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Upcoming pytest-4 problems

Hi all,

since the EOL of Python 2 is approaching, the (python-) "astropy"
upstream has split its development into a Python 2.7 legacy branch
(2.0.X) and the normal development (3.X), where the legacy branch does
get only maintenance now. Since many Python 2 packages still depend on
astropy, I split the upstream source into a 2.X legacy package
(src:python-astropy) and a 3.X standard package (src:astropy).

Yesterday, upstream decided that the legacy package will not support
pytest 4:


Pytest 4 is however the upcoming version, and I could imagine that
others may have similar problems with Python 2 legacy. Therefore, my
question is how these problems should be solved:

* creating a legacy version package for pytest

* remove the tests for these packages

* remove the legacy packages in question completely

For us, the third option would basically mean to remove the whole Python
2 astronomy ecosystem, and we would need to hurry in making some general
packages Python 3 compatible (mainly astrometry.net).

I opened a bug on pytest to discuss this:


Best regards


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