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Debian Astro 4.0 Announce draft

Hi fellow Debianers,

Bookworm release is announces for June 10, so it may be a good idea to
have an announcement for Debian Astro. I'd propose the following text:


Debian Bookworm comes with version 4.0 of the Debian Astro Pure Blend,
which continues to represent a great one-stop solution for
professional astronomers, enthusiasts and everyone who is interested
in astronomy. Almost all packages in Debian Astro were updated to new
versions, but there is also a number of newly packaged software:

For radio astronomers, the open source correlator OpenVLBI is now
included. The new packages astap and planetary-system-stacker help for
Image stacking and astrometry resolution. A large number of new
drivers and libraries supporting the INDI protocol, was packaged and
is now shipped with Debian.

With sncosmo, synphot, extinction and specreduce, a number of new
Astropy affiliated packages is included, as well as Python packages
created around yt and Sunpy. Python support for the ASDF file format is
much extended. The Java ecosystem was extended by libraries handling the
ECSV and TFCAT file formats, primarily for the use with TOPCAT.


Do you have spell/grammar/style fixes, hints, additions to this? Or
other comments?



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