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Volunteers needed: Bring kernsuite packages to Debian

Hi all,

You may already have noticed of the "kernsuite" package repository,
http://kernsuite.info/, created and maintainer by Gijs Molenaar. This
provides a selection of Ubuntu packages for radio astronomical
software. Many of the packages are worth to be uploaded to Debian as

However, Gijs has no time to do the last polishing and maintenance for
Debian. Therefore, I would like to ask here if anyone here wants to do

Among the packages, there are:

 * galsim -- simulating images of astronomical objects (stars, galaxies)
 * casasynthesis -- CASA modules needed for processing synthesis data
 * casarest -- Old AIPS++ code not included in casacore
 * sagecal -- radio interferometric calibration program

and much more

The development github of kernsuite is here:


Gijs would happily accept patches so that the packages do not
diverge. And we are willing to help on any problems.

Best regards


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