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Re: Post-Receive Hooks

Hi James,

thank you very much for your investigations! Since I "forked"
debian-asto off from debian-science, I feel responsible for the parts
concerning astro.

However, I must say that I don't completely understand the hooks
completely. I tried to patch the directories and the ./setup-repository
script, obviously somehow wrongly. The point here is that I still have
no use of the hook and of the *-commits messages, and probably noone
else had it seriously, that's why it was undiscovered all the time.

What are they used for? I could imagine, CI test triggers; however
sometimes I get a "reject" message (because a change was too big), so a
CI trigger would be unreliable. What else?

Could you give me some specific advice on what schould be changed in the
debian-astro repositories? I feel a bit lost on where in the
$(package).git directory to add which file and content.

Best regards


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