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Debian Astro Web pages

Hi all,

for the upcoming Debian Astro Pure Blend, I started to create some web
pages, where it would be nice to get some review:


The tasks pages have links to the lists of packages included in the Pure
Blend. These lists are a major rewrite of the original "tasks list"
pages, for example of the Debian Science Pure Blend. There was some
discussion about this on the Debian-Blends mailing list; so we would
like to get some opinions about the rewrite. As an example, one could
compare the "astronomy-dev" tasks list from Debian-Science with the
"development" list from Debian-Astro (which have a similar content):



It would be interesting to hear which one would fit better your
expectations: shall we continue with the rewritten page, or switch back
to the traditional approach?

Best regards


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