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Re: Packaging Aravis for debian-astro blend

* Chiara Marmo [2018-03-07 16:31:59 +0100]:
> I think I need help on those ones:
> 1) aravis source: newer-standards-version 4.1.1 (current is 3.9.8)
>      I can't understand which version and of what we are talking about ... I know the problem is in debian/control, but why?

It's the version of the Debian Policy manual. 4.1.1 is the current one for sid,
3.9.8 is for stretch. You'll find the latest version on www.debian.org. There
is also an upgrading checklist which you may find useful. You should set the
Standards-Version: header in debian/control to the latest version your package
complies with. You should also make your package comply with the most current

> 3-4-5-6) zero-byte-file-in-doc-directory usr/share/doc/libaravis-dev/changelog.gz
>      It's unclear to me how to avoid the changelog.gz creation (as it is empty)

You may find the man page for dh_installchangelogs useful, particularly 
its description of the --exclude option.

Or see below.

> How can I patch the removing of an empty file?

Try listing it in debian/clean .

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