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Re: live dvd debian astro

Hi Delrieu,

we still don't have a Debian Astro live image. But if you want to test
it out, you could install it with the latest Debian installer image to
an USB stick:


This is the Alpha 6 test release for Debian Stretch (so expect a few
glitches). During the installation, you will be asked to install the
Debian Astro Pure Blend (among other Debian Pure Blends).

Please let us know about any difficulties or comments with the astronomy
software selection.

Best regards


delrieu jamy <jamy.delrieu@cccla.fr> writes:
> Hi,
> i'm not really used to pure debian.
> I would like to try a debian astro on live usb stick.
> I can't find any iso to download,.
> Have to wait for the Debian Stretch release ?
> Thanks
> Jamy Delrieu

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