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Re: ITP: skyfield -- Elegant astronomy for Python

Il 21/08/22 16:13, Nilesh Patra ha scritto:
On 8/21/22 19:40, Antonio Valentino wrote:
Hi Ole,
both jplephem and skyfields have been already accepted and are now in the archive.
Thanks again

Please do not forget to grant me upload access.

$ dcut dm --uid antonio.valentino@tiscali.it --allow jplephem skyfield
Uploading commands file to ftp.upload.debian.org (incoming: /pub/UploadQueue/) Picking DM Antonio Valentino <antonio.valentino@tiscali.it> with fingerprint 3B70F209A5FFD68903C472C5EBF48AB2578F9812
Uploading nilesh-1661091159.dak-commands to ftp-master

Thank you very much Nilesh!

Antonio Valentino

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