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lenny backports discontinued

Following the normal Debian Archive lenny-backports is now discontinued. That
means that no upload will be possible anymore and lenny-backports(-sloppy)
get moved to archive.debian.org. If you haven't updated yet - now is the time
to move to squeeze.

Some numbers about lenny-backports and lenny-backports-sloppy:

- Source packages: lenny-backports: 667 - sloppy: 21
- Uploads: lenny-backports: 1445 - sloppy: 51
- Contributors: lenny-backports: 146 - sloppy: 17

Without all those contributors lenny-backports wouldn't have been possible.
Thank you very much for your support!

Alex and Rhonda - backports.debian.org ftpmasters

P.S. and of course a big thanks to ganneff, without him we wouldn't be
able to run the dak monster :)

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