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Re: dcraw: diff for NMU version 9.26-2

Hi Filip,

Am Montag, den 06.06.2016, 20:15 +0200 schrieb Filip Hroch:
> Hi Tobias,
> thank you for your response. I am not DM,
> I've only debian-astro membership.
> The affair is a bit urgent. The package
> 'dcraw' is marked for remove (today is T-22d). 
> Is there a chance to be approved, the request,
> until this date? 

don't worry to much about testing removal, its not the end of the world
-- it will also have plenty time to reenter afterwards.

Or, if you say the NMU from with the patch from Mike (see BTS) is OK, I
can accelerate it so that the upload enters todays.

Or, provide me with a dsc file (e.g via mentors) and I'll check &
sponsor it...

> I see alternatives:
> * As you and Mr.Streicher recommends, move dcraw repositoty 
>   from collab-maint to debian-astro. By my opinion, it is
>   "pragmatic way", but it will require changing in repository
>   tree and also dcraw is a general package (not for astronomers
>   only). The repository move can create certain kind of chaos
>   (and entropy increase).
> * Is it possible to have two repositories? My idea is create
>   repository for dcraw under debian-astro temporally. I will
>   upload the changes and you (or Mr.Streicher) can synchronise 
>   the original repository.

... Because we can tackle the repository thing later, too. It is not a
show stopper if it is out-of-date for a while and certainly can wait
until we settle the bureaucracy

I do not have a preference where the repository is; collab-maint has
the charme of well -- collaborative maintainance, but it would be also
fine to have it under the team repository. Maybe your team has a
preference here? For sure, I also can offer to push your changes to
collab-maint as a interim solution.

As said, either way is completly fine. Just check with your team and
pick :)

If you go for collab-maint, you need an DD to advocate you for access
rights, as described here [1]. (Best ist to check with some DD you
worked with in the past if she/he would be ok with advocating you)  

[1] https://wiki.debian.org/Alioth/PackagingProject)


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