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Neat 2.3-1 ready for upload.



I've updated to its new upstream version 2.3, which looks good to go.
I also added admittedly simple, autopkgtests which look fine as well.
If you do not have any objections, can I upload it please? All my changes are in the corresponding salsa repository, please take a look.[1]

Ole, two requests:

* I mistakenly seem to have pushed a branch called patch-queue/master (I'm not used to gbp pq) - I suppose that's not needed, can you delete this branch?
* Could you please enable default CI file as d/salsa-ci.yml as you had done for me in the "fitsh" package?

Alternatively, consider bumping my access level to maintainer so I can do so myself, ofcourse - if that's not too much to ask for at my end.

[1]: https://salsa.debian.org/debian-astro-team/neat/-/tree/patch-queue/master


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