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Re: Bug#849427: ITP: mpgrafic -- MPI version of N-body initial conditions grafic package

hi again Ole,

On Fri, 6 Jan 2017, Ole Streicher wrote:

However, in the moment, ftp-masters will probably not (or only very
slowly) process the NEW queue for packages that are not going into
Stretch, so it will take quite a while.

Sure - I understand!

view, it should be called "upstream". Can I set up config parameters
with ordinary git commands so that "git pull" or "git pull bitbucket"
will update my local branch called "upstream" from the bitbucket
branch called "master"? My worry is that the bitbucket "master" branch

I RTFMed and duckduckwent again; the answer is here :)

* What version-tagging policy makes sense on the alioth
git repository?

Please tag the upstream branch with


and the debian branch with


Done. My debian key is not signed by any Debian developers,
but at the moment that's not urgent:

* I didn't find a way on bitbucket to sign the tarballs - these
seem to be created automatically for every commit that has a tag:

lintian -I -E --pedantic ../mpgrafic_0.3.4-1_source.changes

P: mpgrafic source: debian-watch-may-check-gpg-signature

Please also ask that on debian-mentors; I have no glue. Using signed
tarballs is also just a wish, not a requirement. This would not delay

I've put that on my private TODO - it's not urgent.

please put the Debian Astro Team
<debian-astro-maintainers lists.alioth.debian.org> into the "Maintainer"
field, and yourself into the uploaders. We want to have all our packages
team maintained.


From my point of view, the package looks ready to upload. What you
however still should do is to commit the .orig.tar.gz file to
pristine-tar under its Debian name (mpgrafic_0.3.4.orig.tar.gz). The
original name is irrelevant here.


If you give me a "go", I will upload.

If it looks OK to you now, please go ahead!


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