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wcslib-contrib: moving from pgplot to giza

Hi all,

a month ago, Sergio Gelato pointed me to the "giza" library which is a
quite good replacement for PGPLOT. Since a few days, giza is now in
Debian which allows to move packages from contrib to main, if applicable.


In Debian-Astro, this is the case for "wcslib-contrib" which was
separated from wcslib because of its PGPLOT dependency. I intend to
merge it with wcslib using the giza library.


This has however the consequence that programs that use f.e. libpgsbox
whould also need to switch to giza. So, if you have such a use case and
giza is not suitable for you, please raise your hand.

Otherwise I will do the merge in a few weeks (until Debconf).

The original motivation to package giza is dpuser+qfitsview, which works
surprisingly well with it. I will upload the package when upstream
provides a new release (currently it is a RC). If you are curious, you
may compile the package yourself from




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