only for
   * Split off a new package postgresql-client-common. This is to avoid having
     cron jobs, logrotate scripts, etc. if only the client apps are installed
     on a box. (https://launchpad.net/bugs/34167)
   * debian/postgresql-client-common.{pre,post}inst: Migrate user_clusters
     conffile from postgresql-common to avoid dpkg questions.
 postgresql-common (44) unstable; urgency=low
   * PgCommon.pm, change_ugid(): Fix the order of $< and $> assignment so that
     we don't trash the saved uid and can switch back later. This allows us to
     make use of this function in the test suite, too.
   * t/TestLib.pm: Use change_ugid() in exec_as() get auxiliary groups. This
     makes the test suite work with SSL keys which are only readable by
     ssl-cert group members.
   * pg_ctlcluster: Untaint PID value read from autovacuum.pid.
   * t/020_create_sql_remove.t: Add check that SSL is automatically enabled on
     >= 8.0 clusters.
   * pg_createcluster: Improve SSL key access check to be more robust.
   * Enable taint checking in all programs and fix the resulting breakage.
   * PgCommon.pm: Replace backticks program calling with proper |- pipe
     opening to avoid intermediate shell and argument quoting problems.
   * testsuite: Only execute tests ending with .t.
   * Add t/100_upgrade_scripts.t: Test upgrade scripts.
   * run-upgrade-scripts:
     - Filter out the 'postgres' database on 8.1+ clusters.
     - Temporarily enable connections to databases which disable them.
     - Execute scripts in asciibetical order.
   * debian/postgresql-common.postinst: Ensure that /var/lib/postgresql is
     owned by postgres:postgres. (https://launchpad.net/bugs/32696)
   * t/*.t: Remove hashbang lines to avoid lintian warnings.
   * debian/postgresql-common.postinst: Only restart servers if upgrading from
     a version with important pg_ctlcluster changes in between (currently,
     prior than 40).
   * t/090_multicluster.t: Add test for user_clusters behaviour.
   * PgCommon.pm, user_cluster_map(): Print a meaningful error message instead
     of 'invalid symbolic link' gibberish if a cluster in user_clusters or
     .postgresqlrc does not exist.
   * pg_ctlcluster:
     - Exit with code 2 if the cluster is already (start)/not (stop) running
       and fix error messages to be consistent. (See bug #355004)
     - Document the exit codes in the POD.
     - t/030_errors.t: Adapt test suite.
   * debian/init.d-functions:
     - Use log_daemon_msg/log_progress_msg to show all clusters of a particular
       version on the same line, to better conform to standards.
     - Call restart instead of stop/start.
     - Do not fail if cluster is already (start)/not (stop) running to conform
       to LSB.
     - t/080_start.conf.t: Adapt test suite.
     - Thanks to Peter Eisentraut for the original patch.
     - Closes: #355004
 4478a152d4237cc3ee1d7f2daa794ca6 654 misc optional postgresql-common_48bpo1.dsc
 d2d1e71366bf3d41e1e881e7149b84c7 72028 misc optional postgresql-common_48bpo1.tar.gz
 9f2367a8205f61c5493f83cd09cd6fd6 80032 misc optional postgresql-common_48bpo1_all.deb
 f2065039e3a09193faa71cadb2feaf51 31714 misc optional postgresql-client-common_48bpo1_all.deb

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