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Removal of buster-backports from the debian archive.


Debian Backports does not support LTS [1], therefore buster-backports is unsupported since August 1st
2022. Despite of the documentation buster-backport was still available on the mirrors, that changed
recently with the archival of buster-backports. Unfortunately I missed to create an announcement in
2022 which led so some surprise, I have to apologize for that. Please take this as the missing

Short reminder: on August 15th bullseye-backports will be deprecated and can be removed at any time
from the mirrors after that date. A seperate announcement will follow in August.

formorer - backports ftpmaster

[1] https://backports.debian.org/Instructions/#index4h2 - 
  Second, Packages in backports-sloppy are
  provided "as-is" and have no official support. Like old-stable-backports,
  old-stable-backports-sloppy is taken offline one year after a new Debian release has been made.

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