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Re: Debian-Astro paper on the horizon?


2016-11-23 10:24 GMT+02:00 Ole Streicher <olebole@debian.org>:
Hi all,

on the ADASS (Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems)
conference a month ago, I presented a poster about Debian Astro [1],
which is accompanied with a paper to appear in the conference
proceedings. A preprint is now also available on astro-ph [2].

This brought up the idea that in the next half a year or so, we should
write a refereed paper about Debian Astro, with the contributors to
Debian Astro as authors. This paper should give us more popularity
(especially when Stretch is out), and could be a citable reference for
our efforts and give credit to the contributors of Debian Astro.

Who would be willing to help me there?

Best regards


[1] http://www.adass2016.inaf.it/images/posters/streicher.pdf
[2] https://arxiv.org/abs/1611.07203v1

Gijs Molenaar

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