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Re: DPUSER + QFitsView progress, and a RFH

* Ole Streicher [2016-05-20 09:54:15 +0200]:
> HOWEVER: there is a major licensing issue. DPUSER/QFitsView use
> originally PGPLOT, which is non-free software. Therefore, in Debian/main
> we can't have this in its original form. But we also can't build it in
> Debian/contrib, since DPUSER is licensed (mainly) by the GNU Public
> License, and this license effectively forbids linking against a non-free
> library. That means, that every binary distribution of DPUSER or
> QFitsView linked to PGPLOT is illegal!

This looks like a use case for libgiza (http://giza.sourceforge.net).

Some work may be needed to implement any missing routines that DPUSER
and QFitsView depend on. Still, it may be easier than converting to PLPLOT.

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