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Accepted po4a 0.24-0bpo1 (source all)

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Format: 1.7
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 14:01:33 +0100
Source: po4a
Binary: po4a
Architecture: source all
Version: 0.24-0bpo1
Distribution: sarge-backports
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Martin Quinson <mquinson@debian.org>
Changed-By: Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>
 po4a       - tools for helping translation of documentation
Closes: 243753 313165 319208 324247 325314 339453 339459 340877 341175 342293 350300 354330 354955
 po4a (0.24-0bpo1) sarge-backports; urgency=low
   * Rebuilt for sarge.
 po4a (0.24-1) unstable; urgency=low
   [Nicolas François]
   * Preserve more entities. It was already the case for entities ending by a
     semi-colon, but they were expended in entities not terminated by a
     semi-colon (e.g. id="&url-debian-volatile").
   * Add the docbook docinfo tag, and remove duplicate refsect1 tag.
   * Add a post-translation filter, which converts non breaking spa¢es (0xA0 in
     latin1) to the &nbsp; entity.
   * use File::Copy::move instead of rename (the POT/POs were not written when
     /tmp and the file were not in the same device.
     Thanks to Valéry Perrin and Thomas Huriaux. Closes: 354330
   * make filter() less verbose
   * delete the automatically generated apply subroutine to avoid warnings.
   * be more restrictive on the lines ignored by diff in write_if_needed.
   * New function move_po_if_needed to move a PO if there are some chnages.
   * Do not extract a trailing command if it is followed by an unexpected
     parameter. This fixes an issue in list environments when the \item are
     followed by blocks. Closes: 354955
   * New verbatim environment category. You can now specify verbatim blocks in
     environments other than "verbatim".
   * The --split option is no more needed. This feature is supported by using
     $master in the po4a_paths line.
   * try to re-generate the POT if the config file was modified.
   * use File::Copy instead of system("cp").
   * replace some `||' by `or'. || has an higher priority and some warnings
     were masked.
   * Overload the TransTractor's translate() in order to add pre- and
     post-translation filters.
   * Change the latin1 0xA0 (non-breaking spaces) to the pod S<...> equivalent.
     This should help projects with multiple formats.
   * .R is a (R), not a font modifier.
   * Remove duplicate definition of the .P macro. The font was not reset to
   * Also handle empty font modifiers followed by .P, .PP, .LP or .TP
   * When a font modifier if followed by another font modifier (or .P, or .SH,
     etc.), the first font must not be ignored. Inform the font stack with
   * a .P or .TP may be followed by spaces.
   * Remove unneded group in regex (theoretical speedup).
   * Detect non-wrapped lines (lines starting by spaces) when the line starts
     by a font modifier (\f).
   * Add a document to help the translators.
     Thanks to the contributions from Denis Barbier, Thomas Huriaux and Cyril
   * Distribute the ar, eo, eu, he, ku, nb, nl, pt, pt_BR, sl, sv and uk
     translations since some of them have more translated strings than other
     alredy distributed.
   [Yuri Kozlov]
   * Updated russian translation (po/bin/ru.po) (Closes: #350300)
 po4a (0.23-1) unstable; urgency=low
   [Thomas Huriaux]
   * only updates the POT if a master document is more recent than the existing
     POT. Closes: #339459
   * New --variable option.
   * refentrytitle can be specified inside a sentence. Move this tag to the
     inline category.
   * There can be spaces between the entity definition and '>'.
   * Some fixes in the line references counting mechanism.
   * Add a ignore-inclusion option. It permits to avoid including external
   * For the conditionnal inclusions, use the <po4abeg name="..."> and
     <po4aend> tags to fool nsgml instead of the {PO4A-beg-...} and {PO4A-end},
     which caused extra tags to be added by nsgmls.
   * Do not fail when the file pointed by a system entity does not exist and
     this entity is not used.
   [Nicolas François]
   * If a line could not be wrapped (e.g. because of a more than xx chars
     link), the rest of the paragraph was not rewrapped.
     Thanks to Thomas Huriaux.
   * Add a write_if_needed subroutine to check if an update is needed.
     see #339459.
   * A new very simple module for text documents. Closes: #243753
   * support for multiple master/localized files. Closes: #319208
   * Do not re-wrap the prolog entities on one line.
   * An external entity can be referenced as &entity; or &entity. The second
     case is now supported. Thanks to Thomas Huriaux.
   * Do not include the commented entities.
   * support for the 'qref' tag.
   * Support for the processing instructions (pi) (e.g. <?xml...?>).
   * Fix various issues when po4a is not run in the master file directory.
   * The inline tags were not added to the tags path. It should now be possible
     to put "<tag1><tag2>" in the 'tags' category, even if <tag1> is in the
     'inline' category.
   * The encoding declaration must be added before any standalone document
     declaration. Otherwise the document is not valid. Thanks to Olivier
     Trichet for noticing.
   * First attempt to translate the entities.
   * When a tag is added to the 'inline' or 'tags' category on the command
     line, the default tags in Docbook.pm should not add this tag in the other
     ('inline' or 'tags') category.
   * New "nodefault" option, to avoid a specified tag to be set in the tags
     or inline category by defaut.
   * Add a set of options that could be useful for the maintainers:
     --no-translations, --rm-translations, --no-backups, --rm-backups
   * Add a --force option that force the re-generation of the POT and PO files.
   * If the POT is updated (see Thomas change above), check that this update is
     really needed (avoids changing only the POT-Creation-Date field).
     see #339459.
   * The error message when msgmerge failed was wrong. Closes: #339453
   * Fix the --quiet option. CLoses: #342293
     Thanks to Brendan O'Dea.
   * Update French translation, use non-breaking spaces where needed
   * Fix a lot of typos in the French translation. Thanks to Frédéric Bothamy.
     Closes: #341175
   * Update the Swedish translation according to Rosetta
     (I can't update more languages. The update process of Rosetta is ways too
   [Danilo Piazzalunga]
   * Update Italian program translation.
   [Robert Luberda]
   * Program and manpages translation to Polish. Closes: #340877
   * Fix of the build script for the languages that don't use latin1 for their
     man pages.
 po4a (0.22-1) unstable; urgency=low
   [Nicolas François]
   (Sgml module)
   * Fix a typo in the "keyword" tag.
     Thanks to Chris Karakas.
   * Add the DocBook's contrib and epigraph tags
   * Be stricter on the regex matching entities
   * Escape more chars in CDATA. This fixes #301335 (on Alioth)
   * Append the content of a CDATA to the current buffer because it was
     not output at the right position
   * Don't forget some {PO4A-beg/end} in the output document
   * Ignore (ie, remove) <![ IGNORE [...]]> sections
   * recognize numerical character entities (e.g. &#38;)
     Thanks to Thomas Huriaux.
   * Improve speed
   * use the nsgmls -wno-valid option to avoid some errors since we include
     all parts conditional inclusion constructs, for example.
   * fix the spacing of the verbatim blocks.
     Thanks to Julien Louis (ptitlouis) for reporting.
   * Various other little fixes and improvements
   (Man module)
   * Fix the .ds macro (it arguments must be translated, except the name of the
     variable, which must be dispalyed to the translator)
   * implement .vs, .hw .EQ and .EN macros
   * Do not wrap the first line following a .TP
   * translate the .ta arguments in case they contain a word
   * better support for .B or .I macros when they don't have arguments and are
     followed by a font macro, a .SH, a .TP, or a .IP
   * fix the translate_exh function
   * Fix some issues with the '-' to '\-' transliteration
   * Add support for the .de, .ie and .if section with the groff_code option
   * Add options to deal with new options defined with .de, or options not
     supported by po4a (untranslated, noarg, translate_joined,
     translate_each, no_wrap, inline)
   (TeX & LaTeX modules)
   * New syntax for the "% po4a:" line.
     This alow command to mix optional and mandatory arguments.
   * remove the old category (untranslated, translate_each, ...) This was
     problematic when a command is follwed by a block ({...}).
   * Update the definition of the common LaTeX commands and environments.
     All these definitions are now in the LaTeX module.
   * Allow 3 mode of separation for the commands at an extremity of a block
     (separate and translate the parameters that must be translated
     separately, separate and translate the command with its parameters, only
     separate if the command is alone in a block).
   * Allow to translate the \begin command with all its arguments attached.
   * Make error messages translatable.
   * document the support for options/aliases in the config files.
   * Update French translation
   * Fix some issues in the French translation of the manpages.
     Thanks to Julien Louis (ptitlouis).
   (Docbook module)
   * Add the 'screen' tag, which should not be re-wrapped.
     Thanks to Thomas Huriaux.
   (Xml module)
   * Do not break paragraphs on comments, just remove them.
   (Po module)
   * Restore the trailing spaces in Po.pm:wrap().
     This fix an issue with the lang attribute of an XML file ('en' was
     normalized into 'en\n').
     This needed a minor correction of Pod.pm and Sgml.pm.
   (Debian package)
   * bump Standards-Version to 3.6.2
   * do not build depend on libsgmls-perl
   * depends on ${misc:depends}, ${perl:Depends} instead of perl | perl5
   * only recommends liblocale-gettext-perl
   [François Gouget (fgouget@free.fr)]
   (Xml module)
   * Append the encoding attribute if it is not defined in the <?xml> tag.
   (Sgml module)
   * Use a regular expression to simplify the tag kind check.
   * Assorted spelling fixes.
   * If relative, the path of included file must be considered to be relative
     to the path of the master Sgml file.
     Fixes bug #300874 on the Alioth tracker, for the Sgml module.
   * The debug option is a space separated list of channels to print
     information for. So we must split it to set $debug.
   * Check the nsgmls exit code and issue an error if it is non-zero.
     This lets us detect the case where nsgmls is missing.
   * Add support for translating attribute values.
   * Add a 'qualify' option to denote which attributes should get an
     msgid 'qualified' by the attribute name.
   * Don't qualify the lang attribute by default for consistency with Xml.pm
   * Rename the 'attribute' option to 'attributes' for consistency with Xml.pm
   (Po module)
   * Add a porefs option controlling the file reference verbosity, and thus
     the diff verbosity.
   * Store '\$@' in an intermediate variable so it does not get clobbered
     before we report the plugin-load error.
   * Clarify the '--option' documentation.
   * Remove unneeded imports of TransTractor::VERSION.
   * Remove unneeded imports and exports of TransTractor::VERSION.
   * Various documentation improvements
   * Implement wrappers for textdomain(), gettext() and dgettext() in
     Po4a::Common to make the dependency on Locale::gettext optional.
   * Remove unused load_config export in Po4a::Common
   * Make the Text::WrapI18N and Term::ReadKey dependencies optional
   [Jordi Vilalta]
   (Docbook module)
   * Add the missing > in <structname>
   [Martin Quinson]
   * Document the dataflow to explain that this tool cannot be used to
     gettextize (Closes: #313165)
   (Sgml module)
   * Allow prolog entities which are not SYSTEM ones
   * Fix the way included files are looked for (was broken when everything is
     in the same dir)
   (Transtractor module)
   * Allow to pass options to the po modules as to the plugins.
   (Po module)
   * Issue an useful error message when the gettextization fails because there
     is not the same amount of entries (Closes: #325314)
   * Tell that the gettextization documentation contain some hints to help users
      in this painful task
   (Random scripts)
   * msguntypot: help eradicating typo in msgstr without needlessly fuzzying
     the translations.
   [Yuri Kozlov]
   * Program translation to russian (po/bin/ru.po) (Closes: #324247)
 po4a (0.21-1) unstable; urgency=low
   [Nicolas François]
   (TeX module)
   * Fix an issue with file excluded from inclusion:
     after a gettextization, the PO file contained two \input{x}.
   * Add a generic way to specify separators.  For example, this permits
     to translate each cell separately in a tabular environment.
   * Just warn instead of dying when the documentclass cannot be found
   (Man module)
   * Add a verbose option, for "po4a -v".
   * Add comments to the PO file, and fix the testsuite accordingly.
   * Remove the with-non_breaking_spaces and with-hyphen_to_minus options
     and document the transliterations performed in pre_trans and post_trans.
   * Fix an encoding issue with non-breaking spaces.
   * Allow multiple comment lines for a PO string.
   * Add support for options/aliases in the config files.
     First try ... undocumented feature.
   [Jordi Vilalta]
   (Xml module)
   * Handle the processing instructions ( <?...?> ) simply ignoring them
   (Docbook module)
   * Wrap by default
   (Po module)
   * Handle tabs when canonizing
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