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Re: Siril 1.0.1 is ready to upload, and question

Hello, I just came back from vacation and probably fixed the pristine branch. The error came from some CRLF issues in the tarball.
It should work now.

I hope so...

Le jeu. 14 avr. 2022 à 15:40, Nilesh Patra <nilesh@nileshpatra.info> a écrit :
On 4/14/22 6:13 PM, Cyril Richard wrote:
> OK, so sorry for the mess and the noise. I think I've fixed the repo.
> But I can't test it.

It still fails for me, unfortunately. Looks like you 'manually' added a submodule, which seems to
create some mess ups, and maybe you did not create any symlinks while committing. I suspect if your problem
is similar to this[1]

[1]: https://feeding.cloud.geek.nz/posts/pristine-tar-and-git-buildpackage-work-arounds/

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